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  1. Jonny was born originally born in Swansea on the 20th of November 1994. But moved to Hackney when his dad had to relocate after getting into deep trouble with some of the loan sharks down in Swansea. Jonny is also from the same family tree as the Davies' (Ceiriog and Alun). He is their first cousin but they do not even know he existed as he moved to Hackney before they were born. Before the age of 8, Jonny was already following the footsteps of his drug smuggling father (Jonny Baston but not by choice, by force. Jonny's father thought that they'd never think a young child could do such things as smuggle drugs so he would use Jonny as a mule to get his drugs (mainly heroin and cocaine)around the place. Until the year 2003 where Jonny would have been 9 at the time, His dad was busted during a raid after one of his main suppliers snitched on him after getting busted himself. Jonny technically being a smuggler in the whole operation was arrested himself but due to his age was placed in a juvenile detention centre, where he would spend most of his childhood years. Jonny grew up quick and grew up mean besides never really having much to say and usually only spoke when he was spoking too. With a lot of psychologist thinking, he was developing a form of mutism. But he shunned this assumption after hitting the age of 15 where he was not afraid to speak his mind if needed to do so. By 16 when he was ready to leave the detention centre he was already fully grown, with a hard fist and a rock hard chin, and didn't really seem to fear much or show any emotion to a lot of things that would crumble the average person. Throughout his time in the juvenile detention, he received countless letters from his mother (who was living in Swansea) keeping him up to date with her and the Davies families life which he'd been accepted into and was allowed to return to after he'd served his years in the centre. He'd also received a letter telling him that his father had died during his time in prison, his death was never explained but at that point, Jonny had lost all empathy for his father since he was the reason Jonny was serving all these years. But not all of his time was wasted there. He learnt how to be a man and take care of himself but also developed a good brotherhood with his bunk partner Harry Cooper. Which he would keep in touch with after he left the centre. Sadly shortly after his release from the centre at the age of 16, just a couple weeks before he was returning to Swansea, he was involved in an altercation that caused him to re-offend and had to serve another 7 years in prison where he wouldn't leave until he was 23. Where he would finally be reunited with his mother since his birth. He was welcomed with nothing but warmth and love from the Davies family. But was disappointed when he got there. During his time in the centre, his mother had sent him multiple letters telling him that he and his cousins (Ceiriog and Alun) would get along really well and shared the same views on a lot of things. But had learnt once he got there that they had fled to Ukraine after Ceiriog had murdered Swansea's most prolific Coke dealer, Gareth Stevens. Unaware of what was going on in Europe at the time, Jonny left home to try and locate and meet up with his cousins. Jonny would later find out the dangers of even going near Russia but until that happens. His only mission is to find his cousins.
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