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  1. @Harvey stayin alive and all star you could hear it clear as tapwater dont you agree?
  2. Reminiscing Childhood TV Shows

    About what? the thread suggestion or lego racers?
  3. Hi guys i stumbled across this video and thought it was interesting, listen to the midi file played by the piano and you will hear lyrics i know all the notes make it sound horrific but keep a good ear!
  4. Reminiscing Childhood TV Shows

    But now the thing to make is your first console/pc game.. I lost a original! Copy of lego racers 1st edition when i traded in a old computer tower to cex!!! :(:(:( and that was the first game i had on pc
  5. Reminiscing Childhood TV Shows

    Ok, , this is freaky just loaded forum page looked through and saw this thread just after mentioning on my status what i miss seeing on tv... But jake long american dragon, xiolin showdown, DBZ , johnny bravo, powerpuff girls and grizly tails for gruesome kids.. All my childhood gone... Also to add one to the list dexters lab and edd ed and eddy #makecartoonsgreatagain
  6. Tv shows what i miss as a lad, 

    Jake long american dragon, xiolin showdown, suite life, dragon ballz, naruto, powerpuff girls, johnny bravo and grizly tails for gruesome kids. #makecartoonsgreatagain

  7. @Psycho i think our charecters will get along nicely then! Haha
  8. The story of Iosif Krill. (The Shortest Straw)

    Nice. Read man! i started adding pictures to mine as recomended to me by lady in blue you should check out my charecters latest entry what a nutcase!
  9. Well work this morning was utter tosh, dident get home untill 11.. God damn boss was meant to take over at half 8...

  10. @Charles thats sweet man! Deffo snag yourself in there!
  11. @Brayces beats my job at the moment doing the graveyard shift at a building site! Most boring thing ever! Especially when ive had to do 6/7 days this week the forums is the only thing what keeps me awake! 😂
  12. @Chewy im sure your find one or work at a coffee place as a barrista? Misread that.. Read it too fast doh!
  13. At work looking through old pictures and stumbled across this... FB_IMG_1524265383298.jpg.f8e145ce7513a5329f6d8dfaf9e67128.jpg

    Why cant  the latest system deal with 3 previous generations on disk... When you can buy a eletronic copy of whack ass games off the network store :'(

  14. @Reaper dont wait this close untill renewing sia are horrible atm with processeing renewals if it os not though a company and ahh another security officer! *high 5*