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  1. License to carry a concealed firearm [OPEN frequency]

    Personal Questions 01. First Name: Derrick 02. Last Name: Carter 03. Official city, state and country of residence: Chicago, IL. USA 04. Country of Citizenship: United States Citizen 05. Date of Birth: 09/14/1990 06. Height: 5'11" 07. Weight: 150 lbs 08. Eye Color: Coffee Brown 09. Hair Color: Dark 10. Gender: Male 11. Race: caucasian 12. Address (if any): N/A 13. Contact frequency: N/A 14. Occupation, pre-infection and post infection: Former UN Courier / Retired "Dead Courier" Arms Dealer License related questions 01. Were you in possession of an official CCW license pre-infection in your country of residence? Yes. 02. Have you applied for a CCW license before, and if so was it accepted / denied? First time. 03. Was your criminal record pre-infection clear? Yes. 04. If you served in the military pre-infection were you discharged on a good basis or was it a dishonorary discharge? Listed KIA. 05. Have you ever been institutionalized or treated for any sort of mental illnesses? No. 06. Have you ever been addicted to any sort of narcotic, alcohol or have you ever used any such substance? No addictions. 07. Have you ever handled an assault rifle or any of the firearms listed previously or been involved in an incident with them involved? Yes. 08. Is there anything you would like to note? Was previously issued a standard issue 5.56 mm M16 Service Rifle and 9mm Beretta M9 as part of outfit. List below the firearms which you'd like to be approved to possess in a make, model and caliber fashion: 01. M4A1 5.56×45mm NATO (modified) 02. Mosin–Nagant 7.62x54mmR 03. Reason for applying: The situation in Chernarus calls for the necessary ownership of a fully automatic military assault rifle for self-defense and a bolt-action rifle for hunting purposes. The M4A1 was previously owned by a man named Clyde, who has since relinquished his registered rifle to me for fear of the dangers this weapon may caused for an unexperienced civilian. Several members of the nearby campsite were witnesses of this transaction. The previous owner displayed signs of PTSD while in the presence of such firearms and therefore it was upon goodwill that I maintain ownership of the weapon. All other automatic firearms that were surrendered to me by the owner at the campsite were promptly disposed of. While exercising your CCW license rights you may not: • Be under the influence of any narcotic. • Be under the influence of any drug, pharmaceutical or not. • Refuse to show your license upon demand of an Anarchy member. • Unjustifiably display a concealed weapon. • Carry a concealed weapon not listed on the permit. • Carry a concealed weapon at times or circumstances other than those specified in the permit. Any violation of these restrictions or conditions may invalidate the CCW license and may void any further use of the license until reinstated by any Anarchy member. I, Derrick Carter, hereby accept the guidelines listed above. SIGNATURE: Carter, Derrick. DATE: 19/04/2018. *Folds the document in half and follows Natalia away from the work desk. Hands the paperwork over to Aleksel upon arrival at the camp*
  2. Derrick Carter

    Derrick Carter started out his career as a mail courier for the UN forces who were stationed near Chernarus. These soldiers who were forced to the frontlines received only the comforting letters handwritten from family and friends who were halfway across the world. When tensions were on the raise, so did the volume of these letters. Soon after the cell towers lost signal the only communication that remained were between the brave souls fighting for their lives and a small unit of these mail couriers who, tragically, were also left to defend themselves among the harsh new world that is now the apocalypse. Orders were issued for the immediate retrieval of non-combatants in the area, but the scene was already looking impossible to salvage as the world stood still to witness the pandemic growing before them. For the couriers, this prevented any real support from arriving. One by one they each began to fall succumbing to both the horrors of the infected, and those who wish to prey on the innocent. After countless struggles, and almost no hope in sight, the last of the couriers who hadn’t surrendered to the insanity came together in a mutual understanding that if this were to be their last breath they would do so fulfilling what they came to do in the first place. Their service in delivering these letters would be their last duty to humanity, so that no one would have to die alone. Some time later, Derrick would loss contact with some of his closest friends. The remaining couriers nowhere to be heard from. Many missing in action, or presumingly dead. And that’s where it all began, For the Dead Courier. Today, The world is hanging over by a thread, and you have to hold on to whatever you have left. Business as a courier can be rough especially if you're a lone wolf. One can easily leave morality behind. So gear up and hold it together, for the true nature of mankind hangs in the balance of good and evil. And no one ever said you had to pick a side...