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  1. Osaka

    awww yisss

    I remember, even SVR gave way to our ways. They were merely there to ensure the military weapons stayed with the military. FM was no harm to them. It just got hot when SDS and SVR visited the homestead together. That's when shit got serious.
  2. Osaka

    awww yisss

    We had our fair share of problems yes, but we survived while doing it. When groups like SDS came along we were robbed, sure, but in due time they also let us be most of the time. Or just demand "tribute" to their warlord, which was done without a hassle. And yet we still came for them when they called upon us. No questions asked. By the time the Epoch era began, being a Free Medic was like being truly "free". You'd only have to worry abut zombies, nothing else.
  3. Osaka

    awww yisss

    I think we first need to make the name again. Most players have no idea who we were, or who we are. We will need the 100% pacifist route. We will only carry weapons that'll protect us from walkers, and thus preferably silent guns. I remember our first months trying really hard to be nice to people. It worked for many, but some players who have no idea how roleplay worked were all about the "drop weps 10 secs" thing. Luckily the rules have changed a lot since then, so I suspect it'll be a lot easier. Besides, who in their right mind would rob a Free Medic of their common Bison SD and a backpack full of bandages? Also, We need the homestead. We either build our own, or it'll be a server prop like the original one.
  4. Osaka

    awww yisss

    We were there for everybody. And of course did our best to restock our supplies as much as possible so there would always be a can of beans, or some other equipment ready for you. Once the Homestead was finished the long nights around the campfire were finally a thing without having to worry about undead crawling around. But we did get the occasional bandits who didn't understand the concept of it all and started problems with visitors...or us. But even then, times were good all things considered.
  5. Osaka

    DayZ Mod poll

    True, so a smaller map would suffice for starters
  6. Osaka

    DayzRP = gone?

    "JoinedJune 18, 2016" I'm sorry, have you even tried DayzMOD? I am immune to bullshit like this.... have you even tried .14 .16 .17 .18. 19 ..........62 have you tried .01 on December 2013? No you probably haven't. And no I haven't "tried" .63 yet... I will and I will be disappointed just like the previous 62 times.
  7. Osaka

    DayzRP = gone?

    The Arma 2 mod was also bugged like every other game Bohemia made. But yes, the RP and the fun was keeping it alive. I seem to miss that a lot with SA. I think it's just because people are very protective over their gear. gearing up in SA is a nightmare. While in the mod you could get fully geared within an hour. So people were a lot less scared of losing everything.
  8. Osaka

    DayzRP = gone?

    A new patch always revives the game a bit, but since the changes aren't that large, it'll dwindle fast enough. Don't forget, this game is over 5 years old now and still bugged, still beta, and still not living up to expectations. It's a godsend that anyone would play this game in it's current stage. I still remember the disappointment of the century in 2013. DayzSA deserved to be called the worst game in the history of bad games. Sure it's a lot better now, I won't lie, but still it's broken as hell, and simply doesn't replace the polished DayzRP of pre-SA. And yes I'm whining, and yes I miss the old game and the community that formed around it.
  9. Osaka

    awww yisss

    So @DeadKiller, How are you doing on the revival of FM. I heard you are having grand designs and plans, so I'll just pop up a chair and a bottle of homebrew Petrovkan Vodka while you figure things out. Afterall, it was your idea to do something about it. I'll just gladly tag along for the ride so far.
  10. Osaka

    Any installation tips so far?

    No worries, it's probably something wrong on my side, but I have no idea what.
  11. Osaka

    Return of Mod?

    I would love for the mod to make a successful reboot. And maybe even have the old groups rejoin as well. It surprises me how many of the old guys still hang around. And yes Mod=love Anyway, every time an attempt at mod reboot is made, some SA players are going insane over it. Not sure what they are so afraid of.
  12. Osaka

    DayZ Mod poll

    Generic DayZ and Namalsk is also fine. I'm happy with whatever of the mod goes up and survives. DayZ MOD also has some base building going, but not very great.
  13. Osaka

    DayZ Mod poll

    Most people in Epoch are gearwhoring for gold. Basebuilding is a big thing in Epoch, so naturally at the start people are going to be really busy building their base. Once that is settled somewhat, the games can begin. It would be an idea to have a rule around that the first few days of a new server you are not allowed to engage in aggressive PVP combat. Just let people run around, gear up and build the base. At least, that's what I would do. And yes, Napf is gigantic, it should be relatively easy to give every group a bit of space.
  14. Osaka

    Any installation tips so far?

    It should have been easy, but I still get kicked for no reason. These are the mods I loaded through the automatic join, use the generic password and run the game, then it instantly kicks me.
  15. Osaka

    Any installation tips so far?

    That basically says I need the TFAR addon, which I can't download, and Apex DLC is required, which I don't have currently. That might be the issue.