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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the roleplay from @Jman14102 @Jinx @SofiaLR this evening and a huge shoutout to @PurifiedNoobs12 for helping us out and getting filthy pranked i think we both had no pulse for a brief second yesterday eh?
  2. I enjoyed the journey yestserday progressing the story between myself @Kara and @Cobe it was very tension filled with no trust at first and then as the night progressed it cooled down alot with alot more leniance and not as much concern showing how hostilities can slowly decline over time very much enjoyed
  3. yes i thouroughly enjoyed last nights roleplay cant believe johnny was treated like a maximum security prisoner having about 10 armed people escort him to a doctor X D @Kara @Cobe @EdgyNova @Psycho
  4. Jono the giant

    Open Message - My roof! My skittles! Severograd!

    -johnnys radio transmits once more to the nice lady who offered him chocolate cake- "yea yeah, i think were be good friends, ill bring you a box of stuff i like collecting all sorts of stuff all depends what i feel like sometimes its guns sometimes its boxes inside the boxes! But in the last box there is always something You never know *giggle*its not anything nasty always something good" -the radio falls silent-
  5. Jono the giant

    Open Message - My roof! My skittles! Severograd!

    -johnny giggles and presses his radios button once more- "chocolate is my favorite, is it chocolate please tell me its chocolate, im abit funny because of my condition im not like other lads my age but have medicine to help me, thanks to my.. mum.. Anyways i will come try find you for cake, ill try find some peaches too!"
  6. The power of mobile phones and free wifi my friend @Malthis
  7. Cant remember if i have posted before but here is me when im not on, stuck in a cabin watching cameras and sculcing on the forums
  8. Jono the giant

    Open Message - My roof! My skittles! Severograd!

    -johnny would be in a little house in severograd centre when he hears the voice comming from his radio inside his backpack he unzips it takes out the radio presses the button and responds- "Hi, hi yeah not so good about these bits at the moment have not heard you before im johnny i want some cake! do you have peaches too i love peaches! Where can i get this cake? And what sort is it? -whilst still transmitting he reaches into his bag followed by rustling and the sound of a bottle of pills being opened and shook, it stops and the radio turns silent-
  9. I was on a public server with my fellow group members. Participating in a event crucial to our groups lore progression, also your using dayzspy and the server currently states survival evasion resistance escape to crash a private event and using a stream to snipe our location not dayzrp
  10. - johnny would be on the crane in severograd when he pushes his button on his radio- "angela, if you are out there still its johnny, you know we went fishing and what else i done i cant remember medicine takes too much off my memory, i miss seeing you your so nice, reminds me of my mum not alot to do now i havent seen anyone in weeks" -static-
  11. I will be posting a pov now to avoid the staff waiting 12+h for a pov. I was at severograd school with randy and aidanhs roleplaying when aidan and randy were going about performing for me for a good 10- 15 minutes once they were done joffrey turns up and we move into the basketball court, randy then states to jeoffry that aidans charecter the preacher is trying to kill him by whispering in his microphone, there was then randy and aidan arguing followed by a load of questions on aidans part towards randy such as why havent you killed me already when everytime i apparently tried too i have had a knife and you have had your rifle out aidan then openly offers to randy if you wish to kill me you can do it now at this point we was all watching to see what would unravel and randy then says aaand scene, after jeoffry states he wont be made watch and trial a man who is branded as a murderer when he is perfectly innocent and that he was going to take randy to the sea to be taught a lesson, this is when he mentions about no hands on weapons or he will shoot randy and then asks him to go to the vehicle outside I was in the basketball court and heard multiple gunshots from jeoffrys sks i run to the hallway and see that randy has just been killed, after aproaching the hallway geoffry states i told him no hands on any weapons or he would be shot and he brought his damn m4 rifle of his shoulder.
  12. If i am called for A pov i will not bebable to provide one untill tomorrow approximatly 16:00 gmt
  13. My ARP-9 from g&g straight out the box doing 325 fps and getting about 60m with 0.30g's been playing since 2013 and have a prestigeous 5 year membership badge dubbing me a veteran of the site
  14. Just staring this to see the worst you have ever been drunk on a night out if your brave enough include pictures exhibit a