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  1. Simon young grew up in a decent household in Kansas City, Missouri to a hard working family. His father owned a mine and his mother had multiple jobs in different fields. As he grew up Simon hated mining but saw the potential in it. In Simon's late teens he worked in his fathers mine until he eventually had to close after going bankrupt. Simon continued working on mines and got a few good contracts in his early adulthood. A few years later he got the contract that would change his life forever, a contract with a mining agency in Chernarus. Soon after the mining started he ended up getting trapped in a mine with other miners and slowly losing his mind, so much in fact that he started giving his pickaxe a personality and called it Steve. It is not certain what happened in that mine but he came out of it not much different than the infected. He now roams the wasteland with The Horde and follows their leader, The Holy Bucket.
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  3. I'm a big fan, can I get an autograph and a picture with you?

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      Leo Wong

      @CoreenaYou and Ricky Steel are literally my favorite people to rp with :3

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      Leo Wong

      @CoreenaHere ya go, I expect one back 😛


  4. Leo Wong is native to Berezino, a man with a big heart he always saw the best in people. When the outbreak began it was difficult to adapt to the new, unforgiving world he found himself in. His biggest problem was his willingness to trust people. This ensured a life of manipulation and betrayal for Leo. When life got difficult he used fishing as an escape, he had done so all his life. As months passed Leo found himself fishing more and more, he became attached to the ocean. He was a man of the sea and no one could take that from him. He found himself more and more distant from humanity, he barely felt human. However, one good outcome of his fishing was the amount of raw fish he had gathered. He could feed a large number of people and he did just that. He gathered a following in no time and made a name for himself. He no longer feared human interaction, he had a newfound love for life. He finally regained his humanity. He found himself surrounded by an army of friends, friends that would give their lives for him. His dying wish is to be laid to rest in the ocean, where he could die free.