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  1. Ya I'm sure we can figure out a time to do this. Appreciate the compliment at the end too Also we don't think any of your members have metagamed, zeleno militia is totally fine and makes sense IC as to why you would call us that.
  2. We have never said our group name in game, any use of it from here on out will be treated as metagaming and will be reported.
  3. To everyone who came through Zeleno today, enjoyed all the RP from y'all. Too many to tag, but you know who you are. Thanks for making it a fun day
  4. Super excited to see where this group goes, lots of possibilities. Good luck guys!
  5. Thanks for clarifying, appreciate it!
  6. Hello community, I'm sorry if I missed it somewhere already, but I just want to clarify in order to avoid breaking a rule, as It's not covered in the rules. To initiate on a vehicle, do you need to have a roadblock or anything similar to that. Or can you initiate as normal (Voice/text) and just make sure it is received? Thanks for any information you can give me.
  7. @Drbeans @Comrade Icy @Corks @AugustGaiusKeogh Really enjoyed the RP from you guys tonight. Definitely had a great time listening to the situation unfold. And thanks for not being a super human hostage feeling no pain. Hope to have more encounters in the future!
  8. That's actually really interesting, thanks for sharing that !
  9. Looking forward to the event in the future, should make for some very interesting RP and scenarios. Nice work LM's!
  10. Kazimir was born in Chernarus in the hospital of Zelenogorsk, and his family lived in Sosnovka. When his was one his mother had died so he never really got to know her. His father, Ivan, wanted a better life for him, so he got his paperwork in order and got them both to America. Growing up for most of his life in America, he had become accustomed to their ways, and adapted a mix between an American and Chernarussian accent. Kazimir though the American people were mostly ignorant, and over confident. He had seen their war machine go from country to country always acting like the good guys. He never shared this opinion to his friends, and kept these thoughts to himself. Ivan was still in contact with his friends who were members of a rebellion in Chernarus, and they were asking him to return. Kazimir was 23 years old at this point, and his Father wanted him to make his own decisions. Ivan sat down with Kazimir and asked him what did he want, and told him about his friends and the rebellion he used to be apart of. Kazimir was not fond of the States, and was very interested in Ivans stories of this rebellion. They were called the Sosnovka Rebels. That's when Kazimir found out his mother had died in an attack, where she was caught in a crossfire, and was shot by a Russian Soldier. Finding this out Kazimir told his father it was time to return home, the United States was no home for them, and would rather fight for the people of Chernarus, then live in the machine of "Democracy". They had been in Chernarus for a couple years at this point and Kazimir had learned how to handle himself, and knew how to use firearms. They went out on a mission, a quick hit and run on a Russian patrol, but it didn't go as planned. The Russians had backup in the area and as the rebels were escaping Kazamir made it to a tree line, turned around and saw his father in the distance get gunned down. Some of the other rebels had to restrain Kazamir from running back into the field, he had such rage, and didn't care about his own safety, he only wanted to kill every Russian in that moment. Knowing both his parents were killed by Russians, he had nothing but hate for them, and he would never stop fighting them or anyone that was on there side. The rebellion had come to a standstill, and Kazamir believed they weren't doing enough. His friend, Alexandr, told him they had to lay low for the time being, or their rebellion would be no more. He went to bed, and prayed something would change, that something would cause the Russians grip to weaken. A few months later a virus was going around, it was getting out of control. The world was falling into chaos and the rebels knew this was the time. They could use the chaos around them to gain control of the west, and weaken the forces in Chernarus. Kazamir was ready to get some revenge for his parents, and any bullet he could put into a Russian, or their allies would make him smile.
  11. The sun shines during a dark time in Chernarus (updates strike again)
  12. Very excited to play this, great work devs
  13. The rebellion grows stronger in the West, while the East is busy doing.... whatever it is they are doing.
  14. Spamming this thread will not speed up the process any faster. I’m sure they are working on it, just be patient.
  15. These were enjoyable to watch, great content man!
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