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  1. Dimitriy was born in Kamyshovo in 1981, his father was hunter and his mother died after 13 years because of cancer, after that his Dad started to drink a lot, he got addicted to alcohol, it was very hard for young Dimitriy he was good at history so he was giving private lessons to other kids to pay a rent because his father couldn't do it because he was spending too much on alcohol. When he graduated a school he was 16 so he had to move to Elektrozavodsk. When civil war started he escaped with a group of refugees to Kamenka, but only 25% of group arrived to target. After Civil war he started working as history teacher in his old high school located in Elektro. His life was going well but then infection appeared and he had to escape again he became serious, harsh and egoist after this incident, he met a guy named Dima on his way to Krasnostav, he trusted him, they were traveling together but there was a day where everything gone wrong, Dima and Dimitriy spoted a truck it was left in middle of Berezino Dima went to check it but then when he was geting closer to truck he got shot in the head Dimitriy was in shock and run away he couldnt believe it that he lost his friend, he continued traveling and he is still trying to survive
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