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  1. I miss you guys. 

    I wish i could go back in time and never get vacced from cs.

    I use this form of rp as a stress reliever. 

    When I got banned I tried going to a staff member to see if they could help. never trust them. 

    I was being honest and told him I have a second account, that I would not use, (I have dm proof) and he requested steamID and promised he wanted to just view it. Thats the last message he sent before he blocked me

    I never got support and i feel like this community used my last strive for help as an opportunity to spit in my face one last time.

    -Dillon, A.K.A Anthony_Kriss (discord) Dillo.n#5447

    1. Sleepyhead


      So.. don't trust staff for following their protocol? 

      If you weren't going to use the second account, why would you mention it anyway? Seems a little odd.

    2. Spartan


      Yeah, let's break the rules and blame staff for acting on it. That will teach 'em. /s


      By the way, when your vac ban is longer than a year old you can make an appeal.

    3. Eagle



  2. Ill hang around, its a farewell from the RP element not forums.
  3. This one is to all the friends i made on this website. Dear, DayzRP. I have messed up severely, i got vac'd on my main. it wasn't intentional but as the community rules state that i must wait a year to re instate my whitelist. I just wanted to thank all of those who gave me such an amazing experience on the server, i would have days of depression, but some how dayzrp dug me out of that hole and dropped me into a wonderful community. I will never forget my first and last character. It breaks my heart that i have to go and i will never feel the same. Ill miss the warm w
  4. This is heartbreaking, i think i might end a character tonight.


  5. * he would fall to the ground from running so long * * the arm that had blood stains appears to have more fresh blood * * he would pull out the same notepad whilst laying flat he would write * I cannot do this anymore. I am on my last bit of life, I haven't seen a doctor in days the smell of blood is heavy, i can barely stand up and my skin is beyond pale. living just isn't for me anymore... * he would reach for his SVD, leaning the barrel back and letting it rest in his mouth * * as he would squeeze the trigger, he would pass out, the gun would still fire b
  6. Hey Mom, Dad, I haven't wrote to you guys in a while I just wanted to start my note to you guys saying that yes, i am ok, kind of. Reason I say that is I have not had the most happy days recently. I had to,.. Well.. Some men tried to hurt me, they tied me up in a small ditch, they were poking fun, aiming guns, snorting some weird powder. When they were finished with messing with me they attempted to drive off, I was out of my bounds by then and I had my SVD in hand. I have never shot so fast in my life... I ended up hurting myself just getting rid of t
  7. go away u bully, i really wished sammy and her would have a friendship, hes kind of in the same boat as her mental wise.
  8. Sammy spent his day in stary, after getting held up by two men, lets just say things got bloody, and sammy acquired more ammo and an m4


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