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  1. I, Ji Lan, am a British raised Asian who moved to Severograd with my parents after the 2009 Civil war had concluded to work as a chef due to the influx in tourism that came after the war. It was a good work opportunity for us as previously we ran a restaurant in the UK which was closed due to competition in our area. Moving to Chernarus gave us a fresh start in a new country where a gap in the market gave us a good advantage to start anew. Our restaurant did well in its opening and we managed to gain a number of regular customers from the workers as well as the tourists in the area. Working gave me a sense of pride and helped me bond with my parents, family means everything and working with them brought me closer to them. We worked and lived in peace for a number of years, until April of 2017 came and the violence in the country came to much for us to continue to work and we fled to the western areas of Chernarus where it was safer. The few months we had were lived in fear of the violence outside our walls, and then the protests stopped. people stopped going outside and news of an infection had appeared on the news. By July 24th, I found out what this infection was, my Mother and Father awoke, sneezing and coughing blood. My father and I both knew what was coming, i had to lock them in their room, and fled to find safety, if it existed.