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  1. Dennis Markovich was born near Kirovograd. Dennis has spent most of his life living with his family in a farm far away from any cities, only with a few villages nearby. His family consisted of his brave father, that he saw as a role model, his mother, that always cared about him, and his younger brother, his best friend. When the infection started, the family only heard about it on TV. The news worried Dennis, but his father reassured him that it was going to be okay. They lived peacefully for 2 weeks, only with a couple of infected showing up, which were taken out with the father's shotgun. They started slowly running out of resources, so Dennis' father thought it was safe enough for Dennis to go scavenge the nearby village for any loot and survivors. Armed with an axe, Dennis went out and entered the nearby village, killing the few zombies that were there. Everyone was dead, which shocked Dennis, but he still scavenged enough resources and returned home after many hours. First thing he saw was that the door was broken. He rushed into the house to find a few infected bodies and the half eaten bodies of his family. Mother was mauled by zombies and his brother and father had their heads splattered across the room from the father's shotgun, which was lying near his hand. Dennis couldn't take the sight much longer and he ran out of the house screaming. He wasn't able to enter back into the house, and he left with the loot he got from the village. He wouldn't give up and kill himself, that's not what his father would have wanted. So, filled with anger and sadness, but still not losing hope, he went to look for survivors and a new place to stay.