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  1. Me and my buddies have had a great time exploring Livonia thus far. It's fun having to face challenges that i haven't had to face in so many years. I have also run into some pretty enjoyable rp there already, along with some decent pvp. If $15 dollars can get me excited to play a game again, i'd say it's well worth it personally. Even if it doesn't last forever here.
  2. Are we map-shaming map makers now too?
  3. Y'all mind if I: crawl around the map.
  4. A nice bean bag to the head from a shotgun sounds enjoyable enough.
  5. So if i was to play a character with, let's say a prosthetic leg, what would be the best and most compelling way (in all of your opinions) to RP around it?
  6. Why are you the way that you are.
  7. Smelly boi has returned
  8. Kade’s POV: Me and Liam are walking through the tents, when we hear some shots. We decided to go and investigate, and liam radios he got hit from somewhere in the woods. I run over and take cover, and start looking for whomever may have shot him. We end up seeing the guy up in the trees, liam fires some rounds at the dude, and then he bolts off farther into the woods. We then hobble to lopatino and center ourselves a bit form the situation.
  9. *With minor static, a broadcast with a robotic female voice begins transmitting* " Good evening to the men and women of Chernarus, this is a message from Arkangel. Our men and women pride themselves on our professionalism and work ethic, and seek to show that to our clients through our services. Today, we are officially in business and are ready to accept contracts. We can now be contacted through this frequency, as well as our frequencies given out in person from our personal. If you are to contact our members here, you will be contacted via a private frequency for business matters. Please refrain from transmitting non-business related manners to this channel. We thank you for your time, and will be eagerly waiting for responses. " *After a pause, a very quick message is broadcast* Our services can be declined, and numbers of available men may very day to day. *The broadcast ends in light static*
  10. *Kade presses the PTT* "Fair enough, I'm assuming its still the same meeting point then. Ill return there as fast as i can." *Kade releases the PTT*
  11. *Kade tunes into the frequency and presses the PTT* "We've been waiting here for hours mate, no signs of anybody professional. While we do have a bit more time, we also have other things to do. We'll wait for another 20 minutes, nobody shows up, we're on our way. Any additional contact for today will be addressed to me." *Kade Releases the PTT*
  12. Server and location: S1, Kabanino and Stary Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Between 7:30 - 9:30 / 2018-12-21 Your in game name: Spencer Davidson Names of allies involved: Erik Davidson, John Blackwood, and a few other i forget the names of. Name of suspect/s: Chat logs may show and exchange between the 3 of us (Me,John and the suspect). Not sure the time tho. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): My Internet is super slow, so it will take a quite a bit of time to upload what i have. Also my audio was also not included for some reason. Detailed description of the events: I met John for the first time in Stary where we talk for a bit, and then we went off to Kab looking for some other people to talk to. Nobodys really around there, so we set up in a house and start talking to a guy on the radio. The man on the radio (suspect) meets us in Kab and starts acting odd, talking about Missing textures and what not in game when we first meet him. We both brush it off and head back to Kab. We sit around for a bit and meet some more people while we're there. Eventually my friend (Erik Davidson) comes along and the group of all of us head to VMC in search of some stuff. We loot it, and walk back to Kab, where we wait a little bit. The now four of us decided to go and look for meds in Stary to try and help our sickness. (My recorded stuff starts here) As we're getting ready to leave, the suspect begins acting weird again, and we once again brush it off. Before we get to Stary, the suspect turns on a voice changer for about 20 seconds before turning it off. As we are walking into town he begins rambling about things irrelevant to the game and situation. We loot the hospital and the tents, and then return to Kab. Me and Erik then wander off and log for the night.
  13. Holy-Bucket

    Add Back the Long Range Scope for the Mosin

    Bout time we get some mosin action back. Solid +1 here
  14. Background - Spencer was born very privileged in his life. His parents were both very successful in their respective careers, and raised him and his twin brother very well. Both him and his brother went very high class schools, and exceeded at it. Spencer went on to pursue aviation, as it was something he was very interested in. He went top a very good flight school, and opened his own private airline company. He would do flights in and out of country, for just about anyone. Beginning - One day his brother approached him about a country he wanted to visit, and asked if he could take him there. Spencer was intrigued and willing to do it, so they set off in mid July,2017. The places was called Chernarus his brother informed him, beautiful place apparently. But his brother had not informed him of the current situation there, whether he didn't know, or he didn't want to say anything. It all became very apparently as they entered the area and were quickly tagged buy a Russian jet without any warning. This sent their plane straight down to earth. The crashed into tower like structure on impact, splitting the plane in 2. Arrival - Spencer woke up, blacking out after hitting. Amazed he was still alive, he fell out of the plane and onto his hands and knees. He began throwing up. He quickly shambled to his feet, looking at the half of the plane that he was left with. A quick realization hit him, where was Eric? He began yelling out, in hopes that he would get a response. Nothing. He started to limp his way twords the other side of the structure, in hopes of fining something. Upon reaching the other side, he had just barley looked up, and suddenly noticed the other half of the plane was smacked directly into one of the towers and was stuck inside. He found a door to said tower and ran up ti the level the plane was on. Being the back half of the plane, he could see inside once he reached its level, and quickly noticed his brother unconscious in one of the seats. He limped in and began trying to get his brother out. He was stuck on part of the indented [lane, so Spencer had to try and pry him free. He found the emergency axe that he carries in the back of the plane, and begins forcing the jointed metal away. After some effort he was able to get it far enough back to where he could pull his brother out. He dragged his brother out and carried him down the stairs. Bringing him out into the small opening in the castle, he began trying to revive him. Resurrection - Pushing and pounding down on his unconscious brother in hopes of getting him back. By some godly miracle Eric spurted to life like a light. "What happened?" he asked. "I wish i knew, one second were go'n smooth, and the the next we were hitting the ground." Spencer said, still trying to take in what was happening. "We've gotta find some help or something, i can barely feel my legs." Eric exclaimed reaching down and rubbing his legs. "Suppose we should get moving then, before night falls." Spencer says standing to his feet once again. Throwing his brothers' arm around him, him lifted him up, and they began walking in what they could only assume was south, in hopes of finding some help. Over a year later - Quietly opening the door Spencer walks in, scanning the room in front of him. He motions to his brother, who steps in behind him. They begin walking forward, guns up, checking corner to corner until they reach a back room. Spencer opens the door, and is quickly met by a blast of a shotgun. Near;y having his head taken off he falls back, and begins quickly crawling towards his brother. The man bust out of the room,presumably trying to finish what he started, but is met by a hail of bullets, and hits the ground dead. His brother quickly slinging his weapon, which is now smoking, runs to his brother and picks him up. "We gotta get the fuck outa here man, this shit ain't worth dying for" his brother exclaims, quickly tugging at him to get going. They begin shambling out of the building, but this time not met with gunfire, but the screams of infected running at them. The 2 begin running, getting to a wooden hunting tower, Spencer going up first, and pulling Eric up with him. The infected surround the base of the tower. "Well now what" Spencer says looking at his brother. "The fun begins" Eric says as he swings his gun back to his hands, and begins plinking the infected, 1 by 1. Spencer soon follows, just hoping that he could get this day over with.
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