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  1. Isn’t it like a 2sec TP if you’ve got the tools ?? Why aren’t staff allowed to fix things where someone teleports randomly due to a bug from say Berenzino to Mishkino sounds daft Further more there are always position logs to back it
  2. Elijah Johnson

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed the roleplay yesterday even though it eventually led to my death I’m glad you didn’t exercise the KOS rights and we had some role play out of it thanks again
  3. There’s a zil truck 8 seater I saw no wheels/battery or radiator in electro and saw someone driving another one on Saturday seen an Ada with 3 wheels missing a radiator. Used to find loads stashed near the military checkpoint above myshkino area
  4. This topic has already been discussed and locked about 3 months ago people stated they get motion sickness or they like to see their character which is why they won’t also people like to wall bang in 3rd person as it gives the defender/ambushed an advantage. But honestly most of the community voted no last time and I believe it would be a similar vote in the polls again, people even threatened to leave if it became a thing
  5. Elijah Johnson

    Can we ban people that do this?

    I’ve never gotten sick from a well though I have heard people say this I usually have tablets and antibiotic to hand as other people I travel with don’t prepare for long journeys but I understand your point and it is valid
  6. Elijah Johnson

    Can we ban people that do this?

  7. Elijah Johnson

    Can we ban people that do this?

  8. Elijah Johnson

    Can we ban people that do this?

    Don’t be unprepared then carry purification tabs extra water, I fucked up yesterday and had to run to Pavlovo to get some water from the coast I was red water losing health. The fact that clean water is so accessible across the map without tablets being needed is ridiculous we are lore wise 2-3 years into the apocalypse you think water stored underground with no maintenance would be clean??? it would have gone stagnant and had algae in it. Lmao stop whining start preparing it’s a survival/apocalyptic RP not crybaby RP go play something like the stalker map then you can complain. Dayzrp we live in luxury with a lot of the survival aspects even with increased weight and build cost half. Honestly half the thread that go up we may as well be Twitter.
  9. Elijah Johnson

    Group implemented settlements

    I think having your own town with maybe with well no static walls and maybe one static building like a police station in the centre then having to fortify with building tools in dayz
  10. After that @Saunders can the report be closed please thank you
  11. We can close the report @Fae not worth the waste of time just in future guys please identify your targets make sure you know as I’m not potius
  12. You state you knew corporation were in the area how myself and none of the others were dressed as corp or identified as Corp we ran into one person before that which was Riley who was travelling with us for a delivery unless she was metagaming as she was with us at all times please share how you knew they were corporation I’d like metagaming to go on the list also if no sound evidence is given. Also if it was Riley she didn’t double Mike as she was with them at all times
  13. Elijah Johnson

    Can we ban people that do this?

    Don’t see the problem it’s called a hacksaw,saw,hatchet, fire axe, wood axe and 10 minutes of your time... it literally isn’t the end of the world it’s just denial of resources I couldn’t use it today so I had to go for the marsh at Komorovo and purify my water
  14. Server and location: Chernarus S1 Rugovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 16.20GMT 21/11/2019 Your in game name: Gary Lancet Names of allies involved: Don’t know there forum names Name of suspect/s: orange armbands Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I have none but other do. Detailed description of the events: We visit Stary Sobor I leave ahead of the group and talk to a guy in the field he then goes on his way to stary and so continue he then talks to the rest of my groups about 200-300m away that I was travelling leaves them shoots at them he dies too four people around him plus myself nearby that gained defender rights as we aren't in the same group, we then continue on towards Rugovo where I see a busted car I look at the inventory and go to switch out a top when I’m shot at with no initiation being dropped everyone but myself died I flanked around the town get to the next town go back to see if any of my group are still alive and get shot while standing behind the corner.
  15. Elijah Johnson


    What you just said I said above
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