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  1. JOURNAL ENTRY: July 8, 2014 Today was my 15th birthday.... Dad forgot about it again. Its OK though I'm sure he has a lot going on with work. Plus when my birthday rolls around it reminds him of mom... Well I got to ride my bike to the cake shop down the road and they gave me a free slice... that was pretty cool I guess. Maybe he'll remember next year. JOURNAL ENTRY: December 12, 2017 Wow its been acouple years since I've written in you. Well today is the day mom died 7 years ago. It reminded me of this journal. I miss her so much. Dad found a new wife... I guess shes nice but she has a daughter that's only a year younger than me. I hated high school before she showed up but Mary-->(evil stepsister) has made it worse. She already knows more people than me. She spreads rumors about me. I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANY LONGER!!!! I think I'm going to move out of my house. JOURNAL ENTRY: August 19, 2018 I haven't seen my family in a couple months. I left the house and moved in with some of my closest friends. I couldn't take that SHIT anymore. I needed to get out... Life is better now, I do some drugs to help with my stress. My friends help me get my hands on them. IT HELPS RELIEVE MY PAIN. I'm so tired of crying... JOURNAL ENTRY: April 23, 2019 Oh God... I'm so alone. I only have my drugs and my mind. I'm so lost my friends left me today. They said i was losing it. They said I need to stop taking so many pills. They don't understand that's the only time I feel. I feel like I'm in a blank room and there's no one to help me or SAVE ME... JOURNAL ENTRY: December 17, 2019 I'm leaving america... I found a girl and I think I love her. I've never felt this way about someone before she makes me feel warm inside. I haven't felt this way since my mom passed. I'm trying to stay away from the drugs... I'm not doing a great job though but I try. She thinks leaving the country and this FUCKING awful town will help. We leave to Chernarus a little country next to Russia I think. Its all happening so fast... JOURNAL ENTRY: February 30, 2020 Everything was going so great... Then the second wave of that crazy Flu hit. Amy-->(GIRLFRIEND) got sick. I try to visit her but they have the hospital locked up due to the quarantine. . I need to see her again I feel so NUMB... I'm so tired of being alone... JOURNAL ENTRY: May 5, 2020 I've joined the riots that have been going on in the streets. They give us little information on what is happening and they won't tell me how Amy is. I fear Amy could be... I think she's just recovering and this will all be over soon like how it always works. It'll just pass by and and... I'm going to die here... JOURNAL ENTRY: May 26, 2020 AMY... AMY... SHES GONE... Oh god this is the last entry I will make. People have started eating each other. I just saw with my own eyes the monsters attack someone. I don't know how long I can keep going on in this world.
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