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"darkness is only accepted by those with no fear"

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  1. Ait I guess we're besties since we both have Unknown themed profiles but you aint here

  2. -A shy timid quiet voice responds- "yeah just south of the lake is good for company and a place to rest" -Charlotte puts her radio back into her bag-
  3. @TheScouseViking his group and the guys from the cavaliers and dan the dentist very enjoyable scene by everyones part loving how this storyline keeps progressing!
  4. Well well well JET HERSHAL nice to see you here hopefully you meet this world's adaptation of Johnny Polanski

    1. ItsJet


      Noooo!! Not Johnny Polanski

  5. giv me crunchin crisps


    1. Popet



  6. How long has it been.. a year? Finally re United with a couple of people who I know quite well, Fae, Ace and Kazimir. Ever since the downfall of the family I had been hiding and returning to the town of lopatino every once in a while to hope we would all still be there, the alliance of anarchy and the morettis was short lived untill the kamenici sent gorrila warfare units to burn down the town and drive us all out, most importantly the dissaperance of our beloved don, Tony morretti. The family tried to stay alive under command of Mr Jimmy Fixer but we all drifted apart in short tim
  7. @GenjiRP @JkpFrog @Kain and the others sorry I cut it short chest was killing me good to re unite can see good rp comming
  8. *as the radio fickers he hears eddie and his response, a smile widens* "well, well, well if it isent the pub owner himself Eddy boy, glad to hear your still kicking thought i was the only one left, but well, here we are! sure location would be swell could do with seeing one of the familia again" *a cork squeeks along with a cough after he stopped speaking, the radio turns to static again*
  9. GENJI

    1. FaeLR



    2. Jono the giant

      Jono the giant

      ya im back on here for abit same for you?

  10. **richard would sit down in a housein zelenogorsk and twiddle with the frequency every transmition he sends** "fucking radios anyways, any ex morrettis still around and kicking its Richard black, cooped up still and still dont know where the fuck im going cant read these signposts for anything anyone, jimmy, eddie, brandon, kyle anyone? fucks sake" **the radio is sat on a bedside cabinet waiting**
  11. Hello my friend, hope you have been doing well! ?

  12. hello  Mr Eddie Sorella ?


  13. *PTT* "the pokadot man I remember you now how you been?"*PTT*
  14. ** the radio was pressed once more quite confused he cannot remember who is talking but the voice is familiar** "Yeah? Who is this again you sound familiar.. not quite sure, been asleep tell me do they still have boxes around here?"
  15. **a whirling noise emmits as Johnny Polanski turns on and tunes his radio** "Hello.. hello.. how long have I been asleep for I have no idea.. I'm on the move once more and looking for any camps to stay for a few days I can scavenge I like collecting anything I find interesting or of value - Polanski out."
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