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  1. Stiliyam

    Community HOI4 Game #2

    Ill play Bulgaria
  2. Stiliyam

    Staff Feedback: Lady In Blue

    Link to the situation: I was having trouble with starting off on the forums, she helped me get used to it and showed me what is for what. Also when I first started she helped me get settled in Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Excellent Feedback (11/10 Support) Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  3. Ivan Gorchov was born 11th February 1991, He was drafted into the Bulgarian military. He spent 2 years in the Army and special forces. He is highly skilled in shooting and various other type of stuff like escaping, killing, scouting, etc. Ivan is mentally and physically strong and is trained to overcome most stuff. He used to live on his farm with his parents until he moved out with his girlfriend Angel. He was a brave soldier. After his service he moved to Chernaus to live a peacful life... That didnt last long. Now he fights for survival and kills if he must, He is friendly but if you backstab him or steal from him you will feel his wrath!
  4. Hi my name is Stiliyan, Im new to this community and hope to see you all ingame sometime. I love to RP, have a laugh, joke around with friends and have a good time in general. Im Bulgarian and Scottish so hope to have a great time!