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  1. So this is a beautiful song from the 90's by the 'Lighthouse Family; (I doubt many of you know them) Called 'Free' This right here is my attempt at such a masterpiece.
  2. So I decided to attempt some John Mayer, One of my favourite songs. Just a rough recording with some rough mixing, I wanted to get an idea of what it'd sound like, thought I'd share it with anyone who's interested. (Yes my voice broke a few times during it haha.. shut it.. )
  3. let me know when you get it fixed!
  4. Damn.. Sad times man.. I would have loved to hear you play the beast!
  5. awwwww.. naaa.. that's tragic man! Your strings broke?
  6. Alright, So my grandad gave me an absolute beauty of a guitar yesterday, I took my acoustic to jam with him, (he's 80 and in a band.. what a legend..) and he calls up his friend and says "come round." His friend brings two electric guitars with him. I use one and he uses the other, all 3 of us Jam. Just as I'm leaving my Grandad turns to me and says why don't you keep it... I was literally like.. "You what..?" so... Here! My first song I'm learning on it: 'BB King - Lucille' I've learnt 1:45~ atm. It's a 10 minute song! And also, here, My Gibson Epiphone ES-339 (Courtesy of My Grandad) And for anyone further interested, Here's the original:
  7. thank you, means alot. I would love to play live
  8. Aw, thanks man, Means alot to me when people say that kinda thing.. I really appreciate it Death Letter Blues IS a great song haha, you have good taste my friend.
  9. Hey guys, Thought I'd post the kind of music I'd be playing at @Roach's event's on saturdays. Kinda just looking for feedback and opinions, It's also just stuff I'll be learning in general, This first one is a sample from 'Death Letter Blues - Son house' Let me know what you reckon.
  10. hahaha! Well... FYI I had a PM from the man himself asking me! Guess you'll have to wait and see what my response was
  11. So, One of my first threads/posts, go easy on me Well, I have a sort of idea, and this is just kinda to see whether you guys would be interested, so I thought I'd get some opinions or feedback, I think it would be pretty awesome if maybe I did like concerts every now and again so everyone can just come together sit round a massive fire, makeshift BBQ, and just play/listen to music. E.g. Chuck is a singer/guitarist, It would be amazing to have a load of people all come together just to listen to it, or play their own too! I imagine a peaceful place where everyone just puts up with each other just for the sake of the music, no matter what feuds your characters may have between them. It could provide some really frickin awesome campfire RP and even character development to some degree, probably only last 30 mins or so every now and again but idk, I just thought it would be pretty cool. If anyone is interested then places could be set up, announcements on the forums etc maybe a mass radio message saying come here for music etc. idk What do you think? would you be interested? Here's an example attached. Little snippet xD https://vocaroo.com/i/s1qrFOFe9Rhk P.S. beanz to anyone who knows the song. And yes, I'm supposed to be humming
  12. Gary Spangler. My friends call me G. You won't. I most commonly go by, Gaz. I took a little... vacation, if you will, to secure a few contracts with local whiskey distilleries to expand our inventory in the UK with special imports from Chernarus. There's not much that gets in the way of any business of mine. If it's profitable to me, I will tread on as many toes as needed to make sure I get what I want. Oh! And, I don't shy away from violence. Not. at. all. Technically I ran the whole show, but I liked to make my boys think they had more responsibility they actually did, solely because, well ... they're my boys... I want them to feel important. There is no one who would have my back more than them. I can safely say that from experience. Growing up in Camden throughout the 80's was tough, especially as a "rags'' family. A classic tail of rags to riches story you see, from sewing patches in our jackets to spending hundreds on a new suit and polished shoes. needless to say "Business is good". I can't say that everything we did to get we are was... strictly legal, but hey. Nice guys finish last. We did our fair share of nice guy acts. Done our fair share of Bad boy acts. Nowadays, we're just doing our fair share of whatever-the-fuck-we-have-to-do-to-survive acts. Good luck.
  13. It's never too late haha, thanks man :)