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"Its not about the people you lose. Its about the people you save"

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  1. Mother-Fuckin' Lewie MacCormack When you look at Stewie you might see an arrogant little shit who thinks he's smarter than everybody. Or, you might see a bad-ass doctor that gets along with a lot of people. Whichever way you feel, you'd be right. He grew up in Dublin, Ireland. The true home of a full-blooded Irishman. His entire childhood was surrounded by drinking, fighting, cursing, and women. He always loved the women. Anyways, when he was 14 his father was killed. Got caught walking across the street and someone in a truck just wasn't paying enough attention. Stewie's mother tried to raise the child by herself but was never successful. Stewie soon picked up on the things he was so recently surrounded by. He actually joined a few gangs. He always admired loyalty, and despised pussies. He learned to shoot a gun soon enough. While never getting caught by the coppers, he did have some "exciting" teen years. Stewie put an end to his nonsense soon enough. Stew's mother took a firm grasp of him. And no, I don't mean molestation. She made Stewie start studying harder. He became an educated fella sure enough. He got himself into Medical school. He studied for 4 years, when some disease struck the news. It was an outbreak in Chernarus. They were asking for volunteer doctors with even a little experience. Stewie, being the arrogant man he was, signed himself up. The only reason he did it was for some more experience and to get a job easier after he got out of college. Instead, he got trapped on the shit-pile country he so willingly traveled to. *Apologies, this character was made in a rather fast time-span. I hope you enjoy the Rp if you ever have the pleasure of coming across this physical specimen.*
  2. A Drunk FelkerRP

    Chedaki's Claim

    *There is static before an anxious voice disrupts the silence* "Hi I'm Fred Felker with the CNN News. FUCK the Chedaki's claims. Enough good people have died due to said, "Claims." Maybe now it's your turn." *There is a scruffing noise of the radio hitting some concrete and the sound of a bullet chambering into a gun before the radio cuts off*
  3. A Drunk FelkerRP

    The Reporter Is Not Broken, - Fred Felker. (Private Journal)

    The Reporter Is Not Broken ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Chapter 5, 4/19/2019: "Righteous Reassurance" "Today, I met some cannibals. Inside of a fighting pit, there was a chest full of human flesh. I've about fucking had it. Another day of me risking my life for this stupid fucking job. I'll be moving to Kirovograd for now. I hope none of you miss me too much. I'll be back. Why do I fucking always come back." "You know what. Fuck this. One of the dearest friends I have ever had once told me, "Do what you love. And Don't stop. No matter what." He was a reporter too. And he gave his fucking life for this job. If I die, so be it. If i get fucking eaten, so be it. But before then I'm going to strive to clarify myself as the best reporter this country has ever fucking seen. But dear God if someone tries to fuck with me and get in the way of that, they'll just be another story of how I decreased the population of Chernarus by one life."
  4. A Drunk FelkerRP

    The Reporter Is Not Broken, - Fred Felker. (Private Journal)

    The Reporter Is Not Broken ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Chapter 4, 4/18/2019: "Lessons Learned" "People back home... I might not be writing as much. Ever since I got to this stinking shit pile of a Country all I've done is reported. My life has been threatened more times than I can count, and I get a gun to my face every other day. I don't even know if the CNN is still a thing. Obviously, I won't stop writing all together, but I'm done risking my life every single fucking day. I need to do something more with my life. I'm tired of getting shot at to report other peoples' problems. I need to start worrying about MY problems."
  5. A Drunk FelkerRP


    Ah. I see im not alone in this mischief of randomly waking up atop of cars. (Swim to shore and run Eastwards you'll hit Kamenka)
  6. A Drunk FelkerRP

    The Gods Have Shafted Me Again.

  7. A Drunk FelkerRP

    The Gods Have Shafted Me Again.

    On the road to Novaya, Fred drunk some water. Apparently, someone roofied it because he woke up on top of a car in the middle of the ocean.
  8. A Drunk FelkerRP

    The Reporter Is Not Broken, - Fred Felker. (Private Journal)

    The Reporter Is Not Broken ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Chapter 3, 4/17/2019: "The End Of Empathy" "I think I taught myself a lesson today. Maybe I had a quality that was always there and just never realized it. I was in a Southern town, I don't remember the name, where I was a man fighting off the infected. He had nothing but a baseball bat, and he was fighting for his life. He was determined to live. This would just be a normal encounter any other day, but on that certain occasion, I felt no need to help him. I just.... didn't want to. After I left the man I was in a military encampment East of Vybor. I was interviewing 3 gentlemen when another traveler came along and tried to join the conversation. Before the interview was over, the stranger had a gun in his face, and my new acquaintances were robbing him of anything valuable. In my line of work, I'm supposed to stay neutral through anything. I try to do that as much as possible. However, when the man was getting robbed, I just sat back with my paper documenting it. I felt no need or passion to even speak up for the man... Maybe, I'm changing for the better. Maybe, I'm turning into a cold-hearted bastard. But I know, I'd deeply regret taking a bullet for someone who never deserved my sacrifice in the first place.
  9. A Drunk FelkerRP

    The Reporter Is Not Broken, - Fred Felker. (Private Journal)

    The Reporter Is Not Broken ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 2, 4/16/2019: "A Lawless Land" "I've always known how dangerous the world could be. Especially during an apocalypse. Today was a prime example. I awoke in my tent outside of a military compound and started walking. There were gunshots in the distance, so obviously, I ran to them. It was just a simple man killing the infected. Conversations led to questions, and questions, like normal, led to a barrel in my face. His name was Tony. I hope Tony enjoys the gun he so carelessly robbed from me." "I ran into a friend after my... poor encounter. It was Charles. We continued our previous task of heading to the Cannibal-Colonized Prison Island. After freezing our asses off from the swim, we found no trace of the inhabitants. I'm writing this, still on the island. I apologize if there are water stains. We had not looked in the prison itself, so maybe they're just sleeping. I hope they are. I really wanted these fucking interviews."
  10. A Drunk FelkerRP

    The Reporter Is Not Broken, - Fred Felker. (Private Journal)

    I'll take it into consideration xD. (i edited it)
  11. A Drunk FelkerRP

    The Reporter Is Not Broken, - Fred Felker. (Private Journal)

    The Reporter Is Not Broken ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1, 4/15/19: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing "I awoke from a house in Novaya Petrovka. One might call it a, "Rude Awakening." There were gunshots in the distance and being the curious fellow that I am, I immediately went to investigate. Mexicans were swarming a school-yard on the North side of the city. Like normal, I was threatened with my life to leave. I ended up sitting atop a roof taking notes from a good distance aways." "I met with some former friends. En, and Charles. We planned an expedition to the Prison Island to meet with the cannibals. Due to weather conditions and narcolepsy the group was halted and never made it past the borders of Novaya. " "I was scoundering around a military compound for some Rifle Ammunition when a trader approached me. He tried selling me apples, bananas, potatos, and tomatos. When his products were not being bought he pulled out an SKS, chambered in 7.62x39 instead. I was willing to hand over his valuables, but the man tried taking my notes as well. He threatened to burn the papers. When he titled his head down to read what was on them, his chest was pumped full of .308 Winchester."
  12. A Drunk FelkerRP

    Who will win the Iron Throne?

    Here's my guess. Hot Pie is bastard of Robert Baratheon. Gendry dies, Bran sees this, bam. Hot Pie as king.
  13. A Drunk FelkerRP

    Fred Felker Is Back. (Open Frequency)

    *Fred would sit up from his newly found Bean Bag chair and press on the PTT* "The name is Fred. Fred Felker. If any of you lads are still alive you might remember me as the reporter from the CNN News." *Fred would wipe his eyes and continue speaking" "I Just wanted to say I'm back. I had to take some time off due to.. emotional issues." *Fred's voice would change to a dull, saddened tone.* "I'm going to be continuing my job as a reporter. I don't really think it was a smart idea to take some time off in the first place." *Fred's voice would change to slight weeping* *Well... That's all I guess. I hope to meet the new faces around here. Expect me to ask for an interview. It is my job after all." *Fred would try his best to contain himself for one last line* "Eddie, I miss you. Gone but never, forgotten." *Fred lets off the PTT and clicks his pen.*
  14. A Drunk FelkerRP

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Kinda Iffy he looks like a deformed vampire 4/10
  15. A Drunk FelkerRP

    Interview With A Community Member: FireDude

    @FireDudewonder how many people I'll kill just for shit talking Eddie before I die
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