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  1. Brayden Greene, who is the brother of Aiden Greene. Both of the boys are very normal people who are just trying to survive in this horrible world they’ve been given. Brayden was born and raised in central Missouri with his family including his mother, father, and brother Aiden. When Aiden was just 23, Brayden brought him on his quest to travel the world, so they did. They traveled to so many countries during the same year, come the 26th of September they traveled to a country called Chernarus. During their visit here they went to so many different landmarks like many of the castles and went on many of the hiking trails. When Brayden and Aiden were ready and about to leave they went to the Krasnostav airstrip to finally end their journey, but what happened at the airstip changed their lives forever. They were sitting in the small terminal waiting and just listening to the radio when they heard about the CDF fighting some sort of unbeatable group of people, they said that they had huge aggressive behavior to anyone around them. All medical officials stated to stay indoors and stay away from anyone bitten by the “infected.” At first they both thought it as a joke until the entire terminal went into chaos, Brayden and Aiden lost each other, so during that time Brayden went looking for his little brother, and wanted to find him more than anything. Brayden couldn’t believe his situation at first, and he was so scared for his little brother who was most likely all on his own or even dead. Brayden then just went north where he learned where the military gear is, and that is how he will survive by protecting himself and by using the military gear to find his brother. He swore he would find Aiden at all costs, so that he could bring him home to his family if the United States was even still a thing. When Brayden went up north he stuck to himself and never really tried to confront anyone, but if he were to meet someone he would always ask about Aiden, hoping for any clues on his whereabouts. Brayden will always normally be north of Cherno and Electro, unless he feels like he can find any clues as to where Aiden is, will he venture south. Brayden will always work well with others and will always support anyone who is in need of it. He will always try his best, and make the best of the situation. If any group would want to add Brayden to their roster then he would love to join depending on the nature of the group and whether they’re good or not. Brayden is an honest and loyal worker or soldier depending on what the group wants. He will always be loyal to the group and always try to work his way up any ranks that are available. Overall Brayden will never kill those who don’t deserve it, and he will always be around if anyone needs him.
  2. Aiden Greene, a rather normal person who was just traveling the world when he was stuck in Chernarus due to the mass amount of death and killings going on. When the outbreak started, Aiden was at the North East Airfield ready to leave the country for his next stop, back the the US. When it started it hit hard, Aiden watched as many people he conversed with had just been taken down and killed like a rabbit dog. When Aiden left the airfield, he went searching for some friendly faces he had met before he was about to leave. After Aiden searched for many days, all he found was corpses and empty homes. He was very alone for a long period of time, and contemplated suicide many times, but could never pull himself to do it. Aiden was very saddened by his situation until he finally met up with a group of survivors who had explained to him on what was happening. Aiden didn’t know what to think on all this, but in the end it made sense on why he was there watching a poor man get eaten by another man. It was a horrible world, and Aiden had to live with that. He had to learn to survive and adapt to this world that is a kill or be killed situation. Aiden stuck with this group for a long while and they looted everything, and every building they could, until eventually one of the group members wanted more power, so Aiden left the group before anything serious went down. He still doesn’t know what happened to the group and even if they are even still together. One day he might meet them again, and they could try and live peacefully with his original group. He wondered everyday whether anyone that he once knew was alive, whether he would see them again. Aiden knew if he were to ever meet with anyone from his past, that he would be entirely different from when they knew him, that he wouldn’t be at all the same. He was scared to eventually find another person from his past, but if he did it would be a very much needed interaction, and emotion. Overall Aiden wanted to meet his old companions very badly again, He doesn’t want to be alone anymore. He will hopefully meet with any group that will take him in and from there he wants to join the ranks of them and become a trusted member. Aiden is forced to survive on his own, and who knows if he will make it, but he will keep his spirits high and everyone around him at high morale as much as he possibly can. He will always be glad to help anyone in need and will always be friendly to his fellow man. As long as they are friendly to him there will be no problems on either side. Aiden Greene will always be around to help anyone who is in need of it.
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