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  1. Born in the year 1986, and in the quiet town of King Kirkland, Ontario. Such a nice life before I decided to take a trip to Cherno with my brother. He and my grandfather were the only ones that showed me any love throughout my life since our grandmother died of heart failure and parents died in a car crash when my brother and I were still toddlers. We were visiting an old military friend of my brother's near the Balota airstrip when the virus broke out. Due to the panic from the large outbreak in Severograd which caused many refugees traveling down the coast seeking shelter and aid we were unable to return home to our hotel. After several days we were sent with a team of soldiers to evacuate, when we came across Stary Yar on our last stop we only found bodies scattered around all of the roads and fields. We immediately rushed towards one of the commanding officers to ask what had happened here when a massive horde of infected came bolting from the tree line to attack us. The soldiers held a firing line for as long as they could before it was breached. Everyone went running around scattered, and scared. It was a nightmare coming to reality. We entered one of the homes after managing to escape another near death experience we've had in our lives.While running from those creatures we ran into an old house at the edge of town that we thought was empty until we entered and saw a young boy hiding under his bed. Crying asking for his mother and father in his native tongue but unable to speak to the boy my brother calmly walked over to him and gently took him in his arms and tried to sooth him while the air was full of screams and gunfire. That is the story we told everyone on how we got here and how our live's came to be. But that was never the case for us, for we are wanted men in South, Central, and North America for crimes of drug trafficking across the Americas. My real name is Ricardo Gomez and my brother being Hector Gomez, but most people call him El Chapo Gomez. But the people that call him that are those that fear him or work for him, if you are fortunate to be his friend you can call him Gomez. I on the other hand, I got answers. My brother is weak-willed when it comes to getting information from our 'competition'. Serving as the chief interrogator I made plenty of people talk. We escaped Central America on a flight to Chernarus to sprout some new business over there and potentially starting up a new drug trade route with access to Europe and Asia but of course all that got fucked over when the fuckin' civil war hit its peak. Not to mention when the dead people started walking around fucking up everyone's business and ours. Turns out Karma really is a bitch, but I plan on turning mine around real quick, yes?
  2. Judson is one of those guys you'd expect to see in any western movie or stereotype. He's an older man who was born and raised in Alabama by his mother and father in that good ol' fashioned 'beat the behavior into you' way. Through most of his adult life he worked very hands-on jobs; farmhand, railroad worker, even spent some years as gunsmith. This sorta upbringing gave him a 'no bullshit' attitude and firm tone, making conversation with him very short and to the point. Overall Judson is an easy man to get along with, so long as you keep it simple.
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