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""It is better to piss in the sink than to sink in the piss.""

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  1. That clip is the kind of RP that led to DayzRP where it is now lmao
  2. no matter how many people tell you this is a bad idea I know you won't listen, but, this is a bad idea
  3. Sex


    Chill out bro, it kind of sounds like your salt mining and trying to cause drama. Stop with it. It's a video game where we are roleplaying. Atleast you are. I'm currently on the coast. Cry more, stay mad.
  4. Sex


    idk why youre acting like a victim i have literally accused you of nothing, you gave your unwanted advice and i gave mine. good frag tho, and have a nice day
  5. Sex


    Thanks for the feedback, next time try not to start calling someone a thief because they're "African" and possibly you will not get punched. Good post though. I look good face down in the dirt.
  6. Sex


    Yes, quality RP gentlemen. Truly living up to the RP boy title.
  7. WongRP

    Hello Scarab

  8. Staff actually listening to its community? Maybe this server has hope after all
  9. STEWIERP NOOOOO KIZZZZZY?!?!?!?!? 10/10 Samaritan do be a real one.
  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://gyazo.com/eb47a940cd0c97dd76f4860f50048dcf Why the verdict is not fair: It is fair Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I've been active on the server, been active on the forums, just want my final appeal to go away so I can play stress free with K.A.M.N What would you like to achieve with this appeal: ^^ What could you have done better?: Not been an absolute nobhead, and thought before I acted. it was a long time ago. People can change
  11. I, [Stewie], sign over the PK rights of my character, [Awimba Barracuda], to @CutieKermie, @CutieN1RU @CJBB which they can enforce for any reason, at any time, even after my character gets removed from the active group roster.
  12. Awimba Barracuda is a former African Mercenary fighting in the heart of Uganda. From the age of 6 he was brought up in the Burundi tribe, learning how to take life. He's known what it's like to be hungry, thirsty, but rarely afraid. He is very good with a weapon, can endure pain, his weakness is his temper and lack of knowledge. He made his way to Nyheim after his tribe was hired in local regions to terrorize the populus. It was after this, the world went to shit. Including his home land, in Africa. He is trying to make money and get back to his family, ultimately.
  13. Fred Felker's comin for ya bud @TheBishop
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