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  1. StewieRP

    Transmittng Radio Chat through In-Game chat

    Basically, whenever you speak through a radio, (ts or discord) you must transmit it through the in-game chat as if you were speaking through an actual radio. This would eliminate or atleast limit ooc radio chat, make situations more realistic, and make it more fair for solo players. If you don't agree that we should go back God Bless you....seriously.
  2. StewieRP

    Go back to old Premium Rank Names.

    Because Diamond is a completely new rank in itself.... it's not like we can rename it to something it was before...
  3. StewieRP

    Go back to old Premium Rank Names.

    We need to go back to Donor, Support, Hall of Famer, Tycoon etc. Im not a big fan of change.
  4. StewieRP

    I'm boutta jump I swear

  5. StewieRP

    I'm boutta jump I swear

    like no joke i was thinking about getting me and you alone and pushing you off the cliff and telling the others you slipped
  6. StewieRP

    I'm boutta jump I swear

    *The Paper Reads...* "What a way to end the day. On a task to find some scumbags, some African is trying to get me to join him as a child soldier... And Eddie is still a better reporter. Fuck me I guess."
  7. StewieRP

    I'd like to nominate myself for character of the year :D

    I was right. This shit is rigged. Jk that sucks i guess ill grind my ass off to get sum hours in i alr got like 25
  8. StewieRP

    I'd like to nominate myself for character of the year :D

    I don't even know if a character of the year or, "Story of the year" is still a thing, but if it is, and I don't win, this shits rigged. (jk) https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-9959/
  9. StewieRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @FireDudeand whoever (Mrs.Clark) is. The RP was fucking amazing, we were sitting there and it was like watching a real couple flirt with each other. It was so good i literally fell off track with my character and started acting like their child because it felt like i was walking with a real life married couple. Good job to both of you thanks for making one hell of an RP experience/Saturday night
  10. StewieRP

    Make Perma deaths optional (Read)

    I was informed Staff looks at the comments so, I actually like the idea of Executions=Perma deaths, And other deaths are in the hands of the person who was killed. basically they get to decide if their own character gets perma'd or not
  11. StewieRP

    Make Perma deaths optional (Read)

    Lately, I've been running around and no one really seems to care about their life. It's mainly about Gear. it's like people don't care if they die or not. Well, I have a solution. We need to make perma-deaths an option for the person/persons that killed you. Basically, if you get killed, the person/persons that killed you get to decide if that death is permanent or not. It would add a sense of realism and better RP, with people actually caring about their character. Not taking a bullet to the head and just waking up and not remembering what lead to it.
  12. StewieRP

    Give some feedback (new character)

    no shit xD https://gyazo.com/b8e2556744539faf8fb1363dd30049cd
  13. StewieRP

    Give some feedback (new character)

    i worked hard xD https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-9959/
  14. The Story Of Fred Falker "I was born in Connecticut, United States. I wanted to go and see the world, but a combination of Bad Choices and a case of wrong place wrong time ended up with me being in permanent "exile" in a country an entire world away from home." The Beginning -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since birth, Fred had always wanted to be a reporter for a big company like the people he saw on T.V. When the news came on it always had his full attention. He liked to watch conversations and arguments on talk shows and interviews. Just, the idea of two people arguing over what they thought was right always caught the attention of little Freddie. His dad worked in a Chemical Company called BASF and he would come home and tell stories about his job. They weren't very interesting and didn't happen often, but Fred still thoroughly enjoyed them. When he was 10, there was a knock at the door. Fred jumped up and sprinted over, preparing to welcome his Dad back home like any other day. He was confused and shocked to see a Strange man standing there. He had his hat in hands, and slowly removed his glasses. "Is your mother home?" He asked. He didn't know Fred's mother died giving birth to him. "I just got off the bus, it's only me and my Dad I'm waiting for him to get home, why?" "Well buddy, I got some bad news." The chemical plant had a mass shooting, with 4 casualties. One of which was Fred's father. "NO, I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! IT CAN'T BE TRUE! I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO SAY GOODBYE! THIS IS A TRICK! GET AWAY FROM MY HOUSE BEFORE I CALL THE COPS!" Fred could not believe the fact his father was gone forever. "...Son, I am a cop." The man showed Fred his badge and the little boy cried more that day than he had in his entire life. The man held Fred, "It's alright.... shhhh, I know it's hard but it's alright." Freddie packed some things and with the nearest of his kin in Ohio, he went home with the officer for the night. Then another, and another. The funeral took place two weeks later. The man Fred looked up to for a role model and father figure, was gone. Fred was taken in by his grandparents in Ohio. He had to leave his friends, school, and home. The next few years were harsh for Fred. He slumped into a low depression. He received wise advice from his grandparents but often ignored it. He soon became ill mouthed and was diagnosed with depression. They looked for medication but all they found was a bill they could not afford. His grandparents turned to therapy for the boy. It helped little and with no change, they canceled his visits to save money. When Fred was fourteen he locked himself inside a bathroom. He stayed in there for a few hours until the grandparents realized something was wrong. They knocked on the door repetitively. "Fuck off..... Just, leave me alone." Fred then caused a loud smash when he hit the mirror. He picked up a piece of glass and held it to his wrist, and made deep, long, horizontal cuts. After 5 minutes of sitting there bleeding the door was kicked in by authorities and he was rushed to the hospital. Blood loss lead to hallucinations and severe dehydration. Fortunately, he was stabilized in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. He was rushed to the E.R. where they saved his life. His body was weak, thirsty, and on the brink of death. He mustered the strength to move his lips, "S-....Stop, Let me die.." He said in a faint whisper. He then fell unconscious. Descent Into Darkness -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Fred's suicide attempt failed, he never got to try again. He was sent to weekly, sometimes daily, counseling. To him, it was a waste of time. He sat there and listened but refused to suck up to what he thought was people that thought they were better than him, just because he was....different. They prescribed anti-depressants, which Fred soon became addicted to. Doses that were to be taken throughout the week were gone in a day. He sent his Grandparents into debt because he was just taking so much. The counselor started giving the family one day's worth of medicine every day. This was a bad decision. With Fred's lack of pills, he was diagnosed with Anxiety. He fell into a figurative pit, the lowest point in his life to date. He started stealing to pay for under-the-counter drugs. He bought home-made anti-depressants, painkillers, and morphine. At only the age of 15, he was addicted to these drugs. One day he went to meet his.. companion, Joey. Fred gave him the money, and his friend pulled out the merchandise. Or, what was suppose to be merchandise. It was a silver plated knife, about 4 inches long. Before Fred could react it was in his gut, he felt it turning and twisting. He heard a swift "Fuck you" and was stabbed again. He laid there, lifeless. The last thing he could remember seeing, besides the clouds, was the dick who had just attempted murder running away into the woods. With no willpower left, he let his eyes close, thinking they would never open again. But they did. Once again, his life was saved. He awoke in a hospital bed. The first thing he saw was a long line inserted in his arm, leading to an IV bag. He immediately tried to sit up but screamed in pain when he felt his wounds on his stomach. A nurse came in and calmed him. "Where are my grandparents? Why aren't they here?" That was his first question. "You were brought in yesterday, maybe they haven't been informed yet. I'll get a phone call out and tell them." They never came. His pain from the knife was bad, terrible even, but the pain and suffering that the absence of his loved ones brought, was no match. He even forgot about his wounds, and that night, he rolled over on his hospital pillow and cried. A Fresh Start...sort of -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fred was in the hospital for weeks, and never once got a visit from his grandparents. After he was sent home he didn't know what to think. He still struggled profusely with Depression and Anxiety. He knocked on the door, and it opened. "Come inside, sit on the couch, and don't you say a God damn word." Fred did as he was told. What started as a scolding, turned into his grandfather screaming at him. "HOW COULD YOU BE SO FUCKING STUPID? I THOUGHT WE HAD TALKED ABOUT THIS YOU FUCKING DISAPPOINTMENT! WE SHOULD HAVE LEFT YOU WITH YOUR OLD MAN, HELL I'D EVEN PUT YOU IN THE GROUND WITH HIM!" Fred was horrified. When his grandad got right up to his face and said, "Don't you think for one second you deserve to sleep under our roof. Give me one wrong look and I swear to fucking God I will send you to an orphanage. I will forget about you, and you will no longer be my responsibility. Do you understand ya little shit?!" He noticed his breath smelled of alcohol. He looked around and saw bottles everywhere. He saw no sign of his grandmother. In a few weeks, Fred was caught up. His grandfather was so furious and worried about Fred, he started back with drinking. A former alcoholic that was picking up the bottle once more. His grandmother could not take it so she left. Life was hell for him. He had no pills, no true family, and felt alone. He was forced to get a job so he applied for CNN News a few blocks down. Surprisingly, he got the job. Only as an intern, however. He worked for a few months when he got a phone call. It was a call from work. They said they needed him to come to Atlanta, Georgia for an "interview." They needed him to come to CNN headquarters He was nervous at first and didn't know if his grandfather would let him go. Like he assumed, his grandfather just called him a fuck-up and told him it would be for nothing. Fred snuck out one night and went anyways. He stole his grandfather's truck to make the drive because he didn't have a car of his own. After he arrived he was offered a job in Chernarus. "Where the fuck is Chernarus?" He was told it was a place South of Russia. Initially, he refused, but after being offered a promotion and salary raise if he took the job, accepted. He was given a brief rundown of his mission/task. He was informed that the Country was experiencing some sort of disease and everyone was panicking. He would have to leave soon since they expected the airports to be closing. He was to go there and document what he saw and get interviews from the citizens. CNN knew it was quite dangerous so they gave him an FNX-45 for protection. It wasn't exactly.. "Legal" put they gave him a fake permit for it. He was wondering why they asked a simple intern for the job, which they responded, "No one else is....available. All except one." He would be going with a man named Matthew Walters. A seasoned reporter who had taken the job to get better pay to provide for his family and give them a better lifestyle. The next day they were put on a private jet and sent to Kirovograd. "Highway To Hell" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fred was simply an accomplice for Matthew. They made drives to Miroslav, Primorsk, and Chernogorsk regularly. As soon as they got there they both realized it was much worse than they could have imagined. Military camps along the roads, sick people everywhere, and intense traffic coming primarily from South Zagoria. Sure, it was chaotic, but on one drive through South Zagoria, they saw a man walk right in the middle of the road. Matthew managed to slam on the breaks, but the oncoming Transport Truck was not so lucky. It swerved and hit the man in the road, and flipped. It was rolling and just barely missed the car Fred was in. It kept rolling for what seemed forever, taking out some other cars with it. It broke a barrier and toppled down a hill. They got out and checked on the man that was smashed by the truck. He was dead, but his skin looked rotten and dark. The cops were called and informed of what had happened. The military showed up instead. Men showed up in Armored Trucks and Cars and made everybody stay close. They heard a shot, and the military assured them it was simply a gun malfunction. Matthew told Fred to get in the car and duck down. Fred did as he was told and witnessed Matthew trying to follow. A man tackled him and restrained him. Fred edged very slowly to the wheel when he saw three militants walking towards the vehicle. He put the key in the ignition and stepped on the gas. He got about 40 meters before a tire was shot and he was sent down the same hill as the Transport Truck. The wreck knocked him out. It was hours until he woke up, and when he did, he was cut in multiple places from the glass. He got out and tried to scale up the hill but couldn't find the strength to do so. He screamed for help, but no one answered. He scaled alongside the Dune until he got to where the hill and flat ground met. He got there and started walking to where the incident took place, trying to find his associate. When he got there all he found was dead bodies. Each with a bullet hole in their head, including a familiar face, Matthew. He sat there, crying. He found a survival Spade in one of the cars he was looting and buried his dead friend. A week after the mass murder, the city he was settled in was taken over by the military. No one was allowed to evacuate, they said it was too dangerous. While he was there Fred interviewed the residents. One man he met with was of old age, and he originated from Greenland. They started talking and the man snapped. "I don't know, it's like the black plague. This disease will be the end of us. Mark my words. I'm surprised we aren't all dead already." Fred was too scared to continue the interview so he left the man. The military encampment that was staying in Kirovograd told everyone to stay in their homes. One night Fred was awoken by gunfire. It sounded like a war, he went to his window and saw people running around in the streets, attacking other people. He loaded up his sanctioned FNX-45 and aimed it at the door. He heard a knock. "FUCK OFF!" He screamed. The door was kicked in and he shot four rounds, each one landing in this persons body armor. He was knocked to his feet and seemed to be unconscious. Fred ran to the man and started cursing to himself. He heard multiple footsteps running to his room so he hid in the closet. He saw these....things, run in and started chewing at the Soldier. This was enough for the man to wake up, but it was too late. Horrifying screams, cries, and curses. Fred witnessed it all through little slants in the closet door. The "meal" lasted for hours. When all that was left was bones, the things left and ran back to the street. Fred locked his door and threw the remains out of his window. He scavenged the city a week after the attack and survived for a while. He had to leave to find more supplies and ended up just south of South Zagoria. He met multiple people, some of which he killed. He joined multiple groups. Documenting, interviewing, and journaling what he wanted to. He never once thought he would get back home, it was just something to pass the time. He decided he needed one thing to hang on to, to keep him sane.
  15. StewieRP

    Feedback Plz <3

    some of the best shit ive ever heard im adding it to my playlist right now