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  1. Thanks Marksman for being a good sport about everything. Sorry for the accident!
  2. POV: So me and my buddy Rob walker were travelling through miskino and my buddy was holding up the individual named "Marko". I quickly joined up with rob to persue the initiation. We detained Marko and began to tie him up. We stated that we would use his supplies to help treat my wife and people back at camp multiple times. While he was detained my ant-virus pop-up came onto my PC which therefor alt-tabbed me out of the game. Once I re-opened the game my sporter 22. let off a round into the victim I was looking at, being a complete accident. I quickly treated his wounds and RP'ed it off. We left him with a SKS. food, water. and gear to protect himself as we exited the area. He was still alive and wounds were immediately treated. EDIT: I've sent a message to talk to him VIA teamspeak about the incident.
  3. You're Right! But, I just wasn't sure of the fact if staff wouldn't allow some medieval themed groups to form because of the wrong time of date. Thus you saying it wouldn't be a problem is good news to hear! Thank you by the way for the response.
  4. Ohh man, You hit the hammer on the nail here. I completely agree. It's so weird after you play so long how you can adapt those feelings in public servers 0.0
  5. Welcome, welcome, welcome! Glad to have you here! Hope you enjoy your stay and hopefully I can meet you IC!
  6. Let me tell you something... This game is the bomb.com, We already have multiple groups springing up all over the place. If you need any help PM Me.
  7. Eh, Talking to some moderators, you need to follow the lore in order to create groups. Knights and everything stretch out to 1400's well over the stated dates. Many empires were also created over that time as if stated in the lore. The poll is already accepted "Yes" by the majority. It would just benefit everything without any cons. So why not?
  8. To the new server of LiF, I believe we need a change or (Expansion of a time-frame) In dates for the lore. An expansion of dates would allow for a increase in group creativity and production while keeping the feel for the "medieval times". I believe the expansion would allow the creation of groups like vikings and The Knight's Templar and other groups, though not exactly historically correct would give a large perspective of groups and RP. Short: Change the LiF Lore Time-Frame to a more broader time scale.
  9. This year we are supposed to have a "Elneno winter" It's supposed to be late. but rain and be extremely cold when that weather actually comes in
  10. Amazing work! Really can't wait to see more.
  11. Oh man, You just sparked my memory... Wow, small world we live in. But, Yes in context I completely agree with you. Though I have not been back for a good bit, the time I played I get the feeling of a more strict set of RP culture that is executed. I feel as if people would judge you and take some of your RP as a stereotypical Insult. +1 Lots of people are so depressing in RP, in my opinion, when you try to brighten up the mood you get told to shut the fuck up or they report you because they think that it's trolly. EDIT: Sorry if this is a bit off-topic. Well hopefully I can do my best to get back into the "Groove" of things! I'm going to play my character of who he is, not what others want him to be. I'm glad there is still people around that want a diversity of RP within characters.
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