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  1. You were nice until the other guys came there everyone started to act hostile doesn’t matter if I have a gun to my head or not doesn’t mean you just threaten people And I never lied about anything.Everything I said adds up never once did I lie
  2. Alright full thing is 16min let me render the video out
  3. Here is some of the it the video was to long to upload it to here but if you would like full video I can post to youtube
  4. After they threaten me some anarchy guys came in the house I was in and started telling me I should kill all of them because that's my blood brother after telling them I didn't want todo that they began hyping me up to go out there and kill them I don't know witch anarchy I was with they just had blue arm bands and mask. So I went outside of the house with anarchy looking outside around the church to find the guys who were just threating me after searching for 10-15min they were know where to be found so Me and anarchy went up a town from starry to find them. When we got to the next town I saw a bunch of them at the well drinking water so I ran up to them well anarchy waited around the other side of the wall and I told them to put there hands up as I was yelling at them we started to argue then I thought I saw one put his hands down to I started to shoot. Im shopping up video right now
  5. I have some video from when they were about to kill me in this house just trying to get it all sorted
  6. I was Playing as a character named Brandon and I was shot in the back of the head without any Rp so I decided to role play as Brandon's brother after I died named Max. After I died I made my way back up north and ran in to some guy named Clide I asked him if hes seen a bald guy named Brandon as I was looking for him then he told me that some guys that had green arm bands executed him in the church so I went down to the church and met some guys with green arm bandd so I told them who I was and why I was there then they began to threaten me saying since we killed ur brother we might as well kill you after they said this I ran away to a house then they followed me started saying they were gunna kill me .After some time they left and I met up with some anarchy guys who said they would help me kill the green arm band guys sso we went to go find them. After running around for 10min I found them at this well and thought it would be the perfect chance to get my revenge on them. Yes I was playing both people max and brandon I only found out they killed brandon cause some guy from the town told me what happened witch gives me the knowledge to kill them Sorry about the Spelling and grammar lmao
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