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    Powergaming/RP Items Clarification

    In a recent report, I'm seeing someone getting flak for saying that they have a GoPro, some people calling it power gaming. It just got me curious, because I have rped having a camera and tape recorder before, as well as a camcorder. Just wanted to clarify, is this acceptable, as long as you roleplay the item out correctly and //mention it when searched?
  2. About400Crows

    Hector, Red's in trouble. (OPEN)

    Brendan takes off the now bloody gloves and sits against a wall. Putting his head in his hands, he picks up some of the chatter. Grabbing the radio from his nearly empty bag of medical supplies he speaks into it. ”I’m sorry I wasn’t there for the doctor, he did me a kindness yesterday. I don’t have much to offer right now other than prayers, if you believe in those.” His tired voice wakes up as he finishes ”Hector, I’ll be talking to you soon” He drops the radio into his bag and leans back against the wall
  3. About400Crows

    Green Mountain raid

    Brendan’s voice comes across the frequency ”Where might the good folk in need of charity find Compton?”
  4. About400Crows

    Can we ban people that do this?

    You mean...domestication? I suppose it is time we made that civilizational leap in the apocalypse
  5. About400Crows

    87.8 Open freq medical call.

    *Brendan’s voice breaks the static* The location of our camp isn’t something we like to broadcast, we all have our enemies as I’m sure you understand. Cass will be resting for a few days, he was pretty banged up by the runners. Our psychiatrist will speak with him once he’s recovered a bit. If you’d like to see him yourself, I can let you know when he’s up and moving and meet you at Green Mountain. Hope to be hearing from you, it’s good to hear others caring for strangers out here.” *Static returns*
  6. About400Crows

    The Mob

    Had a good time running with some of your guys last night, lots of interesting encounters. Looking forward to seeing what happens between us in the future
  7. About400Crows

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Hey man it’s all good lmao I’ll pass the message along, thanks for the rp and hope to save your ass again
  8. About400Crows

    87.8 Open freq medical call.

    Brendan's voice comes over the radio again "To everyone who was concerned about the man, he'll be alright. He's at our camp now recovering. If any of his friends need to reach out to him, his radio is off but I'll relay messages."
  9. About400Crows

    87.8 Open freq medical call.

    Brendan's voice breaks the static "I'm relatively close, I'll start heading there as soon as I gather some supplies from camp. Stay safe." A bag being tossed can be heard as the radio cuts out
  10. About400Crows

    87.8 Open freq medical call.

    *Brendan speaks over the frequency after being told about the mans call for help, picking up some of the responses* ”Sounds like there’s a few good people to help with your wounds. Just in case, I’ll have one of my people keep an ear out on this frequency, I’d be happy to help if you need me. I have a psychiatrist back at camp as well, if you want I can send him your way when he gets a chance. Names Brendan by the way. Hope all turns out ok for you. *Brendan passes the radio off to someone nearby, hurrying back down the stairs*
  11. About400Crows

    United Nations

    *Brendan's voice breaks the static, sounding distracted* "There'll be plenty of chances to prove the meaning behind your words. If you really are here to help, I'm sure I'll be seeing you around. This place definitely needs some good." *Some mumbling would be heard before Brendan releases the PTT, adjusting a saline drip for an unconscious woman*
  12. About400Crows

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @miss_natcula @daemonium @Lt Stanley Fun times tonight with you all, hope Ward doesn't die
  13. About400Crows

    The Story Of Tex

    The next page would be in a different hand writing, the ink fresh. An old picture of two twin babies is set in the crease. 9 months. How can you want to pour everything out to someone but not know how to do it? I thought I was past this. Caging myself up. But it's the only reason I've survived knowing the twins are...Jesus. All I've done in life is break people. These nine months I've tried fixing people, but no matter how many lives I save I'll never make up for the lives I've cost. The damage I've done to all the people I've cared about. No amount of good deeds can cancel out the evil I've done. So why do I still feel like I have to try? The bottom of the page is torn out
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    Gonna be some heavy reworking of this character page, gotta get it up to the new standard. Story/Artwork(?) to follow. Rune made his come back. It's time for a second chance(tm). @GaryCash

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    Message to the Corporation

    Some time passes before a mans hoarse voice breaks the static “I’ve been told someone tried contacting the Corporation on this frequency. If you have something you think we want, we are always available to speak with in person at the island. If you come meaning no harm, no harm will come to you” ”If you’re too afraid to see us in person, clearly you aren’t ready to deal. Regardless, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you. Some quiet coughing can be heard before the static returns.
  16. About400Crows

    Johnny's Free Call

    The static on the radio breaks, and you may recognize the voice that speaks, though now it sounds raspy and pained "Apologies, Johnny is unavailable. I must say, I'm glad someone has something nice to say about Jonathan. He made it seem like he had no friends. I nearly believed him." The voice chuckles for a moment before it turns into a cough. There is a long pause before the voice speaks again far more hoarse and you can hear the effort behind the words. "I appreciate your cooperation when we took him. However, unless you have something to offer, I recommend staying away. He is well taken care of, and I'd hate for his one act of selflessness to have been wasted." There is a slight pause and some more coughing before the voice finishes quickly in between coughs. "Tell Ben Jonathan sends his regards." The static returns over the frequency.
  17. About400Crows

    What inspires you to make your characters/RP them?

    Most of my older characters are inspired by books/shows, but alot of my newer ones are actually based off of characters from stories I'm working on/have written. DayzRP has actually helped me break through writers block on more than one occasion. Luckily, It's surprisingly easy to translate a Corp character to an otherwise normal dude and keep their personality.
  18. About400Crows

    Can we ban people that do this?

    No one will be reported for tearing down walls to gain access to the water. That is a completely valid IC reaction to what we're doing. Reporting for that would be ruleplay over roleplay imo, and you can quote me on that if any reports do go up regarding someone breaking into the wells.
  19. About400Crows

    Can we ban people that do this?

    To help with some of your concerns, The walling off of wells(Unless someone else is doing it as well) is being done by the Corporation. It was in the group goals when it got approved, and we believe it will bring some interesting RP now that we are actually going ahead with it. Also, there was a global broadcast that your character may have heard when Corp started this: Regardless, this is mainly for those of you thinking there would be no role play coming from this, or that this was just griefing. The goal about monopolizing resources should give you an idea of what we are going for without too many spoilers. Essentially, we're just trying to control a resource. Sorry again for any confusion and I hope I cleared up some of your worries.
  20. About400Crows

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    This is a little late, but just some feedback from when you guys raided prison island the other day. I've had nothing but good rp running into you guys, but when one of your guys was yelling at us something like "it's almost like you have no value for life" during the raid, it really pulled me out of the roleplay and intensity. It seemed like the individual was trying to use a rule to get us to surrender ICly, which bothered me. Again, other than that I have nothing but good things to say about interacting with you guys, hope to keep running into you Edit: Worth noting, one of your members I believe did tell him to stop, not sure if it was because of an IC reason or if they were bothered by it too Buddy found a clip, just seemed out of place and specifically placed to be taken at an ooc level. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/510264254?t=05h40m50s
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    The last part for this chapter of Lead, we'll see if he recovers well enough from his wounds to ever return, or if he'll die from the wounds


  22. About400Crows

    A Prisoners Journal

    Last entry(?) has been added:
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    Look at the back strength! Please upload that video lmao @Alkis

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      Please @Alkis😂

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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Fenrir and the rest of Chernarus Chess Club, most memorable night of RP I've had in a while. Moving along stories nicely, thanks for the fun. Extra shoutout for @Alkis, excited to see where it goes.
  25. About400Crows

    CCC to Green Mountain Charity (Open)

    Jack hits his PTT and speaks into a few frequencies over a couple of minutes, "Hey mates, this is Jack with the Chernarus Chess Club, formally known as the Black Bishop. Me and a bunch of other fellas met up trying to see you in your camp, originally I was just dropping off some supplies to say thanks, but eh, now I think I needs a doctor when they're available. If any of you all hear this, just let me know on this frequency when you're around. Thanks again to the fella who took care of my mates fucked up face earlier."
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