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  1. Younger years Jesse didn’t have parents growing up. They died when he was a baby so he was taken in by a priest and his wife. They raised him keeping him safe and protected from the horrors of the world. They were the only family Jesse knew. They moved around a lot when he was younger going from place to place. Jesse was a tough kid growing up one day in a convenient store they were looting Jesse found an old western comic about a bounty hunter who would go around putting bad guys away and saving people in need. That was all Jesse needed from that point on Jesse wanted to be a cowboy. This would never change for Jesse he vowed that one day he would be just like that bounty hunter in the story. For Jesse his life took a dark turn very early on. When Jesse was 10 Jesses adoptive parents were killed by the dead. He blames himself for their deaths. Jesse was told to run and hide tell the dead past. Jesse had a different idea wanting the thrill of killing one he lured one away from the herd of them. It was going well tell Jesse slipped and the dead one fell on him Jesse screamed for help soon his father came rushing over and shot it in the head. That was over but now the rest of the dead were coming towards them. Jesse’s father handed him the gun and told him to run into the Forrest and don’t stop. Jesse did just that. Although a loud scream from his mother made him turn. He saw his father and mother being torn to pieces. Jesse had a flashback to when his father put down a deer that was wounded. Jesse didn’t want his mother to suffer. He raised the pistol…
  2. I’m excited to read it man! Hopefully I can meet you out in the wasteland and be apart of your story.
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