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  1. *With minor static, a broadcast with a robotic female voice begins transmitting* " Good evening to the men and women of Chernarus, this is a message from Arkangel. Our men and women pride themselves on our professionalism and work ethic, and seek to show that to our clients through our services. Today, we are officially in business and are ready to accept contracts. We can now be contacted through this frequency, as well as our frequencies given out in person from our personal. If you are to contact our members here, you will be contacted via a private frequency for business matters. Please refrain from transmitting non-business related manners to this channel. We thank you for your time, and will be eagerly waiting for responses. " *After a pause, a very quick message is broadcast* Our services can be declined, and numbers of available men may very day to day. *The broadcast ends in light static*
  2. *Kade presses the PTT* "Fair enough, I'm assuming its still the same meeting point then. Ill return there as fast as i can." *Kade releases the PTT*
  3. *Kade tunes into the frequency and presses the PTT* "We've been waiting here for hours mate, no signs of anybody professional. While we do have a bit more time, we also have other things to do. We'll wait for another 20 minutes, nobody shows up, we're on our way. Any additional contact for today will be addressed to me." *Kade Releases the PTT*
  4. Server and location: S1, Kabanino and Stary Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Between 7:30 - 9:30 / 2018-12-21 Your in game name: Spencer Davidson Names of allies involved: Erik Davidson, John Blackwood, and a few other i forget the names of. Name of suspect/s: Chat logs may show and exchange between the 3 of us (Me,John and the suspect). Not sure the time tho. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): My Internet is super slow, so it will take a quite a bit of time to upload what i have. Also my audio was also not included for some reason. Detailed description of the events: I met John for the first time in Stary where we talk for a bit, and then we went off to Kab looking for some other people to talk to. Nobodys really around there, so we set up in a house and start talking to a guy on the radio. The man on the radio (suspect) meets us in Kab and starts acting odd, talking about Missing textures and what not in game when we first meet him. We both brush it off and head back to Kab. We sit around for a bit and meet some more people while we're there. Eventually my friend (Erik Davidson) comes along and the group of all of us head to VMC in search of some stuff. We loot it, and walk back to Kab, where we wait a little bit. The now four of us decided to go and look for meds in Stary to try and help our sickness. (My recorded stuff starts here) As we're getting ready to leave, the suspect begins acting weird again, and we once again brush it off. Before we get to Stary, the suspect turns on a voice changer for about 20 seconds before turning it off. As we are walking into town he begins rambling about things irrelevant to the game and situation. We loot the hospital and the tents, and then return to Kab. Me and Erik then wander off and log for the night.
  5. Holy-Bucket

    Add Back the Long Range Scope for the Mosin

    Bout time we get some mosin action back. Solid +1 here
  6. Background - Spencer was born very privileged in his life. His parents were both very successful in their respective careers, and raised him and his twin brother very well. Both him and his brother went very high class schools, and exceeded at it. Spencer went on to pursue aviation, as it was something he was very interested in. He went top a very good flight school, and opened his own private airline company. He would do flights in and out of country, for just about anyone. Beginning - One day his brother approached him about a country he wanted to visit, and asked if he could take him there. Spencer was intrigued and willing to do it, so they set off in mid July,2017. The places was called Chernarus his brother informed him, beautiful place apparently. But his brother had not informed him of the current situation there, whether he didn't know, or he didn't want to say anything. It all became very apparently as they entered the area and were quickly tagged buy a Russian jet without any warning. This sent their plane straight down to earth. The crashed into tower like structure on impact, splitting the plane in 2. Arrival - Spencer woke up, blacking out after hitting. Amazed he was still alive, he fell out of the plane and onto his hands and knees. He began throwing up. He quickly shambled to his feet, looking at the half of the plane that he was left with. A quick realization hit him, where was Eric? He began yelling out, in hopes that he would get a response. Nothing. He started to limp his way twords the other side of the structure, in hopes of fining something. Upon reaching the other side, he had just barley looked up, and suddenly noticed the other half of the plane was smacked directly into one of the towers and was stuck inside. He found a door to said tower and ran up ti the level the plane was on. Being the back half of the plane, he could see inside once he reached its level, and quickly noticed his brother unconscious in one of the seats. He limped in and began trying to get his brother out. He was stuck on part of the indented [lane, so Spencer had to try and pry him free. He found the emergency axe that he carries in the back of the plane, and begins forcing the jointed metal away. After some effort he was able to get it far enough back to where he could pull his brother out. He dragged his brother out and carried him down the stairs. Bringing him out into the small opening in the castle, he began trying to revive him. Resurrection - Pushing and pounding down on his unconscious brother in hopes of getting him back. By some godly miracle Eric spurted to life like a light. "What happened?" he asked. "I wish i knew, one second were go'n smooth, and the the next we were hitting the ground." Spencer said, still trying to take in what was happening. "We've gotta find some help or something, i can barely feel my legs." Eric exclaimed reaching down and rubbing his legs. "Suppose we should get moving then, before night falls." Spencer says standing to his feet once again. Throwing his brothers' arm around him, him lifted him up, and they began walking in what they could only assume was south, in hopes of finding some help. Over a year later - Quietly opening the door Spencer walks in, scanning the room in front of him. He motions to his brother, who steps in behind him. They begin walking forward, guns up, checking corner to corner until they reach a back room. Spencer opens the door, and is quickly met by a blast of a shotgun. Near;y having his head taken off he falls back, and begins quickly crawling towards his brother. The man bust out of the room,presumably trying to finish what he started, but is met by a hail of bullets, and hits the ground dead. His brother quickly slinging his weapon, which is now smoking, runs to his brother and picks him up. "We gotta get the fuck outa here man, this shit ain't worth dying for" his brother exclaims, quickly tugging at him to get going. They begin shambling out of the building, but this time not met with gunfire, but the screams of infected running at them. The 2 begin running, getting to a wooden hunting tower, Spencer going up first, and pulling Eric up with him. The infected surround the base of the tower. "Well now what" Spencer says looking at his brother. "The fun begins" Eric says as he swings his gun back to his hands, and begins plinking the infected, 1 by 1. Spencer soon follows, just hoping that he could get this day over with.
  7. Growing up in Witts, Decker had to grow up quick. Gang violence and police raids happened frequently around his home. He ended up falling in with the Bounty Hunter Bloods. He sold drugs, ran drugs, and killed if need be. In his mid twenties, he got busted by the feds running some drugs across town, and got locked up for 4 years. When he got out he quickly join back up with his gang, running with them for another 7 years unhindered. In 2017, he had stored some spare money up to get out of state for awhile. He heard of a small flight company that was taking people to a place out near Russia. Seeing this as an opportunity to get out of his situation, he got in contact with them and was quickly on his way. He arrived in Chernarus in early march, and started traveling around the country. He didn't speak the language, but found his way around none the less. When July hit and shit started to hit the fan, he secluded himself up near Stary Sobor in a small abandoned shack he had found. He stayed there for a few months, going in and out in search for food. He got bored quick and found a group of survivors that were willing to take him in. He rolled with the group of people for about a year, learning about the different places and ways to deal with the issues there. He split off eventually, looking for other groups in need of another man. He quickly became a kinda "hired gun" and would pick up work from random people. Now he just roams in search of more paying people in need of a bit of extra muscle.
  8. Every now and again. All of us got some life stuff go'n on, so it's be tough to be as active as we want to.
  9. Appreciate your interest in the group! But onto being ready, I've been busy at work so nobody's been getting on really. We'll all be on in a few days and if the group goes up we'd be ready to start playing more actively. But I personally feel completely ready to get this go'n.
  10. Alrighty then, looked over it and changed it a bit here and there. I'll be waiting for ya.
  11. This is simply unacceptable, I'm calling the fashion police.
  12. Just got off work so i can hopefully answer some stuff here. 1. The MCS has bunkers and safe areas are all over the world,so the main reason for building it was just to have an area in that particular region to work out of if needed. The MCS Foundation worked closely but discretely with the UN, so that played a part in getting the bunker built. 2.If you found out a semi secret government agency was setting up outside your front door, i think you would feel a bit uneasy. It was more or less to keep the public from panicking. I'm changing up the lore a bit to clarify that the government was in on it (hopefully to avoid more confusion), and were able to keep it under raps. The Chernarus government probably covered it up as construction on (insert thing here) to keep it from being worried about if need be. 3.It's mostly and internal bunker with very little on the outside. As for the solar power, it was a decent ways from the bunkers location as to not attract attention to it. As for people trying to get in, the bunker fairly tough like most bunkers, so i doubt many would be able to get in regardless. And for contact, yes, we could hear things like radio transmissions but were not able to reply, and there was no real reason for us to sway from our objective and go out until now. Hope this clears things up a bit for ya, and feel free to PM me or @Mortico for a chat about it if need be. Thanks for your feedback!
  13. Caden never knew his parents, and grew up jumping from foster home to foster home. At the age of 12 he was sent into a boarding school. Then at 18 he went into the army. He spent 22 years on there achieving the rank of Major. Then at 41 he moved on to a security agency for 2 years, where he worked in and out of country. Then at 45 he was approached by a CDC representative, and was offered a confidential job. Joining the MCS Foundation, Fizher was put through 2 years of hard training on CBRN (Chemical, Biological , Radiological, Nuclear defense). He was quickly moved up the ladder and became a task force security leader. Being assigned to Task force 77, he was apart of the international containment group. In JUly 2017, a large scale infection event was spotted in Chernarus. His task force was shipped out on the 15th of that month and moved into a secure bunker. The wolrd quickly fell to chaos, and comms were lost with command. Months past and they ran out of things to continue researching, so Fizher assembled a team for reconnaissance,and moved out into the wastes.
  14. Founding The MCS Foundation (Monitor/Contain/Suppress) was founded in 2014 after the Ebola outbreak in Africa, that claimed thousands of lives of lives.Being primarily funded and overseen by the CDC and UN, the foundation was kept a secret from the public for “safety” reasons. The Foundation was put in charge of monitoring potential outbreaks in 1st world countries. The foundation handled many outbreaks and kept them from the public completely, including a server Ebola outbreak in Lakeside,Nebraska,a Smallpox outbreak in Laurac, France, and a Rabies outbreak in Grindelwald, Switzerland to name a few. Training Every individual hired for the MCS specialize in CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear defense). Every single person sent to Chernarus went through a year long course on how to live, function, and deal with combat in a foreign CBRN environment. Two months out of that year was spent living in a toxic environment, where everyone would have to decontaminate everything the came into contact with, including food. The Foundation The foundation is lead by Spencer Val, a former CDC disease analyst. The foundation is fairly sizable, with 4000 men and women currently employed. They also have a decently sized security force of about 2000 for personnel safety in hostile environments. The foundation is split into many different task forces and divisions.Most are centered for homeland outbreaks and epidemics. But there are 3 task forces ready to be sent out of country at all times. 1 of which was for Eastern provinces specifically. Beginning of the Chernarus outbreak A disease was spotted in South Zagoria and was monitored by agents on the ground. The situation became hostile and began growing out of control. MCS tried to cover it up along with the Chernarus and Russian governments. In July of 2017 a “Zombie” infection was deemed as a severe rising threat. Task Force 77: Code-name Dark Horse was briefed on the situation. The Task Force security lead Caden Fizher and a high ranking scientist/analyst by the name of Eric Dudsman, was assembled along with 100 other men and women. Operation Savior The Task force arrived on July 17th with the NATO troops, being placed in a secure research bunker near Zelenogorsk. All hell eventually broke loose and they were advised to remain in the bunker till further notice. They heard from command that airstrikes had begun on the infected areas and that it was unsafe to go to the surface. They lost contact with command and their ability to respond to local radio frequencies on the 23rd due to the raging storm, leading to confusion on what to do next. They had enough supplies in the bunker to last them damn near 2 years with solar powered and backup emergency generators.So the decided to get to work on what was going on. The Present It being over a year later on the group was running out of leads on the virus and need new fresh samples to be able to continue further. With food and power still around there was no worry of starvation or loss of work. Caden Fizher organized a group of 4 men to go with him as a reconnaissance team. Many advised against this, but something had to be done. The group opened the sealed bunker door on November 8th and went out into the world. They pushed forwards to an outer cluster of buildings in Zelenogorsk to see what damage had been done. The city seemed to be filled with infected and the buildings had be degrading rapidly. They creeped into the cluster of buildings, and they were able to find and subdue an infected. They tied it up and drug it back to the bunker. They brought it into the bunker in a sealed body bag.With the new samples the research could start up again. The scientist informed the expeditionary group that they would need any surviving humans blood sample for analysis. Someone may have a key to the infection, and maybe a way to determine how this started or maybe....even a cure. With a goal set, they went back out into the world and began searching. Enemies Neutral Allies Gather info on Zelenogorsk (Day 515) Set up a checkpoint to gather information (Day 540) Set up a FOB on the surface, and move the hardware from the bunker so that we can live there permanently (Day 570) Regain communications with the CDC (Day 550) Set up a force protection team (Day 520) Discover what the source of the virus is (Day 650) Meet other groups and form neutrality agreements (Ongoing) Recruit like minded individuals (Ongoing) Study Possible immune subjects (Ongoing) Recon Areas around Chernarus (Ongoing) Gather info on the Groups in Chernarus (ongoing) @Holy-Bucket / Caden Fizher @Mortico / Liam Axeman @Totapi / Arik Schafer @Dubstep212 / Jackson Hues @Leo Wong / Leo Wong If you’re interested in this group fill out the following format and send it to @Mortico and @Holy-Bucket What interests you about this group?: How much roleplay experience do you have?: What is your OOC age?: Give us a brief summary on your current character: Current hours on DayZ and DayzRP: Tell us some neat things about yourself:
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