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  1. "It is our failures that brought this, and only our success can end this" Leo didn't survive the "Shanghai" district of Moscow easily. He was orphaned at a young age in a mugging, instead being raised by his rough uncle. His only friend in his younger years was his cousin. They looked out for each other, and each one felt they owed the other their lives. At 17, Leo's cousin was killed during a break in at the small re-purposed garage they called a home. He died trying to attack the gunman threatening Leo. Leo ran to his best friend and felt the cold skin, a feeling he could never really shake. His Uncle took to the bottle hard after that, and Leo found himself joining the military to get away. He began training just as the soldiers were being sent to Syria to assist with the civil war. The quietest one of his cycle, it earned him a few nicknames. Early on, one of the other recruits grabbed his arm to try and get a reaction, earning him a bloody nose. Every time he felt skin it always felt like his dead cousin. He spent the next 10 minutes vomiting by a tree before going back to his sleeping bag. He only talked to the handful of recruits he respected, and he came out of training feeling ready for whatever they threw at him. He was assigned to a unit and trained to be the squads reconnaissance specialist. His unit was sent to Syria for 6 months to aid in the war, before being brought back to the escalating tension with Chernarus. Leo's unit was on rotation as security in the capital when shit finally reached a head. It took a while, but eventually the chaos and confusion led to a collapse. Leo and some others found themselves travelling the city's metro, helping who they could and continuing South out of the city. Eventually, they found themselves in South Zagoria, hoping for less bandits and infected and more people willing to survive together.
  2. About400Crows

    Hiding your character and group on your profile

    +1 to this specifically, and the idea as a whole. Pretty much what everyone else has been saying, sometimes it's not intentional but it still happens. Other times you text chat, leave a friendly guy, and run into him five minutes later holding you up and asking ridiculously specific questions. But it's so hard to prove in most cases, the report isn't going to happen. Plus, once one person meta's something, that information is out and it can go across Chernarus and there isn't anything that you can do. Way to handle the current issue with metagaming, in my most biased of opinions of course, is to prevent it from being too easy; not through expecting someone to file a report when that report isn't going to go anywhere because all the guy has to do is say "I was being cautious" or "Someone told me about you"
  3. About400Crows

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    10/10 Beautiful
  4. About400Crows


    Song was too good not to put on his character page

    Brendan "Rune" Meyers

  5. About400Crows

    What music describes your character

    Definitely Rune's theme song this last month
  6. I'd been in the shit of things. I guess I got used to us being the light. Hell, we all did. Most of my operations were in Africa. The Congo, South Sudan, Mali.. Things were easier then. Back then, we could tell we were doing good. We could see it in their smiles. Sure, I guess we weren't always exactly loved. But even when we'd get looks of hate, we knew why we were there. What we were doing was right. Plain and simple. We were bringing light to some dark places. Peacekeeping out there was...rewarding, I guess. We could tell what we were doing was important. We could see the effect we were having, and imagine the possibilities if we weren't there. I guess, without knowing it, most of us needed that feeling. It was like that out here at first. When it hadn't completely gone to shit. People knew we were here to help. Then, in the midst of the chaos, people got desperate. Started attacking supply points and hospitals, making them vulnerable to infected. The first response team, I mean shit, we were dealt a horrible hand. Regardless, it is what it is. We kept moving, trying to stabilize somewhere, but between infected and eventually VDV and NATO pricks, well. It got hard to stay together. I ran when the VDV attacked the first time..I'm not proud of it but. Well, we were all in a dark place. We were trying to help people, but fuck. Of all the shit that people stopped caring about, politics never went away. Myself and a few others ended up setting up to the west. We helped people when we could, and we stopped identifying as UN. Just some survivors doing what they could. Then, well, people died. A couple to infection, a few to bandits. It didn't matter. What mattered was when someone betrayed us. One of the people we thought we could trust. She killed two of the people she called brother for months. That was a wake up call. No one trusted each other after that. Tensions were too high. So we splintered. The few of us that were left went out on our own. I've wandered since then. At one point there were rumors of a second wave of UN, but I never saw them. Eventually, all that I saw was the groups the people formed in the aftermath. Little bits of civilization popping up. It gives me some hope. Reminds of all the operations back in Africa, if someone could just mediate all of these people, stop all the pointless fighting. Some peacekeepers, just like back in the day. For now, it's just a dream. Maybe one day.
  7. About400Crows


    I laughed way too hard at this
  8. About400Crows

    Unity and Peace - United Peacekeepers (Recruitment Open)

    The more I look at the thread the more I like the idea. See some interesting scenarios coming up with this group. Wish you good luck, I hope to run into you in game sometime
  9. About400Crows

    Merciless- (Recruitment Open)

    Looks like this could be interesting, good luck. Hope to see you in game.
  10. About400Crows

    Celebrity Characters

    I'm not a staff member, but my personal rule is if the individual has acquired more than 300k internet points on a qualifying site (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), then I think it's okay. /s Please no But can I have an autograph?
  11. About400Crows


    Oh yes..we're excited. First attempt at a somewhat creepy character, and to go with Abel's badass character idea

    Daniel "Hutch" Lodge and Abel's Luca "Canary" Moretti

  12. Potius Cras Personnel Dossier for Operator "Hutch" Classification Level: AA Early copy of his first book Status: ACTIVE Summary: Handler Record: No criminal record Education: Several years studying Psychology Specialization: Social Engineering; Infiltration; Asset Handling Duty Position: Handler of [REDACTED] Dossier Conclusions: Operator "Hutch" was selected for his unique position based on his previous position as infiltration instructor for the Corporation. His studies of the human mind have proven him capable of molding the handle and ensuring his mental foundation does not crack. If this experiment has any chance of succeeding, it is with this man as the handler. He has been cleared to review all of Canary's asset files, and has expressed confidence in his ability to manage the asset. A cover story has been developed and fleshed out by the pair, little trouble is expected so long as Hutch maintains frequent contact with the asset. -REDACTED Corporate Asset Officer Asset Report: Arrived in Chernarus with Canary by ship, the pair is to avoid unnecessary contact with Corporate forces and begin Phase 1 Historical Record Summary:
  13. About400Crows

    SOS - Severely Wounded

    Jack's voice comes over the frequency, sounding weary "Shit man. I'm not in the area, but I might know someone down near the coast. If you're still alive..well you get it. I'll monitor the freq. If you check in, I'll have him head that way. There's a long pause "Good luck" Static consumes the frequency
  14. About400Crows

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Congratulations guys, hope to run into you soon
  15. About400Crows


    Updated Jack a bit, enjoying the character so far.


    Got two characters on the shelf waiting for Jack's demise too, staying true to executions/combat death = PK for all of these guys



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