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  1. *After studying his own disgustingly filthy clothes, Fletch grabs his radio to respond* "Hey Nana. I need to get a fresh change of clothes cause mine are sort of grim right now. I'm currently wearing full black military boots, black cargo pants, a black jacket and some kind of black military vest thing. Black is my colour I guess but if you could get me some cleaner fresher ones then I'd really appreciate it. You’ll probably have a much better fashion sense so I’ll just trust your opinion on how well they suit me. I’d prefer some kind of tight fit clothes if you can do that so I’m more physically capable and less likely to get my clothes snagged on stuff but that’s not really that important because as a trader I like to have a crazy amounts of pockets too.” *He realises he’s rambling and pauses for a second* “Sorry if I’m rambling too much. What kind of payment do you take?” *Fletch releases the PTT*
  2. *Fletch sits beside his empty tent, which was previously filled with food. He sighs before reaching for his radio* "Can anyone give me a lift? I need to get further down south quickly. Contact me on this frequency: 216.7 MHz and I'll give you the info. We can discuss a reward too" *He slowly lowers his radio*
  3. *Fletch grabs the radio quickly* "You're no doctor, you're fucking insane. We were trying to be your friends, we offered for you to come and visit our home with us and you fucking shot me? I can imagine what your version of helping him is... I bet you can't wait to hit him with a .45 like you did to me. I already gave him saline and I can take him to see a doctor too. Fuck off." *Fletch lowers the radio slowly*
  4. *Fletch facepalms before picking up the radio* "I apologise. I didn't mean that towards you. It was directed at the doctor, he's crazy. He shot me and he can't be trusted."
  5. *Fletch hears the doctors familiar voice, and quickly grabs his radio to respond* "You stay the fuck away from him okay bitch?"
  6. I was unable to respond at the time, due to being in the middle of a game of bowling. You go heavy on the temp bans. Call it what you want. We approached him being friendly. Spoke to him in a friendly manner. Cuffed him ensuring him he would come to no harm, that he'd be fine, and that it was just for our security. We unloaded his guns and returned his ammo. We didn't point guns. My game crashed so I had to relog. We remained friendly the entire time we spoke to him and I was constantly reassuring him that he would come to no harm. He joined us, walked around and we updated him on the recent happenings between Anarchy and the Coalition as he told us he'd been out of the loop and that we were the first people he'd ran into in a while. Everything is good and we even planned to set up some form of base, as me and @jasperschellekens2 were carrying a tents for us to take to our car whilst @dax99 protected us. We proceed to loot and have a good conversations whilst @dax99 was RP'ing his character, albeit with scruffy [email protected] claimed to need water. I said I could guide him to the nearest water pump before we head to the car as I wouldn't want my friend to be unhealthy. We leave the tents on the floor near the pump with plans to return to them later as there are many infected around and @dax99 couldn't keep us safe from all of them. Upon arriving at the pump, we all get down to drink and I notice @jasperschellekens2 pull out his pistol. It was extremely strange but he seemed nice so I didn't fully clock what he was going to do He aims the pistol at @dax99 and I immediately run for my life, failing to warn @dax99 who gets blasted in the face pretty much instantly. @jasperschellekens2 puts a few bullets from his mag into me then begins to reload. I smack @jasperschellekens2 with my axe three times as unfortunately I had spray painted my gun about 1 minute prior to this happening and it deleted my magazine. He unloads another magazine into me and knocks me unconscious. I bleed out. That is exactly what happened. We had no hostile intentions WHATSOEVER... BUT, we did cuff him. So if that is considered hostile enough to provide him a reason to fucking murder us, then fine, I wrongly reported him and I'll take my punishment or warning for doing so.
  7. The video I said we had was the one dax99 recorded. I tried saving it on shadowplay but it wouldn't work.
  8. I unloaded your mags. Combined the rounds, and put them in your backpack. You reloaded your gun and I watched you do it whilst I was chasing you so don't tell lies. I think you're lucky i spray painted my AK and it deleted my magazine for some reason lol. Like i said you're right and it's hostile action and you were okay to kill us mate. I agree
  9. Guns weren't pointed. We told you that you'd be fine and safe and we returned everything we took even though we only unloaded your guns. We didn't break character or metagame, we just made slip ups as we are new to roleplaying such as saying "player" which is a habit I'm trying to get on top of. But fair enough I didn't think of it from your POV. My bad lol.
  10. Server and location: S1 - NW Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 22:30 Your in game name: Jamie Fletcher Names of allies involved: Fran Malute Name of suspect/s: Nico Van Beek Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Non Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video evidence. Will post its compressed. Detailed description of the events: We met a guy named Nico Van Beek. He was a very nice person and we had some fun RP with him and had some very interesting conversations over the next 30 minutes of hanging out and looting. He didn't have a microphone so occasionally we'd have to stop so he could type to us. After 30 minutes he says he needs water so I guide us to the nearest water pump (at the upper corner of the NW Airfield). Whilst me, Fran and Nico are drinking from the water pump he suddenly stands up and aims his pistol at Frans head. I have about 2 seconds to get up and run away but Fran immediately get shot and killed. I managed to hit him 3 times with my Fire Axe before he unloads a magazine of his pistol into me and I fall unconscious and die of my wounds. He didn't finish me off so I can only imagine he was knocked unconscious too. He didn't say a word before opening fire, he just decided to kill us.
  11. *Fletch slowly reaches for his radio and presses the PTT, lost for words* "Ummm... you still around man?" *Fletch releases the PTT*
  12. *Fletch pushes the PTT* "I dont speak whatever language that was... but I can work. I've recently moved into your area with one of my group, Lee. He wanted to introduce me to you earlier. I'll contact that frequency later" *Fletch releases the PTT*
  13. *Fletch responds calmly* "You're right, I apologise. But no matter what you stand for, walking around taking people's guns is a fantastic way to get shot, and if any of your people come near mine again I'll make sure they do." *Fletch places the radio on the table and returns to reading his book*
  14. *Fletch Presses the PTT, rolling his eyes* "You CDF dont know what you're doing or you'd have left everything except the guns. Pussy I'll threaten who I like, you won't do shit to me." *Fletch releases the PTT*