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  1. DrWhiskey

    Battlefield V

    Owo BattleField V cant wait till we get a battle royal mode. Ooooo I hope I get to build a nice fort...... P.s if it doesn't have a pan I aint buying.
  2. Was born in Fredericksburg, Texas on a small farm with his mom and his pa he only knew the hard working life until he was seven when his little sister was born he always protective of his sister never let any boy near her no matter what happened when he turned 18 he found himself a girlfriend and kind of left his sister alone for a couple of years where she was always trying to do bad things to get his attention back onto her which worked sometimes then when he broke up with his girlfriend around the age of 25 he decided to put his attention back onto her and teach her the proper ways of life he then took her to south Zagoria for a hunting trip and then the infection started and they were trapped there.
  3. He was born in Miroslavl and his parents both owned a shop and he worked and went to school and always got into trouble at school for skipping class and getting into fights all the time he was fear at the school for being to big unlike the other kids he always was bullied by others cause his sizes but he always worked hard and exceeded his classmates in everything he worked out a lot and joined the soccer team and from there he got bullied off of it then he joined the cadet core they had going and from there he went into school to become part of Oрел at the age of 18.
  4. Was born in Svetlojarsk his 2 parents were very strict parents that lived on a farm he went to school in Berinzo his parents were always hard on him and punished and disciplined him a lot and he always hated it at school cause he was picked on a lot cause his family wasn't the richest there was but in his first year of high school he met a girl who he really liked and they hung out a lot which made his parents mad because he would never do chores around the farm anymore. but he really liked this girl and would do anything her he then asked her out and she said yes but then the civil war came along demolishing everything in its path his family was killed by some chedaki scum he was in the barn when they came in for him he killed them both with his grandfathers old shotgun he was scared from this experience he would never forget what the chedaki did to him he then ran off and get his girlfriend and her family to safety he brought them to the old campground where he went with his grandfather all the time he then waited out the civil war afterwards he moved to Miroslavl to his uncles shop his girlfriend and her family moved in down the road he then join the OREL group to help defend his country from terrorist attacks after being promoted severl times for his bravery he did his biggest accomplishment he single handedly took down 8 terrorist in a one of the worst terrorist attacks they saw in a while after that he was hand picked to become part of COBR he then moved out to chernogorsk to get a apartment with his girlfriend then the apocalypse hit.
  5. Nicholas Was born in Novaya Petrovka and at the age of 4 his family moved to Sinistok his father was always a mean man who worked in the svetlojarsk docks who always worked long hours and his mom who was a teacher in severograd so Nicholas was a troublesome kid at his age he always went around skipping class and climbing the smoke stacks and running from the local cops when he hit the age of 20 he got a job at the local farm he always worked a good 5-9 everyday with minimum pay but he worked it and made a lot of friends along the way in his life then the apocalypse happened and his life got flipped upside down he lost everyone his whole family he never thought something would come to this but now he must fight to survive and do no matter what it take he will help others that have lost everything.
  6. DrWhiskey

    The Potius Cras Corporation Media Thread

  7. I am a JTF2 Operator who was employed by Potius cras to keep them in loop while working for Canada I was apart of a squad who got overrun by savages while on a recon mission to gather intel on this new pandemic I was captured and the rest of my squad was killed the savages that took me before they stripped me I was able to make a distress call out to the Corp. who I would hope come and save me from these men I waited 3 weeks for them 3 whole weeks but I was glad to finally see some friendly faces from the people who were sent to save me
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