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  1. Think I'll be giving ol Vlad a rest till .63 ?
  2. 1. Lack of players 2. Lack of decent rp and hostile rp because everyone worried about getting a report 3.other games provide more fun and updates at the moment. RS6 for instance, about to have its 3rd update this year. 4. Real life. What free hours I do have off work are pointless if I waste them just wandering in an empty server for an hour or two hoping to find a player that isn't "urgently busy" or "have to go meet friends" within two minutes 5. Rules need to change
  3. I like the new name!

    1. Mute


      Thank you ?


  4. Laski

    This is some form of plagiarism surely. Copying my avatar from back in the day n shit.




    Its just a joke incase anyone gets more tilted than these italics

    1. Laski


      its supposed to be a GIF btw just fucked it royally

  5. True I've never been a cannible
  6. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6878/

    Latest character, any opinions gladly welcome as I want to improve and polish this as best as I can! ?


    1. Mando


      No clue but thanks for using the avatar u saved my eyes ?

  7. Im for this, make it simple for newer players and just handy for returning vets.
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