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"Its not about the people you lose. Its about the people you save"

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  1. Sergei Orlov Since birth, Sergei had lived on the outskirts of Chernarus, in Novorossiysk. His papa was a Guerilla Fighter for the Chedaki, and he rarely ever got to spend time with him. In the Cold war, his papa was killed. It was just an average day, when Sergei got a knock on his door. It wasn't his mother, or papa. Just a big, stern man, with a letter of regards in his hand. He handed it to Sergei and said, "They shot him dead.", and left. The Envelope consisted of information, which left Sergei heartless. His papa was killed in a shootout, when a band of CDF and UN forces trapped some Chedaki troops in a city. The lad was never the same. He never grasped the concept of the Chedaki, and he didn't need to. His childhood consisted of schooling, fighting, and being a bastard child. He grew up mean, sure, but to be fair that's most Russians. Life went flying by. There was news that the Chedaki has been abruptly defeated and pushed back to the black mountains when Sergei was about 10. This was a large discomfort, and he worried for them. He didn't know why, but he did. Sergei Always took a disliking to Americans. He didn't like their accents, their looks, their food, anything. He always thought of them as weak little boys and girls. One Day, mama got sick. Very, sick. She was screaming in bed for hours. After a while, the screams stopped. Sergei went to check on his mama and was viciously attacked. Her eyes were spuing blood and she wasn't breathing well at all. He grabbed the closest thing and hit her over the head, and sprinted out the door. He found his way to some civilization while the start of the outbreak was taking way. After a few months, he made it to the black mountains. It was supposed to be safe there. He met a few Russians, armed to the teeth. They asked his name and he said, "Sergei Orlov." They recognized the young lad as his papas son, and took him in. They survived together, with Sergei as an apprentice. He wanted to help the group out so he learned basic Medic skills, and soon became skilled with a weapon. Soon enough, Sergei had to prove himself. They had captured a UN member who had fled his post, and he was tied down. They handed Sergei a handgun, and he already knew what to do. With little hesitation, he pulled the trigger. It was a blank. He was just supposed to be proving himself as an asset. After this, he took the soldier's knife in his holster and cut his throat. After this, there was really no going back.
  2. GreyRP

    *IMPORTANT MESSAGE* Live Broadcast Of Execution Of Chedaki Member.

    *The radio would receive static and there would be grunts in the background as Allan clears his throat* "This is Allan Grey. Enough of our friends have died to the Chedaki." "it is time for revenge, payback, and a little bit of poetic justice." "Go on, say what we rehearsed." *A chernarussian accent could be heard* "Fuck.... Slava Chernarus" *Allan takes the radio away from his mouth* "Thank you." *There is relentless gunfire, with the sound of a body hitting the floor, followed by high-fives and deep breathes of relief.*
  3. GreyRP

    Loud Guns

    Was that a deaf joke lmao xD. Bc I laughed either way
  4. GreyRP

    Mademoiselle's Group and Character Page Graphics

    My character's theme I'd like is: "Raspy", "Damaged" "Medical" The colour font should be: White/Silver/Whatever you think fits Link to character page:https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-12929/ Link to images wanting to be used in titles: Whatever you think would look good xD What titles do you want? Lore / likes / dislikes / tattoos / personality / relationships  Lore, Likes, Dislikes, Personality, Family, Scars, Skills (I'm not creative whatsoever and could never do what you do, so honestly if you ditch everything i said ^^ up there and just do what you think will look the best thats totally fine because from what i can tell your amazing with these graphics)
  5. GreyRP

    This is Allan Grey. Need a hand?

    *Allan rubs his legs after a long day of walking, and grabs the PTT off his pack* "Anyone out there? Anyone....Friendly, need any help? I am a doc- *static* looking to he- *static* so just let me know with a quick response. I'll be w- *static* Tired of sitting on my ass all day." *Hoping he made a good first impression with the people of Chernarus, he puts the PTT back on his bag.*
  6. GreyRP

    I'm Probably Gonna Be Dead In A Few Moments. Please Share My Final Moments. -Fred Felker. (Open Freq)

    *Fred Pushes the PTT* 'Eddie... I love you. Preston.. I miss you. Awimba, your cool. I've survived longer than most. I'm sorry it had to end this way. Im going to die doing what I love. Reporting. I've enjoyed my time here." *Feels his flat cap with a stitched in, "Eddie."* "Goodbye to all of you... Take care. Ryan, your not so bad after all." *He puts on Eddie's cap, clicks his pen one last time, and makes a run for it. Before being sprayed down.*
  7. GreyRP


    Actually really cool xD. Take my beans
  8. GreyRP

    Please, Dear God, Increase Whitelist Difficulty.

    can you post your opinion on this topic? I feel like It'd mean a lot considering you have 2k hours on the server lmao
  9. GreyRP

    Please, Dear God, Increase Whitelist Difficulty.

    well thats fucking embarassing
  10. GreyRP

    Please, Dear God, Increase Whitelist Difficulty.

    The title is self-explanatory. I have seen people wanting this for quite a while. And dear God do we need it more than ever. I'm not trying to hate on the server but I feel like the quality of the RP is getting worse and worse. Please make the whitelist harder. I believe I speak for a majority of the DayzRP community, who had to go through the harder version of the whitelisting process.
  11. GreyRP

    Minimum Age Requirement Back to 16.

    Thank you all for helping me reach the 1k view mark. Pretty sure it’s the first thread of mine it’s happened on.
  12. GreyRP

    Minimum Age Requirement Back to 16.

    fair enough
  13. GreyRP

    Minimum Age Requirement Back to 16.

    i appreciate that very useful piece of information.
  14. GreyRP

    Minimum Age Requirement Back to 16.

    that ^
  15. GreyRP

    Reports W/O evidence.

    -1 this post is pretty silly. You’re basically saying yes because i’m right, or no and you’re wrong. You shouldn’t need evidence for a report. That’s what logs are for. That’s what witnesses are for, and that’s what the staff is for. Some, can’t record because of their pc’s and may forget to take screenshots. Reports without evidence may be harder and take longer to solve, but by no means should they require hard evidence.
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