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  1. Tommy Larsen was born in Ålesund, Norway on the 12th of October 1999. His father, Olav, was Norwegian and his mother was Chernarussian. His mother, Olga, who was born in the poor region of South Zagoria, had come to Norway in search of a better life. His father was the captain of a fishing vessel and was gone for months at a time during Tommy's early life. When Tommy was 12 years old his father's vessel went missing at sea and was never heard from again. Following the disappearance of his father, Tommy and his mother got kicked out of their home and had to move a lot. Eventually they moved back to the village where his mother was born in South Zagoria in 2012, which were thriving economically after the civil war ended in 2009. After moving to South Zagoria, his mother worked at a local coal mine until her death in February 2017, caused by a coal dust explosion. At the age of 17 Tommy found himself completely alone. Being a lonewolf was nothing new to Tommy. As an only child he never really got the chance to make friends as he moved a lot. For the next months, until the infection broke out in July, Tommy made a living out of chopping firewood for the local elders. Tommy loved hunting, fishing and the outdoor life in general. When his father was off work they spent the most of their time together in the Norwegian mountains and forests, and he had learned everything there was to know about surviving in the wilderness. When the infection broke out, many of the villagers had already fled because of the Chernarussian-Russian bombings. Tommy who had nowhere to go, awoke on the 11th of July to a lot of screaming. He ran outside only to see his village in complete chaos. Those who could had already driven away. Tommy fled to the only place he could, the mountains. Nowadays Tommy roams around South Zagoria looking for meaning in this fucked up world. WORK IN PROGRESS.
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