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  1. Back in the old days Marcus was a sparky who went around his town fixing electrical issues. One day he was called to work for a big sparky company on an oil rig off the coast of Chernarus. He arrived at Chernarus but as soon as he got off his helicopter, he was charged by a hoard of people. Well to him they looked like people but as they got closer and closer, he noticed skin ripped of someones face and someones leg was all bloody. He thought that something strange was going on, just like when he was reading a TWD comic book. It was if he was Rick Grimes to assemble a group together to conquer the land of the dead! He quickly hopped back on to the helicopter and the pilot said he was told over a radio freq. that there was a nearby military checkpoint so they flew to their location. As they were about to land at the checkpoint, the pilot noticed he had an engine failure and all of a sudden shouted BRACE FOR IMPACT. So Marcus went to Brace but before he could think about it the plane bombed down like a flash. Marcus has a glimpse of people walking around him until he looked up and saw dead people acting alive walking on the roads of Chernarus...
  2. Harrison15B

    S1 RDM Vybor

    My POV: I was under the influence of alcohol and did not remember much. I remember putting the password in and joining the server and then thought it was a pvp server and then who ever I met I killed. I accept full punishment
  3. Viktor was brought up in a rough district and was neighbored by a bunch of losers who got smashed week in week out. He learned things the hard way by roaming with losers and dealers. He got himself into the drug scandle at a young age and is finally learning to get out of it. He stopped drugs at the age of 18 as it wasn't cool anymore and he was turning into an adult. He joined the army at 19 and got some life skills out of it. He got a free driving license and learned basic survival skills as well as using weaponry. After his training, he was sent to the front line as infantry for the Chernarussian forces and got a medal of honor for killing 25+ men. It got to the point where he couldn't keep count of the men he killed. Viktor didnt like strangers in his home town of Chernarus, Zelenogorsk. He was tough guy to please and liked things done his way and no one else's. After the outbreak, Viktor and his brothers discovered things weren't the same like before. This is where Viktor Petrovski's Story begins...
  4. Bean McJarvis was brought up in Ohio, America and served many years in jail. He is a UFC fighter and doesn't get pushed around. Everyone was scared in school and no one would dare think about going near him. He would burst any bloke that started shit on him and loved to go on drives. His favorite car was a R32 skyline. He got sent to a prison in Chernarus and managed to escape but to only find out he was in an apocalypse. Beans favourite strain of cannabis was Gorilla Glue and was the best at rolling out of all his mates, especially rolling backwoods.
  5. Sorry for the recent inactivity, I would like to welcome @peteeto the group! I will be playing a lot more from now on
  6. Welcome @RandyBiscuit to the Group!
  7. Much appreciated @SpartanThank you guys
  8. Welcome @AidanHs and @SGT_Maverickto the group!
  9. Ok, just to clear things up, i was the one that shot at the truck without initiating, this was a stupid idea, i accept full punishment, another stupid mistake that i didnt realise till the report was made...
  10. I wouldn't of logged this time if i hadn't thought i initiated, if i'm gonna be honest it was just a silly mistake. @DatTurtleadmitted in ts that the bleeding hits was none of us and it was zombies, dont know if its just something staff does or thought we hit him.
  11. 1. I hadn't thought i combat logged as i didn't mean to initiate. We were trying to give him a heads up 2. I wasn't part of that group 3. There was people behind me and @Kitsunicanswhich i am not sure who they were.
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