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  1. ok...i think i have fi it...
  2. yes that's exactly my problem ... if I select a different button in the settings disappears the setting immediately after confirm
  3. Hello ... my mic does not work in the game ... the last time it works ... I have not changed the settings .. in ts it works ... does anyone have an idea what that could be?
  4. Hello everyone I've been here for some time but now I finally made the way to the server! XD I am glad to meet you IC and hope that we have a lot of fun, even if my English is not so perfect.?
  5. yep ... but nothing helped. have just made a relog again and made a shot delivered, now I'm free again XD i love dayZ
  6. hello, I'm stuck in a house. not under the floor or so but right in the middle? I can turn but otherwise nothing ... neither get up nor lie down? Does somebody has any idea? I already tried a relogg ...
  7. My character is Jean, he is 34 years old and actually comes from a bigger city in Germany. He was there in the fire department and came to Chernarus on an exchange program and trained there in the fire department in Elektrogorsk firefighters. His family is originally from France, where he also has family. After the epidemic broke out he hid and survived in the woods, thanks to the knowledge he had learned during his military service and during his military service. In addition,his biggest hobby is trekking and survival-training. Although he also visits other settlements and trades with them but he finds it difficult to trust others because he was seriously injured at the beginning of the epidemic of bandits in a robbery and lured him someone he trusted into the trap. As I said, he lives mainly in the forest by a small lake and tries to avoid the bigger trouble as much as possible. However, if someone threatens him or one of his friends danger or life is in danger then he will do everything possible to help his friends or hell to make his opponent's life. As his adventure continues, only time will tell ...
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