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  1. ~Radio static can be heard and slowly drops~ *The sound of a horde of infected takes over, then gunshots can be clearly heard* “Good morning survivors, I'm your host, Solomon Lucky and you're listening to the first broadcast of The Outcast Radio.” Says a fatigued voice, followed by a long pause. “Today I'm going to start with a segment I call… drumroll, please… Rumors of Chernarus!” A short pause follows with a vain attempt at singing an intro from Solomon Lucky. He eventually gives up. “First on our table are rumors of a man dubbed “The Zombie Fucker”... I would not wanna be near this guy…” Laughs awkwardly. “We have received multiple reports of a homeless man “getting it on” with our lovely infected. He has been spotted in the Novaya Petrovka area so if you see any oddballs, stay as far away as possible… you never know what you may catch.” A short pause follows and the sound of infected and gunshots floods the radio. “Fuck fuck FUCK FUCK, Solomon Lucky signing out” ~Radio signal slowly fades~
  2. Act II, Scene 1: Goodbye Karmen "Karmen is gone...Wolf is dead... Everything is worse now..."
  3. Solomon is fine, he skipped town. He just felt a bit guilty about seeing Poppy leave alone, he thought she might get hurt. Btw I think the person that you saw get beheaded was Solomon's best friend, that's a crazy coincidence
  4. I loved this! I can't wait to see what happens to Poppy next!
  5. Ruslan Emkavek was born in blood, it fuels him. He was born in the body of a man named Vadim Krusjev among screams and blood loss. He faintly remembers his past life, before the Demir brothers, but it is mostly vague memories. For the most part, he only remembers the day the Demir brothers took him. They killed his parents, brother and sister in front of him. He wanted to die the instant the life fainted from their eyes, but they had different plans for him. They enslaved him along with the others from Berehzki and the surrounding towns. Ever since that day all he could feel is hatred and anger. He wants to get back at the world for what happened to him. He developed a grandiose sense of self and enjoys manipulating people. He managed to escape from the Demir brothers with the help of a few fellow slaves and began a little group of people. He made them believe that he is immune to radiation and convinced them to move to Kamensk Military. Many of them died quickly, the young and weak were first. Eventually, they managed to put together some protective clothing but it still wasn’t enough. His group is still slowly dying of radiation poisoning and Ruslan developed some mental problems along with physical degradation. Ruslan is a man who will stop at nothing to get what he believes is rightfully his, only time will tell his fate.
  6. Thanks @Pussy, loved the RP from Poppy too! Thanks for letting Solomon talk about himself so much!
  7. Act I, Scene 3: Ben "Stand still Ben, this is for your own good" After becoming a member of the GMC, now called Green Mountain Radio, I began to get close to the people there, they trusted me. On one night of scavenging, one of the other members got fucked up on alcohol tincture and was out of control. We were trying to hold him down to prevent his death due to poisoning but he wouldn't give in. I chased him around and got him trapped in a room. He swung at me and I quickly deflected and knocked him unconscious. He eventually got up and attempted another attack, failing and began to run. I knew what would happen, deep down I knew but I had to stand up for myself. I chased him out of the doorway and punched him in the back of the neck, he stumbled and cracked his skull on the pavement. He never got up, I wish I could say I regret it. The truth is, I enjoyed killing him. The next day I was exiled from the group, Wolf was devastated. I walked away and lived out in Pulkovo alone for a few days. I eventually ran into a woman named Sam. It turned out she was the head of Green Mountain Radio and took me back to camp. I was accepted back, that was it. I got away with murder...
  8. Act I, Scene 2: Wolf "I don't know how to be happy, but I hope you find a way, Wolf." My first destination after hiding out for so long was Green Mountain, I heard there were people there that wouldn't kill me. Everyone I had met hated me after minutes of speaking to me, I hid this obviously. I quickly made myself at home after arriving and befriended a sick man, I thought this would get me acceptance from the residents of GM. After some time it worked, I was accepted by the Green Mountain Collective and went on to join them. Some days later we moved to an undisclosed camp and I met a lady wearing a pink hat and a lesbian looking lady. The lady in the pink hat really knew how to treat me, she knew I was weak to approval and being called "a big strong man" and such. The lesbian looking lady wasn't so flirtatious but she was very nice to me, she seemed like a mother type, one of those women who can't help but assist and comfort others at any price. Her name is Karmen and she happened to be one of the top dogs of the Green Mountain Collective, she was quick to welcome me into the group. She eventually made me a full-fledged member and went on to meet all the people in GMC. I got to know the sick man, Wolf, more and more and he took a liking to me. I enjoyed his presence, if I could feel any positive emotions anymore I think I would've liked him too. Wolf ended up saving me so I guess earning his friendship was worth it. I was kidnapped by an alcoholic man-child named Octavian and force fed bleach and hit repeatedly. After several attempts to dodge his sprays of disinfectant spray, he pulled out his AK and was about to pull the trigger when miraculously a bullet zoomed past the window and... *splat* Octavian's brain matter painted the walls in a mushy pink mess. It was Wolf, he had saved me, saved the world from the loss of Solomon Lucky.
  9. Everyone on this page is just looking for Solomon, obviously.
  10. I bet you’re asking yourself, how did a mother fucking hijo de puta like me end up in this shithole in the middle of nowhere. Let me take you back to the start. I was born in June ‘90 in Puerto Rico in a caserio (government funded housing). My dad was in jail for killing three cops in a shootout at a failed robbery and my mom was a prostitute. My childhood was surrounded by nothing but gang life. When I was 12 I smoked my first blunt, at 13 I commited my first drive-by. I still remember that day, the victims were local pedophiles who had raped one of my friend’s sister. After the drive-by my mom sent me to live in New York with my aunt. I was quickly known as a trouble maker and got into rough friend groups. I was in a small gang called “El Barrio” with my two mexican friends. When I turned 15 I was initiated into the Latin Kings by a sketchy scout that hung around the school. My first task was to murder my friends in “El Barrio”... I hesitated but eventually got them alone in a room with me and slit their throats. It was easy… too easy. I stayed in New York, slowly moving up the ranks with the Kings and gaining the respect of my brothers in arms. Eventually I was put incharge of negotiating weapon deals. We got into buying guns from the Chernorussians because of their economic situation. It was easy to hide gun deals from the government there, and even more easy to bribe them. We started dealing in 2016 and kept going back every few months. We made the poor decision of making a deal the day of the outbreak. When we got to the location we were surrounded by those fucking tecatos, luckily we had the arsenal waiting for us there and managed to survive. Now I’m here, and I dare you to fuck with me cabrón.
  11. Act 1, Scene 1: Front and Center "I took a liking to the spotlight, the gentle warmth of the beams on my face." When it all started I was in the set of "Escape From Kolgujev", actually in the middle of filming some extra scenes. If you could imagine so many self centered people in one room with and you add the threat of imminent death you could start to see what it was like. Everyone was yelling for help and trampling each other. My director let me into his sectioned off office and we barricaded ourselves in. I thought it might've just been a bunch of crazy Chernorussians rioting but my director told me what was happening. As he spoke to me I noticed he had been bitten multiple times. A few minutes later he turned and I had to put him down with a spare guitar prop in the office. In the movie, my character always carried a small guitar with him despite being told not to. He said it made him feel less alone, like he had someone that would stick with him though thick and thin. When I sat in that room for hours with the rotting corpse of my director I finally understood how my character felt. When I finally made my escape, I took the guitar with me.
  12. Prologue: "I've always felt bad for shooting stars, so many wishes and expectations. I always did feel like a star, the stress of other people's expectations in my shoulders and all.." I'm starting this off to a message to my parents, from the bottom of my heart: "Fuck you.". When I was growing up, home was shitty. I would get there from school to constant arguing and brutal beatings from my father. My mother recieved most of the beatings, that spineless bitch. She should've done something, she passed the point of being a victim and became an accomplice. She would facilitate my father's abuse to me, not because of stockholm syndrome but because she was as much of a sadistic monster as my father was. She loved seeing the fear in my eyes as my father beat me mercilessly. At the time, I was unaware of my father's drug problem and how that played a role. It got to the point where I stopped going home. This is when I joined my school's theatre club. I wasn't much if a theater kid but I would rather embarrass myself in front of those self centered shitbags than sustain injury at home. I was a very outspoken person at school, since I was so afraid of speaking at home, and this meant I would always argue with people. This was especially the case in the theatre club. There was this guy in the club with me, Nathan, who was a two years older than me. Nathan would constantly speak down to me and treated me like shit. One day he took it way too far, he slept with my girlfriend at the time while she was drunk. When we were leaving the club the next day I waited by his car and broke his nose. He then pulled a knife from his pocket and tried to slash me, I quickly took him down and repeatedly curb stomped him and threatened to kill him and his little brother if he told anyone. The following day he quit the theatre club and had told everyone he had a car accident, he didn't dare look at me in the eyes for the remainder of his senior year. That was sophomore year, during senior year my dad went overboard and chased me around the house with a kitchen knife. I made my way to the garage and grabbed a tire iron, I beat him nearly to death, shortly after emancipated myself and moved to Los Angeles to persue an acting career. The roles were shit for a while but the Russians and Ukranians took a liking to me, they knew me from a very popular Ukrainian Geico commercial. I finally landed a star role in a Russian movie filmed in Chernaurus called "Escape From Kolgujev".
  13. Early Life: Solomon Lucky was born to a middle class family in the suburbs of Toledo, Ohio. His mother Gina Lucky, now a housewife, was brought up in a low income family and never lived a comfortable childhood, something she envied from both Solomon and her husband Bruce Lucky. Despite having lived in poverty most of her early life, Gina had never entered the workforce as she was picked up by Bruce at the age of 16, he was 22. This is something Bruce constantly reminded Gina of during arguments. To an outsider, the Lucky family seemed like a good, wholesome family but the reality was much worse. Bruce was an alcoholic and occasional amphetamine abuser, Gina was a victim of stockholm syndrome and would not retaliate against her husband. This abuse stuck with Solomon, subconsciously making him seek approval from others any way he saw fit. Teenage Years: Solomon grew to like the theater and acting, he felt as if it was the only way he connected with others. When he turned 17 years old he emancipated and moved to hollywood to seek a career as an actor. Life was hard but he managed to fill a few roles in commercials and lesser known films and shows. He began to make a name for himself in underground theaters as a supporting actor. This is how he would meet his future agent, Roger Canning. Adult Life: Solomon got to know Roger and managed to make him his agent despite not being able to afford one at the time. Roger had a thing for foreign films, and specialized in Russian and Chernorussian movies. This is how Solomon managed to get an offer of a lifetime, it was a lead role in the upcoming "Escape From Kolgujev". He quickly accepted and was on a plane to Chernarus. After the apocalypse started Solomon had nothing, he had lost everyone. However, he didn't let this get him down, he still had a burning fire in his heart… the undying, insatiable fire of a Hollywood actor.
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