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  1. Donnie "Zebra" Rose. Donnie Rose was born in Rhode Island, but his family jumped around when he was young. He came from a military family, and was expected to serve. He didn't disappoint, after he got his degree in mechanical engineering he joined the US Army and joined the US Army of Engineers. After he was discharged from service, he enjoyed a simple quiet life for a while, hunting and providing for himself in a cabin in the woods, only leaving his sanctuary time to time to go on long motorcycle trips across the country. But this didn't keep him content for long, as he was overwhelmed with boredom, so he moved into the city and was living a wild life then for a time, the complete opposite life style, he was clubbing constantly and working as a mechanic in the city. He was literally and metaphorically sky diving for a time period, but then one of his old army buddies approached him with an opportunity. He said he was employed by a company that he had never heard the name of before. And he offered to help get Donnie a job there. 4 Years later, Donnie was still employed by the Corporation and was operating under the call sign "Zebra," for them and was part of the 4th Team sent down by the Potius Cras Corporation to South Zagoria with the other Engineers in his team. He was behind the operator 'Termite,' in the convoy, and when their truck got separated from the others, he was stranded for a time alone on his own. He recently though recieved a radio transmission from Triceratops, telling them where they were in the area. He had been overhearing Rabbit and Wolverine here and there up until now, but finally he has an actual clue of where his compatriots are and is now heading towards them.