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  1. StewieRP

    S1, NWAF, No Time To comply, RDM, Trolling, BadRP, Griefing// 6/25/19, 01:02

    I'd like to add, things like "It's alright you can put your hands down." and, "It's alright you were free to go on your way." Things like that were said, and I was given NO WARNING as to what would happen if I even pulled my gun out. As that guy was literally following me around and I was "Free to go" I should be able to pull my gun out right? But no. I was killed in under 3 seconds, during an animation, which I could not even stop. Around 53:00 the dude is trying to duct tape my hands for apparently NO REASON and just out of NOWHERE. That's fail RP in itself... Then he make some screeching noise when he accidentally duct tapes his own hands? That's just kinda toxic. Simply telling someone to "Put their gun away" is not a very good initiation nor one at all... ESPECIALLY when the dude is FOLLOWING me with his gun pointed at me after he's told me he can go? What am I supposed to do? Follow every order or die? I'd like to point out the first time he said "Put your gun away" that wasn't in game, that was just through discord.. When he told me to put it away in game chat, I was already reloading my gun.. I even said "OKOK HOLD ON" and he just ignored that apparently. To add on to all of that, in the very beginning of the encounter they weren't double micing and translating radio chat through in-game chat. @BisheyI was trying to put my gun away, I had already started the animation bud, and he had given NO WARNING as to what would happen if I didn't put my gun away to add on to that, and you personally even said I was free to go after the initiation, and told me I could put my hands down. I would appreciate if you edited your POV, and added your entire perspective? Not just where your trying to defend your friend? It'd be a big help.
  2. StewieRP

    S1, NWAF, No Time To comply, RDM, Trolling, BadRP, Griefing// 6/25/19, 01:02

    Server and location: S1, NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6/25/19, marked with //timestamp Your in game name: Tony Rivers Names of allies involved: Around the same time I marked //timestamp, some guy ductaped his own hands together. Maybe use that? Name of suspect/s: Gustavo maybe? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): (Starts around 48:00) Detailed description of the events: I arrive at the NWAF. I'm looting around, when I see a man atop a roof shooting the infected. He shoots in my direction so I get down behind a car to take cover, while pulling out my gun. I approach him to talk to him, and I am held up by four people, one of whom is trolling me nonstop. They tell me the whole situation and we come to an understanding, so they let me put my hands down. I ask if I can reload a mag, and the man says yes. I'd like to add, the man in the screenshot kept his gun pointed at my head the ENTIRE time we were talking. I ask if I can reload my gun and they say yes. As soon as I start reloading mags (a animation which cannot be stopped) the man pointing his gun at me says "put your gun away." I said "okok hold on." Within two seconds he shoots me in the back of my head. He was also walking around saying he was an autist, while his friend was handcuffing himself in the process. When the man told me to put my gun away I was in the middle of switching mags and there was literally no way I could have put my hands up, or put my gun away. He waited for that EXACT moment to "initiate." He didn't even initiate to be honest, he just kept his gun pointed at me. The three others can probably explain it better than I can. I can say this indefinitely, this was the worst fuckin' RP experience I've had on the server to date.
  3. StewieRP

    That's it...DayZRP, you got me stumped...

    How about just write a little more and think about some more stuff to add, instead of "giving up" after spending like 5 minutes on the server ? Everyone that is whitelisted had to go through the exact same thing you are.. Everyone that is whitelisted had to write just as much as you had to and more. Use Ducky's guide or just be more creative dude I don't see what complaining will do for you.. Other than that, good luck with your whitelisting process Hope to see you get accepted
  4. StewieRP

    To those impersonating us.

    *Emmanuel Jacques finishes his pork and laughs at all the commodity, before picking up his radio.* "Rememba Agu, you cannot run from de Boogeyman. My name is Emmanuel Jacques, and one way or another, I will stand upon de bodies of aneh one in the firefights soon to come." *Not sure of what he meant by his own message, he yawns and hopes he gets to be a part of the many firefights to come. Right before he falls asleep, he writes "Contractors" in his private journal full of names of the people he is going to kill.*
  5. StewieRP

    The Truth Will Be Found

    *He lights his cigarette, 8th of the day, with a frown on his face from the distraught woman* "Well that was fuckin' deep wadn't it? Really put me out of my mood if I'm being honest with ye.. I don't know what kind of shitty people your talking about but I can probably relate." *Thinking back on his past, remembering all those he has lost and those who had abandoned him, he takes a long puff and continues talking.* "Maybe these cunts who've done ye wrong have made ya untrustworthy, but not everyone's like dem. I'm... Not like dem. I'm not tryna come across as a big fuckin' fuck boy or anything, but, if ya need any help down the road, you can ask for the likes of me. Unless your a cannibal, murderer, or fuckin' psychopath. Then, I want nun' to do with ye.. Take care Beor." *Remembering the Irish accent, he finishes his cigarette and reads over some notes from an active case*
  6. StewieRP

    "Business Proposition" Message To The People Of Chernarus

    *Strikes a cigarette, his 5th of the day* "Well ain't that just fuckin' splendid. I'll take all of it into consideration." *Trying to be as brief as possible, he takes a long puff and turns off the radio.*
  7. StewieRP

    "Business Proposition" Message To The People Of Chernarus

    *Tony feels his charred, burned hands, rubbing his palms together. He splashes water on his face, to forget some flashbacks he was having and over time, his arms stop trembling.* "To the people of Chernarus, my name is Tony Rivers. I need not give an entire fucking speech about my life, but I need to share a little information to you fine folk." *He would pull out a pack of cigarettes and lights one as he continues with his broadcast* "Long story short I was a Homicide Detective back in my earlier days. Some shit mistakes lead me here. While yes, there are flesh-eating fucks roaming the streets we all need to do something with our lives nonetheless." *His inhales from the cigar would be unusually long, the exhales even longer.* "I'm willing to do business with anyone interested. What business you might ask? If you need a man to solve a... "case," or get some quick information, just let me know. I'll be on this radio broadcast quite a bit. I know how the world works and I know how people think, no, this is not some dumbass fucking trap. I'm not some secret agent from the Soviet Union or a fuckin' neo-nazi bred from German dictator himself. I'm just trying to do my fucking job." *He would chuckle, for the first time in a while.* "This might be random, or seem suspicious, but I can insure I'm just a man trying to hold onto something he cares about very dearly.. If anyone is interested I want to make a few things clear. I am not a fucking hitman, I am not some fucking undercover Slovokian spy. I am DEFINITELY not your close friend, and I will not stick my neck out for you. Other than all that fuckin' nonsense, payment will be required under certain circumstances, and the amount or value of such payment will depend on the job I am to be sent on.. I normally just want to try and get information, for information.. If things go sour I don't specifically plan to take anyones' side. Gangs, bad friends, and all that shit? It gets ya killed. This was a pretty fuckin' shitty business proposition but it is open to all takers. I want to make it very understood that I don't wish to be taking a fuckin' bullet from some cunts just because I'm working with someone.. I want everyone listening to understand, I am remaining neutral for now, I hope to god the majority of you can understand that, I don't wanna fuckin' die just yet." *He finishes the cigarette and tosses it into the pearly blue ocean* "To any women listening that isn't a cannibal, murderer, or downright fucking psychopath, I'll try and say this as best I can without sounding like a fuckin' weirdo. No one deserves to be alone in this world, especially not at a time like this. This whole broadcast might've made me sound like a giant dick, but I can prove ya otherwise. Do me a favor, and don't die before I get a chance to meet you." *Thinking back of how he never tried to start a family because of his job, he saddens and lets out a sigh before the radio transmission cuts off.*
  8. StewieRP

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  9. StewieRP


    ERP at it's finest m8
  10. StewieRP

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  11. StewieRP

    Server Queues

    pretty much sums it up for me. ^^
  12. StewieRP

    "sLaVa ChEdAki!" The Death Of Sergei Orlov. What A Legend.

    because it only has 190 fucking views. Unacceptable. (I'm only 50% sure ik what bump means btw)
  13. StewieRP

    Invalid Kill Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Gamemasters stated, the man was dragged into an initiation. The problem with this, is his friend, told me to put my gun away in 30 seconds or I was going to have 3 guns pointed at the back of my head. Then, the person I killed pulled out his weapon. The big thing I have a problem with, is he even started COUNTING DOWN from his friends initiation. Just to add to all of that, I told the man I killed, "Disrespecting the commandant is punishable by death." Not 20 seconds later, he yells "FUCK THE COMMANDANT." All of that added together, I feel definitely gave me kill rights. I even asked the two, "are you together?" They responded with, "yeah we know each other." If one man initiates, then his ally that isn't in an approved group starts COUNTING DOWN from that initiation, how does that not give me kill rights on him aswell? I perfectly understand the mindset of the game masters that banned me, but I feel I had kills rights on him. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: ^^ What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I wish to have the 10 warning points, and 3 day ban removed. What could you have done better?: Possibly I could have held all three of them up, instead of just firing, or checked if he was in an approved group. Note: If what I wrote is hard to understand or confusing, I apologize. Any staff member feel free to close this thread.
  14. StewieRP

    "sLaVa ChEdAki!" The Death Of Sergei Orlov. What A Legend.

  15. StewieRP

    Reinstate Older White List Application Process

    I feel terrible for the parts of the staff team that have to solve reports. So much unecessary shit, and if people really started reporting things like FailRP and BadRP, the report section would be the most active of the entire website lmao. A new whitelisting process should definitely be introduced. I remember being accepted for the server and the whitelisting process was actually a challenge. When I was answering the questions my palms were sweaty, I was anxious to see if I would be accepted or not, and in parts I legit had to fucking study. Now, I could hand my 8 year old brother my mouse and keyboard and he would pass like it's fucking fortnite. A new whitelisting process, I don't care what anyone says, would DEFINITELY increase the RP experience and make for some better interactions. It's what, the server, needs. And in my opinion, maybe everyone should have to go through the new whitelisting process, if it is introduced.
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