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  1. Could this report be closed?
  2. Shouldnt be hitting someone multiple times when they are complying. My heath was white so had no clue that i was going to die, i know its one of the DayZ bugs i've had multiple friends die multiple times by the same bugs because people want to just keep on hitting them for some reason ? Even if compying or not... like i said its happened multiple times you shouldnt excessively hit people multiple times in a row, maybe a punch here and there. The badrp occured where i was excessively being punched while complying.
  3. Server and location: S1 - Between Kabinino and Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/1/19 2am EST Your in game name: Ryker Valentine Names of allies involved: Stefan Volkov Name of suspect/s: Anarchy Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Provided from Stefan Detailed description of the events: Went to get a license for my weapons was told it was free so why not ? Once arriving me and my friend Stefan was pulled into the back where they searched us, during this process one of the guys took my NVG's and said he was checking it. After that process i asked for my NVG's and one guy said "think of it as a donation to the cause" and we was told to leave so upon walking out i said to Stefan "this system is retarded" they chased after us and told me to drop my gear and they continuously kept on hitting me causing me to die.
  4. Ryker Valentine Ryker grew up middle class in Queens New York. Ryker got his first name becuase his great grandfather was once the warden of the prison on Rikers island, he gets his last name from being born on Valentines day. His father worked for the government and his mother was a nurse. During his time in school he liked cameras and would love to take photos, thats one of the reasons why he became a journalist after high school. After granduation he didnt waste anytime he started to work for a local news company. After aout a year or so he leanred about th events going on in a foreign country and he wanted to know all about it. So he took a plane to Chernarus to investicate war crimes. While doing his job the outbreak started to happen he then tried to take the next plane to get home but the flight got delayed. He los all contact to the U.S nad has been stuck ever since the outbreak surviving.
  5. Quincy from a small town in Ohio named Yellow Springs was trying to make a living robbing office buildings and dreaming of retirement when he was caught he was serving many years in the Ohio state penitentiary. He was transferred to Chernarus after almost beating a guy to death, Quincy isnt a bad dude and only did what he did to protect his self and he will keep doing what he has to do to protect himself. About 6 months after being transferred to Chernarus the outbreak happened and he seen that as a opportunity to escape so he did. On his travels Quincy will be moving north to try and finding a community to call home and lay low.
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