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  1. Osaka

    Merko Inn (A stopping Place)

    Bison SD. Best inventory space to bullet amount ratio, ideal for taking down zeds without causing a scene. Or, any silent rifle really.
  2. Osaka

    CitadelRP.com - new community

    Oh god..... flashbacks.
  3. Osaka

    CitadelRP.com - new community

    Alright, just checking Would be fun to try this thing eventually.
  4. Osaka

    CitadelRP.com - new community

    So, how's things going?
  5. Osaka

    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    The community still exists of two parts. The DayzSA fans, and the rest. I'm sure you all have your reasons to keep clinging to SA, everytime hoping that a new version will improve the game, but it doesn't. Dayz Tanoa is fun. base building, difficult zombies, stable. And ofcourse based on Arma 3, which makes it stable and good. However, I'm sure that will just go to CitadelRP. This place remains SA. because Rolle and the team have tried otherwise many times, and that didn't work.
  6. Osaka

    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    The old skoolers just left to other communities that do play the mod. Some probably also just moved to different games. I still play the Arma 2 mod Dayz sometimes, but those servers aren't really RP servers, so that's just not the same thing really. However, DayzSA is simply dead. I don't believe this 0.63 will last longer than a few weeks before people become bored with it again. It just doesn't add much to the game.
  7. Osaka

    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    Very early in development? 4 years into development is not "early" This game had potential, and people have been playing a pre-alpha quality game for years and it's done. The game has ended. Don't you get it? What can they possibly do to it now so it'll attract players. Surely it will improve...very slowly... But people are done with the game. You cannot tease players with tiny additions for years and expect them to piss themselves like overexcited dogs when the devs add a new unstable item to the game each release, or call it "beta" but actually still not having anything new. - Cars still don't have inventory - Still the same boring Chernarus, no new maps. - Still no boats and air vehicles Yay beta!
  8. Osaka

    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    For the past four years? Yes, Yes I did. I generally don't think they will change anything. Just slap a sticker on it and call it an improvement.
  9. Osaka

    CitadelRP.com - new community

    Alright, very well. Take your time and all.
  10. Osaka

    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    Just slapping a beta sticker on it doesn't make the game better.
  11. Osaka

    CitadelRP.com - new community

    @Rolle Any ETA on having things up? Or is it basically Soon™? Tried the Minecraft server this morning by sheer chance and it didn't really work, but the status says it's online on the front page.
  12. Osaka

    A rebuke to our behavior

    To be honest, if half an army barges into your camp and you have no chance of winning, you surrender. Because that's what you do. You try your best to get out of it alive, and probably do as your told. And if they demand your stuff, you give them your stuff. I just don't get the whole "bullying" part here. Surely the hostiles weren't playing "nice", but that's the whole point. When FM (Free Medics) had their "Homestead" base it was attacked from time to time. But I guess our RP was a lot different from the one this town tried to be. Homestead was more of a free clinic than anything else, but we weren't with 3 or 4 people trying to defend it. Because we didn't. We got attacked by two bandits, we were screwed. We had our code of honor in which we didn't use violence against anyone. In return we made a ton of friends, and we had friends backing us up. In return for our services of course. You do not simply "claim" land and expect everyone to deal with it like you want them to. Especially if you're all smug about it. You talk tough you receive tough.
  13. Osaka

    Antiques Store in Svetlojarsk

    Fair point. If you look around on the streets it's all abandoned, everything is seriously screwed up. mindless infected everywhere, mass rioting, looting, death and destruction. Nobody in their right mind would hang around to keep their store open anyway. But that would mean no store at all would be open. 3 months into a devastating outbreak where even the military tailgated out of there? You probably watched that movie "28 days later" at some point in time, and then you'll see what only 1 month of "viral zombie outbreak" will do. And also there the "world powers" were still taking hold and trying to contain whatever was left to be saved. In DayzRP lore, South Zagoria would be isolated. Military forces would try to contain the spread of infection as well as possible. Whatever is inside is left for dead. People might have hope, but in general logic you would be getting a little unsettled after 3 months of waiting and an endless stream of violence and supplies becoming scarcer by the day. After 3 months, people are going to either fence themselves in and try to make the best of it, flee towards better grounds, and become mentally unstable. morals are gone. But as for OP. You can have a store that sells anything you like of course. Gladly. But you're definitely not casually having a store open while the undead are ravaging the streets and people killing each other over a can of beans. If you look in real life how fast something goes when the lawlessness kicks in, just take recent events at St Maarten for example. The hurricane crippled the entire island, and law enforcement is temporarily absent. Looters sweep the entire island, people get robbed, raped, and the military tries to get a hold of the situation as soon as possible. This is what really happened. No movie, no lore plot. This is real human behavior. Imagine what 3 months of complete blackout would cause. So just my opinion on how the lore would flow. But by all means, open a store. It would be a refreshing twist to the RP possibilities. I might come find you and share a glass of vodka. Also: hire guards. You are bound to get robbed. A lot. Probably to a point where it gets annoying. SO if you want to stand a chance, get someone to be your guard. Or maybe even a couple of people. You'll need it.
  14. Osaka

    Antiques Store in Svetlojarsk

    Opening an antiques store should provide you with some good RP. Although lore wise it is a bit awkward to have a post apocalyptic world with zombies and people barely surviving on scraps of bean cans, and someone thinks it's a good idea to sell old clocks. RP wise nobody should give a damn about antiques. Just robbers maybe thinking you have something useful. It would make more sense to sell useful items. a general store, or a corner deli kind of deal. Then maybe people even go and visit you to buy stuff. Like frying pans, matches, tripods or just generic survival items. This way you'll actually get more customers, and thus more people.
  15. Osaka

    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    Rolle already announced yesterday that this is going live very soon™.