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A Drunk StewieRP


"Its not about the people you lose. Its about the people you save"

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  1. A Drunk StewieRP

    Interview With A Community Member: FireDude

    @FireDudewonder how many people I'll kill just for shit talking Eddie before I die
  2. A Drunk StewieRP

    Doing an ELA paper on my DayzRP character xD

    I'm in class right now and have to write an argumentative essay. I'm choosing to write about Terrorism upon Journalists in the middle east. I really am addicted xD. Big thanks to @FireDude, I know he'll be proud <3. He informed me about James Foley and really opened up my eyes. My char: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-9959/ My ELA paper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a6a24w6njiyb5GhnDABPP5tYIOApzpmsFS0gMFr6v50/edit?usp=sharin
  3. A Drunk StewieRP

    I'm Doing This For You Eddie... (Open Frequency)

    *Fred would hear the familiar voice and grab his radio with little hesitation.* "Give me time and location." *Fred releases the PTT*
  4. A Drunk StewieRP

    I'm Doing This For You Eddie... (Open Frequency)

    *Fred feels over Eddie's old hat where he recently stitched in, "Eddie", and lets out a big sigh before grabbing his radio.* "Eddie... I don't know where you are in the afterlife. I hope you're doing well. I just wanted to let you know, I remember. I remember everything you taught me or, tried to teach me... I'm doing this for you, and I'm not giving up. Not yet." *There would be static followed by the sound of a pencil scribbling on a piece of paper before the radio finally cuts off.*
  5. A Drunk StewieRP

    Best experiences so far this year?

    *I walk in, and the Russian goes, "Ahh this is your Press friend eh?"* *You say, "I don't have any friends."* *The Russian says, "Then what the fuck is this guy doing here dressed just like you?"* *I say, "Uh.. Hey Eddie."* *You turn around and say the notorious, infamous, "Oh for fucks sake kid!" or something like that xD
  6. A Drunk StewieRP

    Best experiences so far this year?

    my fav moment of 2018? "YOU ARE PIECES OF SHIT ANIMALS IN MY TEMPLE, AND THE ONLY USE I HAVE FOR ANIMALS IN MY TEMPLE, IS, FOR, SACRRRIIIFIIIIIICEEEEEEE!!!" Legit pissed myself whenever i heard that... it was on the attack of novaya and it was the funniest shit I've ever heard xD
  7. A Drunk StewieRP

    Farewell Eddie... I'm Sorry.

    *Fred Gets out Radio and clicks the little button on the side* "Well Eddie... Shit. I Heard Aidan's broadcast and at first I thought it was just a horrible joke. I've been looking for you for days Eddie... everyone has the same story that you're dead.. and I haven't seen you. *begins crying* I'm sorry Eddie. You helped me... you taught me what it was to be a reporter and saved my ass on more than one occasion. *sits on a haystack* hah... guess where I'm at Eddie.. You know that one place we went to during the Novaya fight? I ran after you and we took shelter in that one barn? Hah....yeah well I'm here... It was just me, you, and Preston. We made jokes, slept, and I got to witness true love.. I remember every detail. Hah, remember when you lied to those guys about the tent just to get that rifle? Really punked their asses like you always do.... or, did. *pulls out paper and pen tears dropping on it making it wet* I still have this old pen you gave me when we first met.. I remember the first words you said to me. It was something like, "Holy fuck are you a reporter?" We went on to interview each other... You introduced me to so many people, and I couldn't be there for you.... I COULDN'T FUCKING BE THERE! TWO FUCKING WEEKS IM GONE AND I COME BACK AND YOUR DEAD! FUCK ME! *wipes eyes* Sorry.. it's just a little hard right now. The last time we talked was that mission Awimba sent us on... Remember? With those two Russians.. I guess we never really got to finish it though. God damnit Eddie. Why'd you have to go. WHYD YOU HAVE TO FUCKING GO EDDIE! *continues crying* Ah... you got me crying now. You and Preston... deserved to go better. Deserved to live a life together... not get murdered by some FUCKING PIGS!... I better go now... I have some stuff to do. I'll remember you Eddie.. forever. *closes barn doors and lies down on haystack with a blanket over him* *Lets go of the PTT*
  8. A Drunk StewieRP

    Forever friends.... :(

    Well Eddie.... I guess this is goodbye. Found an old picture Preston took with that rinky dink camera we found... Eddie..... I won't be forgetting you anytime soon. Farewell, And Rest Easy. @FireDude
  9. A Drunk StewieRP

    If you're not lounging you're not trying

    I have a feeling he's going to be lounging for a while...
  10. A Drunk StewieRP

    Eddie Malone 2.0?

    Bruh Eddie literally MADE Fred to where he is now. This is tough.
  11. A Drunk StewieRP

    Bring Back Characters(Stories) Of the Year....Sort Of

    were they not based purely on a character page? xD or am i mistaken
  12. A Drunk StewieRP

    Bring Back Characters(Stories) Of the Year....Sort Of

    Basically, Instead of having Characters of the Year, we add Characters of the month.
  13. A Drunk StewieRP

    Transmittng Radio Chat through In-Game chat

    thank you. you pretty much summed it up for me. Just because you can't "enforce" a rule, doesn't mean it shouldn't fuckn be there.
  14. A Drunk StewieRP

    Transmittng Radio Chat through In-Game chat

    Thank you for recognizing that a good chunk of players would still follow this rule even if it is hard to enforce.
  15. A Drunk StewieRP

    Transmittng Radio Chat through In-Game chat

    str8 fax
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