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  1. I unloaded your mags. Combined the rounds, and put them in your backpack. You reloaded your gun and I watched you do it whilst I was chasing you so don't tell lies. I think you're lucky i spray painted my AK and it deleted my magazine for some reason lol. Like i said you're right and it's hostile action and you were okay to kill us mate. I agree
  2. Guns weren't pointed. We told you that you'd be fine and safe and we returned everything we took even though we only unloaded your guns. We didn't break character or metagame, we just made slip ups as we are new to roleplaying such as saying "player" which is a habit I'm trying to get on top of. But fair enough I didn't think of it from your POV. My bad lol.
  3. Server and location: S1 - NW Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 22:30 Your in game name: Jamie Fletcher Names of allies involved: Fran Malute Name of suspect/s: Nico Van Beek Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Non Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video evidence. Will post its compressed. Detailed description of the events: We met a guy named Nico Van Beek. He was a very nice person and we had some fun RP with him and had some very interesting conversations over the next 30 minutes of hanging out and looting. He didn't have a microphone so occasionally we'd have to stop so he could type to us. After 30 minutes he says he needs water so I guide us to the nearest water pump (at the upper corner of the NW Airfield). Whilst me, Fran and Nico are drinking from the water pump he suddenly stands up and aims his pistol at Frans head. I have about 2 seconds to get up and run away but Fran immediately get shot and killed. I managed to hit him 3 times with my Fire Axe before he unloads a magazine of his pistol into me and I fall unconscious and die of my wounds. He didn't finish me off so I can only imagine he was knocked unconscious too. He didn't say a word before opening fire, he just decided to kill us.
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    :D  Fun RP earlier!!


    Looking forward to more with you soon hopefully sorry I had to leave when I did I was enjoying our travels!!

    1. TheElderTurtle


      Yeah! Good fun. We'll meet again soon I'm sure.

  4. It has been so long...

    *Fletch slowly reaches for his radio and presses the PTT, lost for words* "Ummm... you still around man?" *Fletch releases the PTT*
  5. *Fletch pushes the PTT* "I dont speak whatever language that was... but I can work. I've recently moved into your area with one of my group, Lee. He wanted to introduce me to you earlier. I'll contact that frequency later" *Fletch releases the PTT*
  6. *Fletch responds calmly* "You're right, I apologise. But no matter what you stand for, walking around taking people's guns is a fantastic way to get shot, and if any of your people come near mine again I'll make sure they do." *Fletch places the radio on the table and returns to reading his book*
  7. *Fletch Presses the PTT, rolling his eyes* "You CDF dont know what you're doing or you'd have left everything except the guns. Pussy I'll threaten who I like, you won't do shit to me." *Fletch releases the PTT*
  8. *After a while, Fletch responds* "Nah that base was hidden pretty well. The CDF took all our stuff I know it... But yeah I'd appreciate the help.. I could contact you later? I need some rest now... I've actually just got back from a massive trip up north hoping to get to my tent and sleep there but if I forgot to mention already, they took the tents too. Not only did they steal all the shit from our home but they actually just removed it from existence aswell... fucking thieves." *Fletch lowers the PTT*
  9. *Fletch responds immediately* "THE CARS? THE FOOD? THE MEDICAL SUPPLIES? THE BULLETS? No wonder you fuckin CDF pricks are hated. If we see eachother you best duck and run cunt"
  10. *Fletch looks at the remains of his home in disappointment, he takes a seat on a nearby log and picks up his radio* "To whichever one of you fuckers who looted my shit near Zelenogorsk, you better be fuckin happy you didn't run into me whilst you were stealing it. What the fuck is wrong with you? You steal our food, ammo, medicals, both our cars and 8 guns?! That must have taken like 5 journeys to and from our home! You expect us to just fucking die now? We have nothing and you left us stranded with no car. If I catch any of you fuckin cucks using my guns, which I'll recognise because I marked them, I'll fucking shoot your head off right there and then so you better fuckin hide them you pussies" *Fletch lowers the radio, clears his throat, sighs, and begins to walk north*
  11. Hey, @Lady In Blue Yeah, everyone's been awesome! Thanks for the welcome. I'm from Derby! How about you?
  12. Hey! <insert section where I complain about getting sniped out of nowhere and being randomly murdered by people on DayZ official servers here> So I'm pretty new to roleplaying really but I decided to join because I wanted to for once meet some heroes in DayZ and not just bandits! I've played a little bit on this server already, so some of you may have met me in-game before reading this, but I've yet to properly leave a mark in the server anyway. Aside from DayZ I dont really play other games because I'm too busy during the day now but I used to play a lot of R6 Siege and Overwatch. Luckily the times when this server has a lot of players online are the times when I'm free to play so it works well for me. I'm 18, from England, and I'm currently studying both Software Development and Fitness! I don't know what else to add here but I can't wait to meet you in game! (Please don't shoot me I swear I'll only rob a couple of you)
  13. *Sighs and pushes the PTT* "I literally just walked here from there... I'll come visit you another time."
  14. *Setting aside his can of peaches and pushing the PTT* "Hey Lee, wanna hang out? I'm at Berezino right now."