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  1. Yeah sorry about the late reply, been busy since I died on the game. I'll send you the video soon. Okay, the audio has completely de-syncded with the video and it starts around the end where we get shot. Evidently, that doesn't really provide enough information to show you the context of what happened. I remember it well though. Yes we DID handcuff you but only for security and so that you wouldn't harm us. We explained many times that we wouldn't harm you. The only meta-gaming which I admit to slipping up on was checking your blood pressure and then being provided your name without asking. When we broke character it wasn't us harming the roleplay. It was simple slip ups such as calling each other by a different name by mistake and talking about real life. I don't understand at ALL how that gives us an advantage in hostile situations such as these. You also said: I never wanted to kill you. I wanted to hold you up so we could see if you were okay to roll with us or if you wanted to run. We emptied your mags to make sure that if you didn't want to roll with us, then you would have to reload and we could get away. That isn't against the rules. The handcuffing was because we wanted to make sure you wouldn't shoot us if we tried to hold you up and you resisted. We didn't take any rounds. Yes we did empty some and we put them in your inventory. You also put: But hang on a second? How could we take some ammo and have you still "VERY" stocked up? Doesn't make any sense. My conclusion is that okay, the handcuffing was a hostile action. So is holding you up and you being able to shoot us a better option for us? It was simply for security - that's why we held you up. We didn't have an advantage, you had your ammo that we emptied. We didn't take it. We also didn't meta-game for advantage. It was slip ups such as calling each other different names and checking your blood pressure. NOTHING that gave us an advantage.
  2. Fran Malute

    Fran was a young boy when he worked in Zimbabwe, he lived there for many many years. He was a handsome man, a quiet man and would work tirelessly in a server farm hooking up different client machines. The day came where Fran had the chance to move to Chernarus to provide teaching for networking and the government. In an excited state, he sprung up out of his Zimbabwean hammock and shouted "Iset!" Chenarus was a nice place Fran thought. He would help around with the locals by feeding chickens and milking cows when not teaching individuals about networking. To his amazement, the children wouldn't do their own work sometimes and Fran thought "This is plagiarisms". He also thought that they too, even though they failed assignments, could become network manages and professionals themselves. Unfortunately, the infection spread all around Chenarus. Fran believed it would be the end but he wasn't just about to give up all hope. His ambitions for teaching generations networking was like a gorilla finding a child in its enclosure. He gritted his teeth and was ready for the long journey ahead. Fran devised a system. It was called the "1-2-4-8" system. This system helped him in different situations where he would use it to prevent himself from death. 1 - The first point - Find food, water and weapons. This wouldn't help him with starvation, thirst or defense, it would help him make a makeshift network. 2 - The second - Confusion - Confuse your enemy by shouting random phrases at them such as "ISET!", "Whatno?!", "Am I attacking the governments" and finally "ches". He would have proper talks with people, yet if they didn't comply or were hostile, this was his only way out. He doesn't really remember 4 and 8...