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  1. born in london england, worked as a doctor his whole like at londatin city hospital. While on holiday aboard the Costa Risacca I felt a horrible feeling that this was not going to go horribly wrong. Then it happened, the waves were roaring, the storm was swelling and suddenly I felt a crash. water was pouring in through every gap and crack. I rushed to get to the top deck with my wife Jane. While climbing up the stairs a gush of water came down the stairs. Jane was swept away by the water. I tried to find her but my attempts were futile, the water was flooding the lower decks so I carried on to get to the top deck. by the time I got to the top deck, there were at least 500 people trying to get into a lifeboat. I decided that I should find another way off this doomed boat, so I scrambled to find some sort of vessel I could escape to safety on. I found a crew lifeboat at the aft of the ship, it was abandoned to I decided to try escape on it. I Jumped in through a hatch and pulled on a leaver. SLAM! the lifeboat hit the water I regained my thoughts and started up the engine. when I started up the engine I loaded up the GPS and headed to the nearest land mass I could find and set the autosteer to go to that location. I found a pillow and went off to sleep.....