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  2. Scott Wolf

    My name is Scott Wolf I am the age 25 i was apart of the JTF2 Special forces at least that was until we got over run by zombies at our base outside of Kamenka all that remained was me and my captain we took what we could and start our way towards zelenogorks where we had back up at we then reached the outskirts where we were then ambushed by a bunch of locals who took us hostage and stripped us down to our underwear they took us to their base camp where they starved and beat us trying to get locations of some boats like who knew where the fu**ing boats are we were sent here to make sure we could keep coms what boats do they want i never heard of something so stupid i was more less dead here they put me and my captain up against in Russian roulette we went for 43 round 43 horrible rounds of this stupid game i never wanted my worse enemy to play but he died he died right in front of me his brains splattered against the wall i couldn't handle it i wanted to go again but they took the gun and threw me back into that horrible cell where i starved even more one night i couldn't even count how many nights its been but someone pulled me out of that cell and dragged me i was just dragged for miles looking lifeless but i saw a light i thought i was finally dead i was gonna be free from this hell hole but it was a lantern it looked like they were trading me but the man taking "possession" of me killed them all and he left me there i woke up i think 3 days later and there i was alone in the middle of a field i just needed to get food and this is where it has left me.