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  1. Vadim was born on the 17th of Janunary, 1995. His mother, being a ethnic Russian from South Zangoria wished to have him in her home down of Novodmitrovsk but instead went into labor on the car ride to visit her in-laws with her husband who was a Chernarussian from Miroslavl'. Being born in the same city as his father, Vadim was given a clean bill of health and his parents soon returned home to Novo with their son. Here, Vadim grew up and was a troubled child, mostly because his father was in the CDF and was never around. Instead of giving his mother trouble, he went off into the city and spent most of his time hanging out with strangers, eventually joining little cliques in school and doing the same thing only with his classmates. When this sort of sitting around and doing nothing became more of what he did instead of actually doing school work, his mother got onto his ass. At first, it worked with him doing much better in school. However, this was interrupted by the Civil war which gripped the country in 2009. Vadim lost his father and his mother was sent off to a mental ward after going off the deep end due to his father's death. After the dust had settled, he returned to school and his gopnik ways. Again, he began to fall behind in school with no one there to push him along. He finally did complete secondary school, barely passing. Feeling little to no need to work real hard after that milestone, Vadim worked odd jobs here and there to get enough he only worked enough to for cheap cigarettes, vodka, and anything else he would want. Besides that, his days were filled with leisure, squatting out in the town square or screwing around in the back country with his friends, blowing shit up, lighting fires, and generally being as useful to society as a moldy piece of rye bread. If one were to be honest, Vadim didn't even notice that the apocalypse was going on until some random debil on the street tried to bite him. However, his priorities remained the same and he has survived all this time through either complete dumb luck, Slavic ingenuity, and just not giving a damn about anything.
  2. POV Erik: From the pond north of Stary, I pushed up on Piano/Clinic after restart because of reports of a sniper which had taken out one of our associates before the restart. I had been holding our rear flank in double green beforehand watching the hills. I spotted someone with a pink armband in that area and took shots at him. I believe I missed so I pushed up with my fellow guys and assisted taking him out not before he took out one of our guys at the clinic who pushed up with us from piano. I don't know anything about what happened in the church being not involved in that theater of combat as I was focused on taking out the sniper near clinic.
  3. Kolya Vorona

    Kabanino NON RP and KoS

    For the cannibal thing? Ah. Alright. This is my POV: I was standing in the long barn in Kab shortly after the firefight with the saviors had ended. I was grabbing some remaining gear when two guys in masks rushed me and told me to put my hands up and to drop my weapon. I bolted out of the barn(Because they did scare the shit out of me and there was only two of them. ) and ran out back along the Piano house. I called out over Radio and ran out front along the base yelling to my green armband comrades that I'm getting robbed by two guys in the barn nearby(Literally right next door to our base). They converge on the guys and I believe the cannis initiated a second time on my friend DK (Who was also with a green armband and had my defense rights too). As they had rights on the two, the double initiation just confirmed it and my two guys sprayed the both of them down in the course of a short firefight. After it ended, I saw both of them down on the ground and that's when I doubled tapped the aggressors them just to make sure they were dead. That was the following hit log. [2019/01/19 21:10:11]: (Alexander Belov) hit by (Erik Nikolaev) to Head with Bullet_762x39 [2019/01/19 21:10:11]: (Alexander Belov) hit by (Erik Nikolaev) to Brain with Bullet_762x39 Its not NVFL. My friends weren't far, one of them was actually right outside of the compound less than 20 steps away, not 4-5 houses as you say in your report. Its right next door and within audio range. Additionally, I chose not to comply with only a 2/1 odds. If it was 3/1, you would have a point there. However, I gave you KOS rights as soon as I didn't comply. Again, if you would've shot me while I was running, It would've been completely fine. I took the chance and just so happened to be right next to my friends who came to my aid. You took the chance trying to take someone while they were right next to their group's base and payed the price for it. Just to clarify, when the odds were 2v1, I didn't shoot or fight back. I just ran and happened to not get shot during the retreat. My hit only came from after my two other guys came and downed them.
  4. Kolya Vorona

    Kabanino NON RP and KoS

    You gained KOS on me when I didn't comply. I don't need to comply. You guys actually scared the hell out of my character who had just gotten out of a firefight. His flight response kicked in and he yelled on his radio and over the wall in the compound that he was getting robbed while he retreated for help. You initiated and got gatted. That's not KOS. Kos would've been walking up to me, saying hi and then me shooting you without a reason. Don't know what to tell you but apparently you don't understand what KOS is. I won't be responding further to this thread unless staff requests it of me. Otherwise, good luck for your future robbing and rituals. Ya gave me a scare Irl and had a good laugh about it afterwards.
  5. Kolya Vorona

    Kabanino NON RP and KoS

    Yeah. I'm the one you jumped on. I didn't comply and I ran away. I ran up to my comrades(Who were right on the piano house right next to the barn) and told them that two guys just tried to rob me in the barn. They came back and shot you. That's not KOS. You initiated and then got killed by my allies who shared rights from me getting initiated on once I shared said rights. If you would've shot me, that would've been fine because me not complying gave you full rights to kill me. However, you didn't. You lost me, I shared my rights with my fellow green armbands and they came over and dealt with you. -Erik Nikoleav
  6. Erik was born in the more well to do part of Moscow, to a family of great wealth and affluence. Of course, this didn't do wonders for his motivation to become anything more than a leech on his family's wealth. Erik is very intelligent, a bit too intelligent for his own good, his mother always said. This intelligence served him well in his academic career as nothing was really hard for him. Writing, mathematics, the sciences; nothing was ever really a challenge. Considering he never had to try hard for anything, he expected everything just to be handed to him on a silver platter. His parents turned a blind eye to this for most of his life, focusing more on his siblings. Erik was hurt by this, as any kid would, and went about doing things to get his parent's attention, albeit it was almost always negative attention. The final straw came when, after a long night out with a few of his 'friends drinking alcohol and doing drugs, he got into a fist fight with a police officer. Considering his parents were wealthy, Erik though they would just bribe the commissioner or bail him out. Neither happened. In fact, they left him to sit in jail for several months before finally bailing him out. They wanted to teach him a lesson. Because of how stubborn he was, it didn't get through. In fact, it only made things worse. More drugs, more alcohol, and even a few petty crimes tested the limits of his parent's patience until they finally yanked the silver spoon from his mouth. He had two options. Either clean up his act and make something of himself or be ousted from the family, disowned until the day he died. Pissed off and angry, he stormed off, vowing to prove them wrong about everything they said about him. From here, Erik joined the Russian Army and got his first real taste of how real life actually works. Here he had no privilege, here he was just like everyone else. Nothing about where he was from or who he was before hand mattered here. And Erik thrived here. He actually enjoyed sharing a common experience with other people who all had their own struggles, working with them and coming out better for it. Sure the training was absolutely brutal but that just made it all the more fulfilling when he and his comrades came out on top. After his basic training, Erik served as an infantry man for a very short time before the Air-force came out looking for more applicants. Deciding he would give it a shot, he was surprised to find that he was one of the highest scoring applicants on the aptitude test they first used to weed out those who could actually fly something as opposed to those you wouldn't even trust with a bicycle. It is here he transferred over and began his training as a helicopter pilot. This is also about the time the situation that originated in Chernarus suddenly spread over the world like wild fire. Like most of the world's countries, Russia was thrown into a state of national emergency. A large section of the military went AWOL, most going to ensure their families safety. Erik, on the other hand, didn't even get a chance to consider those options. He was pulled straight out of the training programs and slapped in the seat of an Mi-17 and tasked with numerous missions such as supply runs, ferrying troops from besieged city to overrun towns, and evacuating civilians from zones lost to the infected to those considered secured. One such mission proved to be his last as it involved evacing a recon team from the Black Mountains of Chernarus just before a winter storm blew in, which would've made landing safely nearly impossible. However, the weather had a mind of its own and decided to show up much earlier than expected, causing them to have to turn around just as they reached the mountains. Another blunder on the side of the mission intelligence was how fierce the storm actually was. Not only was it impossible to land in, Erik discovered that it was damn near suicidal to fly through. His rotors froze up and other mechanical issues in the older piece of machinery caused him to plummet straight out of the sky. Only by shear luck did he survive the crash and by even more luck did he survive his injuries suffered in the accident long enough before he found a town with a medical facility. Despite it being abandoned, Erik was able to patch himself decently enough so he wouldn't die from an infection or blood loss. Now Erik finds himself trapped in a foreign country with little hope of rescue from his countrymen. His current mission is to gather up enough supplies and stash them away so that he may be able to make the entire journey back to Western Russia on foot. Its a stupid idea...but it means getting back home.
  7. Kolya Vorona

    S1 - RDM / Flame? Road Between Stary and Kab

    POV: I rolled with @Severson and we met some guys on the road. One of our boys asked for the pouches that the guy had and he said no. Our guy said "Okay" and turned around and got gatted from behind. Me and Severson sat there and watched, being late to react because we didn't even realize what was going on, we didn't initiate so we didn't expect a fight to break out. Got dropped later on by a guy who was with them after the first two died.
  8. Kolya is a 23-year-old Chernarussian/Russian who continues to live in his devastated homeland of Chernarus. Having deserted from the army during the collapse of the country, he has found himself wandering without purpose. He is a soldier without a cause. But to him, that's just fine. Having met some friends over the course of his travels from his previous life and current, Kolya finds that the simplicity of surviving day by day is the perfect life for him. Spending that with his fellow man whether they be from his homeland or not doesn't matter much, it's only that they're willing to make the best of what they got in front of them. Considering they've got the burnt out husk of a former Soviet state previously plagued with civil war and now a Zombie Apocalypse means that whoever Kolya travels with must be exploding with optimism or has become so apathetic to the ways of the world that death has been rendered down to nothing more than a casual daily occurrence.
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