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  1. Harry Cooper a man of few words, was a single child living in Brisbane, Australia. His dad was the closest person he had left in Australia his other relatives were his auntie and uncle in London. Harry's father originally from Manchester but moved to Australia for a new life in December 1990. He met my mother over in the south of Brisbane who was a waitress in a local cafe. My father worked in a factory making car parts for Ford, but he wasn't making enough money to make ends meet so he decided to take a gamble and went into the money laundering business. Harry was born in Brisbane Hospital on the 22nd of March 1996. He grew up living with his father in an apartment on the edge of the city living off of very little income from his father. Harry was a quiet kid in school and didn't have many friends the closest friend he has was his neighbor's dog. In 2007 my father decided to take a risk to make me happy and decided to go into the money laundering business. I didn't really know much about it at the time as I was only 5 years old. My father was going a lot of work for the Brisbane bikers laundering their illegally obtained cash and investing it in real estate. I never got to see my mother, I only saw the one picture my father had left of her in his wallet. My mother died during labor giving birth to me now I am all my father has left and he would do anything to keep me safe and happy. But he took a chance and had to launder a large amount of cash for the bikers on time. He invested all the money into real estate on the west side of Brisbane which was known for its violence. Two months had passed after the investment and after the recent attacks in west Brisbane with the gangs most people moved out of the area and no one was interested in buying the properties due to the danger of living there. Two months had passed and he still couldn't get the money for the bikers and he was receiving threats from them. On 11th of January 2009 on just a regular school day I was waiting outside the school for my father to pick me up like he did every day at 3:30 pm I had one of the teachers ring his mobile and the house phone but there was no answer. My teacher took me home because the apartment is a 10-minute drive from school. I and my teacher arrived outside the apartment and she decided to come with me to the door on the 3rd floor only to find the door hanging on one hinge. My teacher went inside to find him and told to wait outside but I heard her scream so I decided to come in and check only to see a pair of legs coming out the bathroom door with a puddle of blood, my teacher grabbed me and ran outside to phone the police and that's the last time I ever got to see my father and the only thing I have left is his wallet containing a picture of my mother. 2 years have passed and I had to move to London to live with my Uncle and Auntie in Stratford. My Auntie and Uncle were how I pictured them from my father's description, horrible and selfish people and I can see why my father wanted to move to the other side of the world. I couldn't live with them anymore, I had to do something, anything, just to get away from these people. On the 3rd of August 2011 I stole £20 from my Uncles wallet and went out. I was walking around the high street near all the shops and found a homeless man, I asked him if he could buy me alcohol and I said he could keep the change. So he went inside and came out a few minutes later with a bottle of Jack Daniels and handed it to me. I decided to walk to the nearest police station which was only a few minutes walk away. As I reached the station I saw many policemen and I pulled out the bottle from my coat and began to consume it in front of the policemen after a few minutes of standing there slurping the alcohol they finally caught on that I was drinking underage. And that's why I'm now in Hackney Juvenile Detention center. I thought I'd never find someone with close similarities to me but I made a new friend called Johnny Baston who was sleeping above me on the bunk bed and we were helping each other out a lot in the gym they had there and we created a strong bond. Johnny taught me a lot about the drug smuggling in the UK and it had me interested, at the time I had nothing to lose, I was a homeless boy with no shelter or money so I decided to take a risk, just like my father. Johnny told me about a drug gang that was near and it got me interested. I decided to head over to Watford where the gang was situated. They said because I was 16 at the time and with my Australian accent I seemed convincingly innocent to anyone and that I would be perfect for the job. After 2 years of working in the drug industry, everything was going fine and my bank balance was going upwards until on one job I had to deliver a shipment of heroin to an anonymous buyer and when I got there with the shipment I approached 2 men in overcoats and after I handed them the package they revealed they were policemen and that I was under arrest. They took me down to the station and told me that id be going to jail for possession of class A drugs. In jail, I met my old buddy Johnny Baston who I had met from Juvenile. He told me his "Brilliant Idea" that he was going to work with his cousins and offered to help by offering me a job with him so I took it. When I got out of jail I got a message from Johnny telling me his "Brilliant plan" had changed and that I was off to Ukraine to help find his cousins. I had nothing to lose at the time and it seemed like nothing could go wrong and not knowing what was going on in Russia with the apocalypse which I later found out.