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  1. Thanks for having me in the group it was fun while it lasted but I just needed a change and my new character wouldn't have aligned to well with the group.
  2. Dominik Viemen, AKA Vino, born in 1980. Father, Salvatore Viemen, was a made man for the Gambino family. He was killed in a mob hit in 1981, and his Mother married again two more times, which resulted in another two sons - another dead husband - and an absentee father. Eldest of the three brothers, Vino grow up idolizing his uncle Tony, who was also a made man for the Gambino family. He learnt all about the code of honor and core values of the mafia life. He also learnt various criminal activities from his uncle, who taught him everything that he knew. When he turned 18, his uncle Tony gifted him a rundown car garage called Scarlett's garage - named after Tony's first wife. Vino and his two brothers saved up money from various jobs that they pulled to restore the car garage and put a chop shop out the back. They renamed it to The Scarlet Brothers garage, and named their business Scarlet Brothers Incorporated. With the money from the shop and varying jobs that they were doing for the Gambino family, they eventually put enough money together to open a brothel, which they called The Scarlet Manor. They set up multiple other sites for drug running and some human trafficking, and were asked by the Gambino family to set up a gunrunning trade, using the shipping docks at Svetlojask. They were caught by the border patrol authorities at the docks, in what seemed like a setup, and sent to an offshore Chernarussian prison. But not for long. The day of reckoning came without warning, not knowing what was going on including prison staff, chaos erupted inside the prison. Other prisoners, including him and his brothers, started slaughtering guards and prisoners alike just to escape the madness. Thinking his brothers were right behind him, he swam to the shoreline. Only once reaching the other side did he then realize his brothers were lost in the chaos. And with that he began his search to rebuild his family.
  3. Toby Michelin a.k.a Mich, had a good childhood with both parents and a older sister. Father was a carpenter and mother was a cleaner, and he did a lot of camping and fishing as a kid. Even a little bit of shooting with 22. and shotguns on his Uncles farm. After high school, he went into construction for a little bit and then got his security license. He worked as a security guard for about seven years. He wanted a change, and to help people, so he spent three years at University getting a Bachelor's of Health Science to become a paramedic, and after graduation got a job at the country fire association in his local town, where he got a job as a paramedic/firefighter for the last two years. The character has strong moral values and tries to help people when he can, and does not care about material items. He also doesn't carry guns, as he thinks it will attract people that think he has stuff worth stealing. Mich was visiting the Australian War Memorial Long Tan in Turkey, when the outbreak occurred going from one refugee camp to another trying to make his way home, he grew to distrust for the military for the way they were treating the civilians in the crisis, he found a smuggler who had been shot and Left for Dead dead by a local gang, he nursed the smuggler back to health and the smuggler Abdul agreed to help get mich back to Australia, they were making their way to Russia in a small plane when the engines fail just outside of Chernarus, the plane crashed and he woke up on the Shoreline not knowing if his friend Abdul was alive or not.
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