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      thx ❤️

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    This is heartbreaking, i think i might end a character tonight.


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    * he would fall to the ground from running so long * * the arm that had blood stains appears to have more fresh blood * * he would pull out the same notepad whilst laying flat he would write * I cannot do this anymore. I am on my last bit of life, I haven't seen a doctor in days the smell of blood is heavy, i can barely stand up and my skin is beyond pale. living just isn't for me anymore... * he would reach for his SVD, leaning the barrel back and letting it rest in his mouth * * as he would squeeze the trigger, he would pass out, the gun would still fire but the bullet would pass by his ear, a blood pool from his arm would gather around the dying child * * the shot would echo across North West Airfield, signalling to all that someone is on top of the ATC* to be continued...
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    Timeline of an Amnesiac - Meika / Blue

    Damn, nice job holy fuck
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    Sammy's Note.

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    Sammy's Note.

    Hey Mom, Dad, I haven't wrote to you guys in a while I just wanted to start my note to you guys saying that yes, i am ok, kind of. Reason I say that is I have not had the most happy days recently. I had to,.. Well.. Some men tried to hurt me, they tied me up in a small ditch, they were poking fun, aiming guns, snorting some weird powder. When they were finished with messing with me they attempted to drive off, I was out of my bounds by then and I had my SVD in hand. I have never shot so fast in my life... I ended up hurting myself just getting rid of them. That evening I sat alone in Kabanino in a small house, bruised and crying to myself, I felt alone. It would seem that people either want kids dead, or want to turn them into soldiers. I want neither of those two. Anyways, now I rest in Star Yar after getting some help from a group that lives there, And as I sit here, I wish to myself that I could have my parents back. * the note would then get a few splashes of tears * D-Dad. I still have those toys you gave me. I am hoping to find more. Mom, I still have that black beanie you gave me. I cant go anywhere without it. Hopefully tonight I can return home, even though I am lost, and cant think strait. Hell, I dont know how much longer I can do this. Ending it, seems, right... Ill be with you guys soon. -Samuel * he would then tuck the note away, standing up and feeling his arm, blood would be apparent near the wrist * * he would then look up to the sky and smile, as tears would rush down his face *
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    The Suicide Note of an Amnesiac

    i know, i said it cus my char is weak lmao
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    The Suicide Note of an Amnesiac

    go away u bully, i really wished sammy and her would have a friendship, hes kind of in the same boat as her mental wise.
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    The Suicide Note of an Amnesiac

    im bouta cry thx ;(
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    Sammy spent his day in stary, after getting held up by two men, lets just say things got bloody, and sammy acquired more ammo and an m4


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    Real life picture Thread

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    Sammy found a new spot to sleep for the night "Star Yar" 🙂


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    Sammy found some cows today 🙂


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    *tries forum posting once*

    *fucks up*

    yeah no.