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  1. Therex7777

    S1-NWA- BadRP, GearRP

    I didnt tell him to take off the clothes, and im not 100% sure what he said about the house but yes.
  2. Therex7777

    S1-NWA- BadRP, GearRP

    He threatened me alot more than once, also i just wasnt having any of it because he kept going and going. I have no clue who stripped the hostage naked. First off, when i knocked out Mr. Skechi i didnt even touch his gear, also its a fat lie that he didnt say anything, i cant see why id just knock someone out for no reason.
  3. Therex7777

    S1-NWA- BadRP, GearRP

    @Sleepyhead At this point i have no clue which questions i have to answer tbh.
  4. Therex7777

    S1-NWA- BadRP, GearRP

    I knocked him out because he was talking trash, and i told him to stop or ill knock him out.
  5. Therex7777

    S1-NWA- BadRP, GearRP

    I was with those 3 guys on NWAF and they saw those 2 guys, they talked and then they left, i dont remember the reason why but we then ran after them again and robbed them, they were then starting to talking smack even tho they were held up by 4 guys with guns, we stripped them down and started to take their stuff, i spotted a guy up in the big ATC tower or whatever and me and Desmond ran over there, we came back after not being able to find the guy and because of some interested group communication we ended up almost screaming at each other, the guy i shot was playing real tough and all that and becuase i had enough of his shit i decided to gun him down, i dont know 100% what happened with the other guy, Desmond and ?Rocco? should know since they were talking with him in the building he apparently was locked in.
  6. Therex7777

    S1-NWA- BadRP, GearRP

    Well the long story was what was written in the report really so there isnt really any more to it. Also i wasnt recording at the time.
  7. Therex7777

    S1-NWA- BadRP, GearRP

    Long story short i killed him because he was really disrespectful and then i told him something along the lines of: "You better shut the f up or ill shoot you" And he kept going at it. The 3 others i were with were named: Moan, Desmund and i think Rocco. I logged since i had to eat dinner and didnt really think of the rule.
  8. I know ;( (Thats probably also why i went flying off the tower i was on and died, feck.)
  9. Omg, i had forgotten the menu screen name, welp, thanks alot!
  10. I have made a character page, i made it public too.
  11. I get kicked every time I join, my steam name is the same as my active character name yet it says: "This is not your active character." What do i do?
  12. 3 Days before the first week of the infection started. I woke up in my bed in Denmark. It was 5:00 AM I was going to the airport with a photography team to Russia to take some pictures of some destroyed areas close to the Chernarussian border, there was an ongoing war between them so it was very dangerous but we still went. I went to the airport where my colleagues were waiting for me. I arrived at Copenhagen Airport at about 7:30ish AM. We were staying in Russia for 3 days. We got on the plane and we were excited yet kinda scared that we might end up in an attack from some extremists while we were there. Russia. 11:00 AM. We got off the plane and we spotted a lot of military airplanes and jets at the airport which got us wondering. Was the situation really this bad? We had booked a bus to a town as close to the border as we could come hoping to also get some pictures of some military activity. We got to the place and it didn't seem too bad. We decided to get our equipment and try and get some pictures, but that's when it all went wrong, I went alone close to the border and hid in a bush to take some pictures of the border patrol, it wasn't allowed due to security reasons. I got spotted by a guard in a watchtower after sitting there for about 5 minuted and I was immediately shouted and screamed at. Guns were pointed right at me and they were ready to shoot me on the spot, I was arrested and taken with a military jeep, I was taken over the border to a Chernarussian border guard area in north Miroslavl and questioned, I kept saying sorry and was scared for my life, no of the soldiers spoke English so I was put in a room with a guard and a translator and got questioned. I told the guy that I was just a stupid photographer that wanted a special picture for a newspaper but they refused to believe me. They both left. I sat in that one chair for hours until a woman came in with a bottle of water. She said nothing to me but just put the bottle on the table in front of me and left. I didn't know where I was. I didn't know what was going on. I was just a 15-year-old photographer trainee. I sat there for a few more hours until I was escorted to another room that looked almost identical. But this one had a bed, I laid down on the bed and stared at the wall. I feel asleep. 2 Days before the first week. I woke up, confused, had a headache and didn't immediately remember what happened. A guard came in with a plate of food and another bottle of water. I was there for hours, the food I got didn't taste that good. The two men that questioned me yesterday came back. The English speaking guy asked if I had any identification papers and I answered that I had some back at the place with the others I came with. They said that they couldn't get to Russia due to a new conflict that was ongoing and I had to wait until "tomorrow" before the would escort me back so I could show them my identification papers. I sat on the bed for the rest of the day and waited, I got some shitty food once again at "dinnertime" and went to sleep. I woke up. A soldier said that the conflict in Chernarus was so bad I had to stay here for a few more days and left. Days passed. I was told the same over and over again and got the same awful "food". Then suddenly I was brought an English newspaper that wrote about the situation. That's when I knew I really fucked up. I was trapped here. I read the same story over and over again that day and then went to bed. I had lost track of how long i had been there. The door was kicked open two soldiers with guns ran in and almost dragged me out, an alarm had gone off and when I got out everything was chaos, I saw some zombie looking people literally ripping people apart. The soldiers that took me outside got distracted and I started sprinting as fast as I could. I grabbed a military backpack that was on the ground and ran towards the forest with adrenaline rushing through my body, and I thought: "Is this really a zombie apocalypse?" It sure was. I'm now 16 years old, I have been on my own since then, Its been a year since it all started and the world might've come to an end.