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  1. Chi Pho was born one of many siblings to a poor farming family in China during the year 1949. As per the times, Chi Pho eventually joined up with the Communist PLA when he came of age and fought in the various wars that China participated in until he was 25. He was discharged honorably from the military and eventually got married, settled down, and had a family in 1974. During this time, aside from his familial obligations, Chi opened up a very small business which were nothing more than a few small shops which sold Xiao Long Bao as their primary dish. He worked with his business until 1994, when his wife suddenly passed away from a heart attack. He then took a background approach and simply managed the restaurants while he looked after his children. Chi finally fully retired and turned his business over to his children when he turned 65. As he was always an outdoor enthusiast, Chi decided to take a cross continental hike and reach Europe so he could finally see some places outside of his homeland. His trip began and went out without any issues, staying mostly out in the wilderness and keeping away from urban areas. Eventually following the main trails through Russia, Chi eventually ended up in Chernarus where he planned to take a boat from Novigrad to Greece. However, this was when he learned that while he was away from everything, everything ended. For the last few years, Chi has survived mostly due to his ability to keep away from people and just to live off of the land. Seeing as there's not really anywhere else to go and that he probably doesn't have much time left at the ripe old age of 70, Pho decided to simply wait out his remaining days and to seek the help of others considering that his former lifestyle isn't viable anymore. Too much work for old bones.
  2. Sniper that's not your friend when he saw a terrorist through the window.
  3. Had some good mistaken hostage roleplay from @Wendigo. Cheers mate, best reaction from a sniper ever.
  4. Abul was born in Bandar-e Ghazmi, Takistan to a single father and lived his early life here mostly sticking around his elder brother. In the year 1999, while Abul was ten, his brother Rashad was 16 and had increasingly become radicalized but this was much to the dismay of their father. Without saying anything other than leaving a note to his younger brother, Rashad quietly left their home and traveled alone to join up with a few like minded Takistanis to join the fledgling group Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad. This group had pledged their support to Al-Qaeda in their fight against the infidel. Meanwhile, Abul opened the letter that was left to him, finding inside instructions for him to follow should he want to find his brother and join up to fight their battle. It also contained information to allow Abul to meet the same Imam that preached to Rashad and helped him decide to go fight. 2003 swiftly came and after a fight with his father, Abul left Takistan and traveled to Iraq. He soon reunited with his brother and began to fight along side him during the years following the Invasion of Iraq. For eight long years, Abul and Rashad fought during the Iraqi insurgency however they swiftly found that their fight in this foreign land had lost the fervor and power that had propelled it in the first place. Finding that there was no further need for them to shed blood for what seemed to be a now lost cause, the brothers returned to Takistan in 2011. Upon their return, they found that their father had passed away due to a stroke, leaving the brothers on their own. However, they had been fighting for so long together, this little bump seemed almost insignificant. 2012 saw the invasion of their homeland by the same forces they so furiously fought against back in Iraq. Ironically though, they found themselves fighting aside the Americans as members of several anti government rebel bands. It disturbed them so that things had turned out this way but the government of Colonel Muhammad R. Aziz was not true to the ways of the Prophet. Socialism led to a road excluding religion entirely! This made them infidels who deserved neither kindness nor mercy. During these strange years, Abul became very adapt at speaking the tongue of the NATO operators, being complimented as he nearly lost his accent entirely. Still he kept his mouth shut with regards to his past. At the end of the invasion and the dawn of the year 2013, their former allegiances called the brothers back to the front. Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad reformed and became known as the Ad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah fī 'l-ʿIrāq wa-sh-Shām or the Islamic State. From 2013 on wards, the brothers fought in Western Iraq and Eastern Syria, helping the state in their numerous battles to gain territory for the caliphate. However again the fight became rather distasteful. By early 2017, the fight began to turn in the favor of the West. Seeing that it had become again a lost cause, Abul wished to return again to his homeland. However, his brother swore to fight to the deal and killed himself with a suicide vehicle in Syria. Feeling that his fight had ended with the death of his family and that his duty to God had been satisfied, Abul finally laid down his arms and returned home to Takistan. But that's when everything went wrong. People became possessed, sickened by the devil. It didn't taken long for Abul to join yet another band of brothers fighting the good fight. However, this fight wasn't meant to bring glory to Allah. It was a fight for survival. Away they traveled to the east, hearing that the lands of Chernarus had plenty of resources to help them carry on. But this fight was too much. One by one they were either claimed by the devil or died fighting to those others who simply tried to survive, even if it meant taking the life of another. Abul continued on his own, eventually reaching South Zagoria where he came into contact with a group known as Anarchy, a group of fighters who simply did as they wished and survived together. Despite not holding his radical view on the world, Abul found peace and solace in his new life here, as it reminded him of so many times in the past were someone else fought along side him and he shed blood for them in return.
  5. To clarify the hit logs, I accidentally gassed both Carlos and Lux when I missed my throw trying to get a grenade up in the tower. It bounced off the side of the tower and landed on lux's head. I moved over and grabbed the grenade and tossed it away because I had a gas mask and most everyone else didn't. I then helped him recover from the gas while having a laugh about my shitty throwing arm. Sorry bro XD @TheLamp1
  6. Engaging in hostilities to make sure you're safe from hostilities. Makes sense. I'm not going to respond further as this is a pointless back and forth. Unless the person who built the gate comes forward, it's not going to go anywhere. That's just that. PS Kinda hard not to believe we don't know who did it considering our numbers were hella large and it's hard to keep track of what every little thing each person was doing. I was vomiting my guts out and dying due to DayZ. I know Carlos was chilling on the roof top trying to lob grenades like the crazy mother he is and that's about it. What everyone else was doing is beyond me.
  7. Can't really ask around and build a story when you're just stuck up in a tower. Preaching about RP when you didn't give anything other than constant insulting and holding an angle for no real reason other than to make the RP as boring as possible so we'd leave is simply hypocritical. You were avoiding rp plain and simple. You started the intiation. We didn't abuse our defense rights, we used them until our time ran out and reinitated. Therefore, you're incorrect again. And again you're accusing us of having an ulterior motive in which we didn't have. If that person doesn't come forward, this is going to go nowhere. As it's been stated, none of those called in know anything about who constructed the gate. I just am curious as to where this is going to go if they don't come forward.
  8. Again, you assume our motives. We both know this, we both know that. Regardless, I won't be responding to this report further except to address this. "We knew who you guys were.." This is a lie considering you at first attempted to report the group attacking as Anarchy. That's all. I believe this report should just be dropped at this point. It is just a matter of he said she said if there's no video evidence. We could all just move on from this and learn from whatever mistakes we personally believe we have made as you so promptly stated that you didn't contribute much. I wasn't able to respond mostly due to dealing with in game mechanics. (AKA going from white to red water and food from vomiting once) Additionally I would like to point out that you yourself admit to the fact that you just wanted to avoid our RP. You didn't want to be hostages and didn't want the consequences of avoiding that RP. So you essentially wanted to have your cake and eat it too. That's not how this works. Please just consider dropping this because the amount of contradictions are staggering.
  9. POV: I'm an Anarchy ally and had just gotten back to the area from a firefight I helped the boys in. I walked through the area and saw that it had been wiped out with all sorts of stuff dropped on the ground, tents filled with dropped items on the ground ect. AFK"d for five minutes in the area while talking with them over radio before leaving back to Vybor.
  10. @Samti You called in the wrong at name btw. @Kolya Vorona is me which is Erik Nikolaev. POV: We moved onto Green Mountain and jumped the fence and initiated on the pink armband guys. After a little bit, we realized that the man that we were looking for wasn't there. We decided that we were just going to move along and leave the other guys in peace. However, I was told to check up into the tower because we forgot to check that and that's when the reporting party initiated on us. "Shortly after this the hostile group begins asking who is in the tower and start climbing the ladder. Noah tells the intruder that if they continue to climb up, they will be killed, initiating on their group." They started the initiation on us, not the other way around. (Least the initiation related to the tower thing entirely) We then went through the stand off as the rest follows. Not entire sure where the gate came from or who built it as I was mostly hanging out on the fringes of the compound trying to figure out where the people in the tower actually were so I wasn't able to hear any of the communication regarding the structure. ((Plus I was vomiting to death so that was more of a priority.)) After their time for their initiation ran out, we did then return and try to talk them into coming down to resolve the situation. Thus: 2.3 Be a good sport. Do not focus on PvP aspect of the game and attack everything that moves just because you can or are good at it. Remember that not many players will enjoy being constantly attacked, therefore you should not dominate other groups or players into submission to a point where they can no longer accomplish their regular role play or enjoy the game. We didn't focus on this aspect as they were the ones that started the confrontation, which wasn't needed before to begin with, we were trying to resolve it. "There was no reason for them to lock us in and come back to reinitiate every 25 minutes just to keep us in the game, stuck in the tower. Sitting there for hours waiting for htem to leave so that we could log out. The group came to green mountain like they do every day to ruin everyone's roleplay, they ended our enjoyment of the roleplay that we were having. they failed to provide rp or any ic reason for wanting us to come out of the tower except that they were angry because we wouldnt let them come up or come down ourselves. They had no ic reason to stay that long watching the tower." There was plenty of reason for us to return and attempt to solve the issue. You engaged us as a hostile force first and continued to be belligerent Additionally, the conclusion that our actions were solely driven by the ye olde "Your mad bro" Is simply ad hominem and not respectful conduct in this community. You're attempting to paint the picture into those there had motives that they didn't. 4.3 You shouldn't use defender or attacker rights in situations where it doesn't make in-character sense as it can be seen as rule play. In other words, obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them any time you want and in all situations. Think about if using them to kill another character is viable in the current situation considering role play and In Character information. It made sense for us to use our defender rights as we had been the group initated on by the guys in the tower. Ruling otherwise will set a precedent that you're not allowed to use your defender rights when you were clearly the ones initated on. Additionally, as they were the ones being hostile to us in the first place (As the pinks had complied and were cooperative to the point that we just left them be)), it again make sense for us to try to resolve the situation. Finally here's this little interesting tid bit. 4.4 You must provide an engaging role play to keep things interesting for the victims at all times. As we were first the victims of the tower people's initation, all the RP they provided was simply calling us cunts and other vulgarity. Most of the time though, they were silent and only replied with "you're gay" after being prompted to coming down to solve the issue peacefully. As I have addressed all the issues at hand and why the RP's view on the situation is quite incorrect. I would like to request that the Reporting Party have a rule break of 4.4 pressed against them as their RP was nothing but them yelling at us and calling names whilst sitting up in the tower. Not engaging rp in the slightest.
  11. If something needs to be conditionally done in order to make it tolerable, it shouldn't be there in the first place because most who do it are simply really, REALLY, fucking annoying. Breaks the RP mostly because some characters who wouldn't have hurt a kid have killed them because they were simply intolerable. It should be just bad RP, plain and simple. Remove them from the server. +1
  12. Tis wasn't me who said it wasn't boring. Js
  13. I hate the map. Course though my only experience of it was wandering around in the dark, sleep deprived and high off my ass so I might just be biased. Chernarus is obviously the better map as it's actually completed. I don't understand why people like this one though. It's simply just like playing on an unfinished blown up Utah Island from Arma 2. I personally don't care for it mostly due to the fact that alot of the towns and maps, roads and such, are simply laid out in a way that makes little to no sense IRL. Sure, SZ's railroads don't make much sense either but yikes. Having a road wide around through massive untextured field gives me edge of map vibes from the OG map from mod anyway. Modders shouldn't waste their time with creating Original Content and should just bring back things from Mod that we loved and crave. It's why SA started in the first place because they fueled their success on nostalgia. Sure it took em a number of years to bring it into something of its own and workable but at least now it's truely something that pulls enough from the old and adds in the new features to appeal to new and old players alike. Bring back Namalsk. I would die for that, creepy atmosphere and weather all. TL:DR Deer Isle =
  14. POV Erik: From the pond north of Stary, I pushed up on Piano/Clinic after restart because of reports of a sniper which had taken out one of our associates before the restart. I had been holding our rear flank in double green beforehand watching the hills. I spotted someone with a pink armband in that area and took shots at him. I believe I missed so I pushed up with my fellow guys and assisted taking him out not before he took out one of our guys at the clinic who pushed up with us from piano. I don't know anything about what happened in the church being not involved in that theater of combat as I was focused on taking out the sniper near clinic.
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