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  1. Osaka

    The Free State of Zagoria

    Soooo, what the "death area" to the west border?
  2. Osaka


    Yeah, it seems to be completely random.. Some objects stand for days, some disappear for no reason after a few hours.
  3. Osaka


    The building itself took 5 or 6 people to fix a car, get supplies and tools to build an entire fence and gate took us all evening from 20:00 to 01:30. Then I went to bed and got up at 09:30 to get in game and find out everything was gone. including barrels, car, builds, everything. So..let's say 8 hours give or take.
  4. Osaka

    To FM & SZFR

    *** Popping sound *** Nikolai here. I'm pretty sure I already explained I cannot deliver what I don't have. You point me an accused person, not the other way around. I have no such thing. We are not thieves, we are doctors. You bring me actual proof that one of us is guilty of such crimes, or you stay silent. We have enough problems and work to deal with as it is. Either assist us or leave us alone. We don't ask that much. Nikolai out! **some cursing in Czech can be heard.** *** Popping sound ***
  5. Osaka


    We had everything deleted yesterday. The game is broken as fuck, persistence doesn't really exist... Everything you build or store has a random chance to stay overnight, or get wiped completely. This needs to be fixed otherwise people are going to stop giving a damn about it. Same with cars really. Cars just magically disappear for no reason.
  6. Osaka

    To FM & SZFR

    *** Popping sound *** This is Nikolai Osaka, Free Medic leader, broadcasting from downtown Chernogorsk. We have been busy managing outposts, resources and trying to help the common folk. Now, I heard your group believes one of us has been stealing from you. It's quite the accusation you got there. I am unaware of anyone with that ill intention. One of our rules of conduct is not to steal. So I'm pretty sure you have been mistaken someone with someone else. Our members wear a pink armband that they will NOT take off in any circumstances. If you believe that to be the case it might even be an imposter merely making up stories to hurt us for some reason. So you demanded that "the one" would be delivered to you. That's going to be a problem. because you can't tell me who it was, and I believe our good people do not steal from others. So I cannot deliver your demands. I simply don't know which thief you are referring to. And since I believe in my people, I'm pretty sure you cannot point him or her out. Now I must attend to my patient, I cannot leave her side for a while until more help arrives. Remember, we are doctors, not soldiers. Nikolai Out! *** Popping sound ***
  7. Osaka

    What do you listen to ?

  8. Osaka

    What do you listen to ?

    For no apparent good reason this makes me think of Moby...
  9. Osaka

    What do you listen to ?

  10. Osaka

    [FM] Free Medics

    Also anyone wanting to join us. Please just PM me with some form of application. Just pushing the "join button" and then remain forever silent isn't going to be a good start. Better yet, RP with us in game. Anyone can vouch for you with whatever role you want to partake.
  11. Osaka

    Prud Lake V2

    Brian is your god, and you shall praise him in all his glory in order to bathe in his splender. We also deny any mushroom incident, and OH MY GOD THE ZOMBIES ARE SWIMMING IN THE AIR!!!
  12. Osaka

    Prud Lake V2

    I remember Prud being our little happy camp of doctors. Then it grew and grew, and things escalated pretty fast.
  13. Osaka

    [FM] Free Medics

    Alright, made some slight edits.. I will naturally have forgotten something, but things will be setting down.
  14. Osaka

    Post your hobbies.

    Nobody likes being bored.
  15. Osaka

    Post your hobbies.

    Yup nicely done. That's a wide variety of hobbies there. I used to play piano, but after failing so much it's just not my thing I guess.