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  1. Jeff is 26 year old male, who has always wanted to help people when he could. Jeff is a former sas sniper, He has been in the sas for 5 years and loves his job, he is a good person, fair and prefers to keep peace when he can. Jeff started out in the marines as a medic and quickly caught attention of his commander for being an amazing sniper, Jeff was recommended to the SAS and past the training. While in the SAS he had been all over the world doing special recon missions, Jeff quickly went through the ranks and by age 25 he was 2nd in command of his squad with the rank of captain. Few months after he was promoted Jeff was tasked to the Revolutionary Warfare Wing (RWW) working for the SIS (secret intelligence service). While working for SIS Jeff used to do Black ops missions and was sent to Chernarus to find a man that was leading a group of biological scientist to find a cure for the infection. -wip-
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