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Jono the giant

"Oh Rimmer! you are a Smeg head!"

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  1. Profile theme change time this time: red dwarf

    1. Flapjack


      Holy shit, hearing that ending theme puts such a wacky smile on my face.

    2. Jono the giant

      Ah a red dwarf fan I see welcome to the club


  2. All you UK boys and girls remember these badboys in school? 


  3. When your workplace is comprised entirely of metal could cook a damn bacon rasher on the roof 

  4. Evening staff and dayzrp community how is everyone doing today?

    1. DrMax


      Hello! I'm doing just fine, how about you? Also nice profile theme!! 

    2. Jono the giant

      I am fine, just being roasted alive in a metal security cabin where the heat never escapes and my fan does nothing 😂

    3. DrMax


      It's way too hot for me. Roll on winter!

    4. Jono the giant

      Also wallace and gromit was my childhood just remember moon oven dreams matter 

    5. Dakotaen


      Pretty dandy, Jono. How are you?

    6. Strawberry


      I'm alright

    7. Jono the giant

      @Dakotaen work as usual one of these days going to burn down this cabin 

    8. Dakotaen


      Oof, don't get yourself yeeted now, my man.

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed the roleplay from @Jman14102 @Jinx @SofiaLR this evening and a huge shoutout to @PurifiedNoobs12 for helping us out and getting filthy pranked i think we both had no pulse for a brief second yesterday eh?
  6. Interesting fact about myself i own a diablo. The highest i can juggle one is appoximately 55-60m in the air 

    1. Flapjack


      55-60m? that's hella impressive.

      but yeah, i used to have one too - i was terrible with it, but was fun af
      took me a moment to realise you meant diabolo tho 👀

    2. Jono the giant

      You have a wooden stick and string kit then i take it? Cant use them anymore 😂 too light and i spin them too fast the string burns from the friction at the centre of the axis 

  7. I enjoyed the journey yestserday progressing the story between myself @Kara and @Cobe it was very tension filled with no trust at first and then as the night progressed it cooled down alot with alot more leniance and not as much concern showing how hostilities can slowly decline over time very much enjoyed
  8. get toasted complete: +250xp 

  9. Locked and loaded: objective get toasted

    1. Dvlinhb


      Mission: "One Shot... Another Shot... And Another..."

    2. Jono the giant

      pretty much, got a bottle of ciroc red berry and cherry coke this wil be fun


  10. Mmh.. I smell ozone... Rain.. 

  11. yes i thouroughly enjoyed last nights roleplay cant believe johnny was treated like a maximum security prisoner having about 10 armed people escort him to a doctor X D @Kara @Cobe @EdgyNova @Psycho
  12. Looking for members to start a group the chernorussian wildlife preservation, no it will not be like peta pm for details 

  13. 92 is half of 99