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  1. Yes, we should close this. It was purely the heat of the moment and i got angry as i had just gotten outta of a seizure. If we can close this and move on with roleplaying that would be fantastic.
  2. evidense. *evidence. i know i said 30 sec, but i didn't know truly how long i would be, i couldn't time the seizure,
  3. Server and location: s1 - stary - 10pm gmt Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19:00 Your in game name: Anthony Kriss Names of allies involved: Donovan Kriss Name of suspect/s: Players of the anarchist. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video, uploading right now. link will be provided Detailed description of the events: I informed the men i was going afk, as i take medicine for absence seizures, i felt i was starting to have one so i typed in chat "// afk 30 sec" as you can see in the video, the shooting doesnt start till the end.
  4. Anthony Kriss

    After the outbreak me and my brother have been town skipping, encountering and killing several people. My brother Donovan has kept me sane through the entire outbreak and he hopes he can handle me at my worst. We have the bare minimum food and ammo, we have been through several groups but we never choose to separate. My brother doesnt let me out of his sight, as at any moment i could crunch up and lose my entire sanity, He hopes to get his hand on an M4A1. I would prefer an AK of some sorts, as my mother taught me to shoot aks when i was younger.