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  1. Johannes Kruger was born in Vienna, Austria in 1993. Despite a rather well off upbringing, he didn't really seem to fit in with all of the other preppy kids in the private schools and institutes that he was placed in. Mostly what he liked to do was to hang out with crowds less than suitable, often times getting his hands on various forms of controlled substances. Even with the numerous tongue lashings he got from his parents, Johannes continued his rather self destructive life style. Only when his father actually died from an overdose himself that Johannes decided to change things around for himself. He got clean, sobered up and excelled in his studies, even transferring overseas to the United States for higher education in Medical School. Even though he wished to return home, he decided to stay and work for various pharmaceutical companies which allowed him to live a rather luxurious life style while also supporting his mother back home whom he eventually was able to move over to the United States. Johann eventually fell back into some of his old habits, but was much more intelligent about it. He did enjoy a good sensory stimulation by the way of a large variety of substances. This was his sort of "Fun". He did get a few other hobbies such as hunting, fishing, and participated in various charitable organizations which built homes for the destitute. Feeling rather full of himself, Johann subjected himself to the mercy of his employers, taking jobs involving many hours of travel all around the world to sell their products. Once such trip was to Chernogorshk, Chernarus. Despite being apprehensive at first, Johann found himself rather attracted to the small world charm of the country and opted to stay as the companies' representative for a time. Of course, this landed him in the middle of the apocalypse when that struck and through a combination of wit, skill, and some substance abuse leading to endless miles of travel, Doctor Kruger is still alive and kicking. For now at least.
  2. Kolya is a 23-year-old Chernarussian/Russian who continues to live in his devastated homeland of Chernarus. Having deserted from the army during the collapse of the country, he has found himself wandering without purpose. He is a soldier without a cause. But to him, that's just fine. Having met some friends over the course of his travels from his previous life and current, Kolya finds that the simplicity of surviving day by day is the perfect life for him. Spending that with his fellow man whether they be from his homeland or not doesn't matter much, it's only that they're willing to make the best of what they got in front of them. Considering they've got the burnt out husk of a former Soviet state previously plagued with civil war and now a Zombie Apocalypse means that whoever Kolya travels with must be exploding with optimism or has become so apathetic to the ways of the world that death has been rendered down to nothing more than a casual daily occurrence.