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  1. It has taken me 3 whole years to finally try and whitelist, let's hope i get accepted otherwise it might take another 3 years
  2. Mimsy was a troubled kid with a troubled background raised in Lincoln, He did well in school and achieved good grades while at the same time living a wild lifestyle outside of school alongside his older brother Kieran. He was craving this chaotic lifestyle until he had a sudden wake up call when he and his brother tried to rob a drug dealer in his hometown which took an unexpected turn with his brother being stabbed resulting in a wild fury running through Mimsy causing him to lunge on the killer managing to grab the knife used and avenge his brother. This event shook him up and caused him not to return home and stay in a local motel, with a few days later him noticing on the TV a warrant for his arrest for the murder of his brother and the drug dealer, it was assumed he also killed his brother since in the corner of a CCTV it is seen with him killing the drug dealer with the general consensus making the police think he was responsible for both of these killings. Knowing this he feared the repurcussions which would occur from this so he decided to flee as soon as he could, there wasnt a port too far away from Lincoln so he hitchiked a ride towards the port where he snook on the first ship he could board, which turned out to be a cargo ship. Mimsy felt a sense of relief being able to escape, as he hoped the ship would take him to England he presumed where he could start afresh and be able to obtain a low-profile job since he was 18. Although things didnt pan out the way he envisioned, after a grueling day-long journey in an open container the ship landed in Nyheim. He waited till dusk to sneak out in to the barricaded fort this place appeared to be, he was unaware of the current situation of this place and had no clue about survival, but he would soon have a rude awakening that as soon as he entered... he wouldn't be able to get out.
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