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"The goal is not to win. It's to keep playing. Victory is finite."

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  1. these statements are a bit biased. This thread is not doing itself any favors with the lumping of all campfirers and RPers into the same two groups. It's just not that simple, sorry to say. The spectrum is much, much wider.
  2. Yea. I see where the misunderstanding is occuring. For me the fight is also RP. I don't use OOG comms during fights as a matter of principle. The fact i am engaged in combat does not give me magical mental link abilities with my friends. My character doesn't even carry a radio device on it's person. I feel if You statement: if the rp is good enough I’ll perma my character on the spot. And my statement: For me the fight is also RP Were to be combined, we'd see a far more immersive gameplay on all sides. Victory would be so grey that it wouldnt matter who wins because just like in reality - when bullets start flying - everybody loses. but thats a utopia, so lets move on from that. If even just one of our stances was more common, large improvement would be had.
  3. The fact you ahven't met them don't mean they don't exist. I feel pretty damn tangible right about now. Pretty damn existent.
  4. No, it's called not playing to win. You'd be amazed but there is a breed of roleplayers out there that do not value winning. They value "The scene". and if their loss makes the scene better, they will take it with stride. We need more of those.
  5. If I am feeling and am told that I will die at the end of the scene regardless what I do, why should I give them the time of day? They clearly do not respect my time. At this point, any hostage player would just want it to be over with. Most Hostage takers give no clues as to how the hostage can better his stance. Exactly. This. So much this.
  6. My point clearly went over your head. Possibly so far over, it is now in orbit, man. Sorry.
  7. Understood. I think it would be less unpleasant to read if your replaced the words "circle jerk" with "echo chamber". Roleplayers have active imagination and that mental imagery is not necessary ?
  8. Oh I'm sorry. Why would I choose my companions based on anything but similarity in preferences? To please someone who is not them nor me? Why? Why should I tolerate company i deem unplesant just so other can utilize an RP server for better PvP? Why?
  9. Nope. See, Hostile RP, in it's nature, is 50% involuntary or has the potential to be such. Campfire RP is 100% OOC and IC consent to a mutual passtime. How are they the same?
  10. I suppose it was just the people around me, then. As you can see, people have very varying experiences.
  11. It was different when... sad to say... the average age was higher.
  12. That is true, but if the end of a hostility is 90% of times = death, Hostilities in nature are devalued as their result almost predetermined. Anyone ever seen hostilities de-escalate?
  13. I miss @Spotter and his subtle hostile RP. Every threat so gentle yet clear, every words alarming yet tasteful. It's a lost artform, my friend.
  14. I think that having read this, the issue is now narrowed down for me to the above. Being hostile to everyone only works when you have infinite lives. So, in a sense, being hostile to anything that moves should be, by default, NVFL or BadRP, I feel. Make Permadeath mandatory See how they pick their fights much wiser, if they even still have an appetite to fight at all.
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