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  1. Born in a countryside estate Charlotte Miles was not a woman who grew up worse off, she was not spoilt either, she grew up with good grades and graduated school and college with merits and distinctions, she was rather quiet and kept herself to herself whilst doing her everyday activities she was not a shy woman she just wanted to do everything alone and with no help. she strives to be like her father, a successful business man who lead a multi million pound private housing realtor service to the wealthy elite business men and women of the UK, eventually the market place was being expanded and the family moved abroad to the Chernorussian country side where buisness was great untill the outbreak started and wars turned the country upside down, Charlotte lost her father and mother in a freak accident where un spent ammunition lied in the ground, a mortar shell was disrupted one day when they were passing a field at the dead of night, it unfortunately exploded, Charlotte is trying to now find a new family.
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    Well well well JET HERSHAL nice to see you here hopefully you meet this world's adaptation of Johnny Polanski

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      Noooo!! Not Johnny Polanski

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    giv me crunchin crisps


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  4. How long has it been.. a year? Finally re United with a couple of people who I know quite well, Fae, Ace and Kazimir. Ever since the downfall of the family I had been hiding and returning to the town of lopatino every once in a while to hope we would all still be there, the alliance of anarchy and the morettis was short lived untill the kamenici sent gorrila warfare units to burn down the town and drive us all out, most importantly the dissaperance of our beloved don, Tony morretti. The family tried to stay alive under command of Mr Jimmy Fixer but we all drifted apart in short time all separating our separate ways, it was untill I was screwing around with radio frequencies and caught Fae's frequency and got a sniff of her where abouts just recently. It's not everyday you get lucky and get to see old friends in this desperate time especially most people you know better than any random survivor in this shithole these days don't get me wrong I just want to get back to the UK and put the kettle on and have a cup of Yorkshire tea for Christ's sake but we can't all have what we want can we? But I digress.. you got to make what you can with the hand you have been given you never know it could turn around just like a game of poker, you could have a shit hand but could easily turn out your day could get better with the flop turn and eventually the river, to be honest I've only seen the flop still two changing cards to turn up, who knows what the days ahead will bring so you just have to sit down hope and wait for the best.
  5. @GenjiRP @JkpFrog @Kain and the others sorry I cut it short chest was killing me good to re unite can see good rp comming
  6. *as the radio fickers he hears eddie and his response, a smile widens* "well, well, well if it isent the pub owner himself Eddy boy, glad to hear your still kicking thought i was the only one left, but well, here we are! sure location would be swell could do with seeing one of the familia again" *a cork squeeks along with a cough after he stopped speaking, the radio turns to static again*
  7. Jono the giant

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      ya im back on here for abit same for you?

  8. **richard would sit down in a housein zelenogorsk and twiddle with the frequency every transmition he sends** "fucking radios anyways, any ex morrettis still around and kicking its Richard black, cooped up still and still dont know where the fuck im going cant read these signposts for anything anyone, jimmy, eddie, brandon, kyle anyone? fucks sake" **the radio is sat on a bedside cabinet waiting**
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    Hello my friend, hope you have been doing well! ?

  10. Jono the giant

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    hello  Mr Eddie Sorella ?


  11. *PTT* "the pokadot man I remember you now how you been?"*PTT*
  12. ** the radio was pressed once more quite confused he cannot remember who is talking but the voice is familiar** "Yeah? Who is this again you sound familiar.. not quite sure, been asleep tell me do they still have boxes around here?"
  13. **a whirling noise emmits as Johnny Polanski turns on and tunes his radio** "Hello.. hello.. how long have I been asleep for I have no idea.. I'm on the move once more and looking for any camps to stay for a few days I can scavenge I like collecting anything I find interesting or of value - Polanski out."
  14. Profile theme change time this time: red dwarf

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      Holy shit, hearing that ending theme puts such a wacky smile on my face.

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      Jono the giant

      Ah a red dwarf fan I see welcome to the club


  15. All you UK boys and girls remember these badboys in school? 


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