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  1. Early Life: Solomon Lucky was born to a middle class family in the suburbs of Toledo, Ohio. His mother Gina Lucky, now a housewife, was brought up in a low income family and never lived a comfortable childhood, something she envied from both Solomon and her husband Bruce Lucky. Despite having lived in poverty most of her early life, Gina had never entered the workforce as she was picked up by Bruce at the age of 16, he was 22. This is something Bruce constantly reminded Gina of during arguments. To an outsider, the Lucky family seemed like a good, wholesome family but the reality was much worse. Bruce was an alcoholic and occasional amphetamine abuser, Gina was a victim of stockholm syndrome and would not retaliate against her husband. This abuse stuck with Solomon, subconsciously making him seek approval from others any way he saw fit. Teenage Years: Solomon grew to like the theater and acting, he felt as if it was the only way he connected with others. When he turned 17 years old he emancipated and moved to hollywood to seek a career as an actor. Life was hard but he managed to fill a few roles in commercials and lesser known films and shows. He began to make a name for himself in underground theaters as a supporting actor. This is how he would meet his future agent, Roger Canning. Adult Life: Solomon got to know Roger and managed to make him his agent despite not being able to afford one at the time. Roger had a thingfor foreign films, and specialized in Russian and Chernorussian movies. This is how Solomon managed to get an offer of a lifetime, it was a lead role in the upcoming Escape From Kolgujev. He quickly accepted and was on a plane to Chernarus. After the apocalypse started Solomon had nothing, he had lost everyone. However, he didn't let this get him down, he still had a burning fire in his heart… the undying, insatiable fire of a Hollywood actor.
  2. Welcome to the community Max, hope you enjoy the RP!!!
  3. The wasteland fashionista is back (maybe), I apologize for the IC swag judgement.
  4. I just want to give a thanks to @Ken @Coreena, @JkpFrog, @Mortico, the awesome people in The Mountain Men, my homies at The Horde, The Morretis, Anarchy and all the people that gave me this RP experience. This thread isn't meant to be entertaining or anything, I just wanted to showcase the type of RP this great community has to offer.
  5. Chapter 4: Cowardice in The Face of Adversity, and Why There Isn't a Swag University. "Don't hurt my Ken, he's the only thing I have left!" After Destiny's disappearance I was lost, I wondered the wasteland alone and avoided everyone. A few months passes and the loneliness hit me like a rock, I once again had no one. Because of this, I figured I would try to contact my old trading partner, Ken Kope. Again together, we searched for supplies to open up a new shop. We made our way from the North West airfield all the way to Tisy, where the worst that could've happened, happened. We met a few G.I. Joe looking guys with zero swag who warned us about the radiation at Tisy and after a few minutes of conversation, they robbed us of all our guns. Out of frustration, I insulted one of the men for not being able to provide for his now dead wife. This stirred the pot more than I meant it to and I was separated from Ken, where I was mercilessly beat and fed worms. After about 10 minutes of this a band of heros came to our rescue and shot two of the bad men. Ken and I ran to their aid and attempted to take one of the dead men's guns. As Ken approved the corpse he was abruptly shot in the chest by one of those cowards. I ran faster than ever out of there and didn't look back, I ran away from the memories.
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  7. As a fellow salesman of Chernarus I welcome you! May the road lead you to good trades!
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    Hey bud! Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy the RP!
  9. Chapter 3: Destiny Knows How To Set Trends But Texture Is Your Best Friend. "The first time I set my eyes in her I thought: "Damn, that is one swaggy lady"." After returning to Old New Sin City I took some time to rediscover myself. I lived in the woods a little outside the town in a beat up military tent I had found a few days prior to the Fight Night. I would scavenge around for food and clothing and filled my tent to the brim with swag so nasty the fab 5 would be jealous. I started mixing and matching not just for myself, but for my close friends and the townspeople. This had always been my dream job, I loved how people's lives were changed and how grateful they always were after I found their style. I was rebuilding their lost confidence and putting a smile on their faces. Days passed of me doing my rounds until I met the swaggiest lady in all of Chernarus, Destiny Galloway. I had never been so attracted to a woman before. She made me feel like a child again, I would get giddy and happy at her sight, my ears would perk up at the sound of her sweet southern voice. I never felt a level of sexual attraction towards Mrs. Galloway, it was more of a vast amount of admiration. This is something I never got to admit to her, I hope knows this now, wherever she may be... I always did consider Destiny my best friend, a streak of light in this, dark, dark world. It got to a point where we would do nearly everything together. I look back at those days with her as the best in my life, even before the apocalypse. Weeks passed and Old New Sin City became New Sin City in the town of Lopatino. I made the move down with some friends and of course, Destiny. I set up a shop and for a while things were going pretty well. Whenever I wasn't at the shop I worked with my friends at Chimera as security for the Morrettis or with the Mountain man, the group run by Destiny's friends. As the Morretti population declined, I became more and more powerful until they would inevitably fall. After the Morrettis were no longer I took over Lopatino with my co owner, Ken Cope. Trades went well but on one eventful day, a crazed man shot me in the chest with a .357 magnum. I saw that this lifestyle didn't suit me and I broke bad. The shop was abandoned and I took any and every torture opportunity I could as my alter ego, Danny. Destiny liked Danny and would ask me to do some of her dirty work as him to hide our identities. She would eventually task me with assisting her in capturing and torturing Ace, a good friend of mine at the time. I reluctantly burnt her foot slightly and watched Destiny burn pages of her mother's bible. There was one factor I didn't take into account, one that would haunt me to this day. Destiny had brought one of her sketchy girlfriends along who was good friends with Lupe. The two got into an argument over Lupe and ended up walking into an abandoned building where shots were fired, to this day I don't know who walked away from that fight; I was terrified to see for myself. -Me as Danny having pantless fun with Santa.
  10. Chapter 2: Stripes Are Slimming, And You're Not Winning "I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I remember the bandages and the screaming like nothing else..." From my years in Chernarus I knew that Chernarussians didn't take kindly to foreigners, I knew that they wouldn't and couldn't accept me as their friend. I didn't know, however, the gravity of this hatred for some "patriotic" groups. It all started when I attended the Friday Fight Night, a weekly event in Old New Sin City. The night was going great and I had some drinks in me prior but not quite enough so soothe my pain that my empty heart had left behind, so I figured I would walk to the Sin City Bar and get a couple of drinks with some friends. This is when I was taken, against my will I followed several angry Chernarussian men for miles into an abandoned castle. Beside me were Mr. and Mrs. Kovar and some unknown military looking man who's name I never got. In the castle we were forced on our knees and degraded at gunpoint. We were to be their hostages for some deal with Anarchy. Hours passed and we were still frightened and exhausted from the run, the Anarchists hadn't come. Being the only foreigner I was first on the chopping block, the damn savages took the middle and index finger of my right hand. After a failed escape attempt by the two other men I was left alone with Mrs. Kovar where I thought I would be executed. Had it not been for the beautiful eyes of Mrs. Kovar I wouldn't be alive today, this is because the terrorists couldn't look into her eyes and finish us. After some brutal hours I managed to escape, telling the Morrettis everything I knew. I found out later in passing that the man responsible for this was fed to the town's cannibal, Ricky Steel; but I cannot confirm this. I was left with nothing once more. I had no one to care for me. I was back to square one, zero swag. -Me with zero swag.
  11. Chapter 1: Swaggerless And Smelly When the outbreak started, I looked and felt like shit. I couldn't find anyone, I had no home and no one to care for. After days of searching however, I found salvation in the form of Old New Sin City, not to be confused with Old Sin City, or New Sin City, or... New New Sin City. My salvation was in the form of the Morrettis and the townspeople that got me on my path to total swagger. They gave me much needed confidence, and I ditched my crusty wellies and boony hat and found some real swag. I would wear at minimum three outfits a day, all unique and flashy, just how I liked them. -Me as Santa.
  12. I'm really happy with how it came out @Mortico, I remember the day we thought of the group concept and I really think that essence hasn't left the group. Hail the holy bucket!!!!