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  1. @redsnowwinter Great RP and finish of that Arc you gave us a good run and the end was good man last stand!! Hope to see you around IG man !!
  2. Elijah Johnson

    Looking for Ammuniton

    *Presses the PTT and talks in his American accent* Im sure a compromise can be made... is there anything else you are looking for ammunition wise ?? *Releases the PTT and surveys the city in front of him*
  3. Also helps wearing a helmet I do realise that it doesn’t fit with a lot of characters but less likely to get knocked Unconsious from a few hits even with a lag spike
  4. Elijah Johnson

    Looking for Ammuniton

    “Man presses the PTT and responds with an American accent” I have some more of that ammo you requested just a few bullets and 15 Mauser rounds..... if that’s important at all ? Let me know if that’s interesting to you? I can deliver around a similar time.. *Lets go of the PTT*
  5. Look I was once restrained by anarchy for 1hr?? Think it was G19 had no problems we didn’t crash despite the massive firefight going on outside and 3 cars loaded to hell with m4’s I was killed in start sobor church I could have broken out of my cuffs as I was left alone for 10 minutes at one point and grabbed my gun bagging a few people though that would be NVL so I didn’t do it besides I tried to roleplay out but I had no problems handcuffs are necessary , text RP is powerful but emoting handcuffs yeah there’s enough people that don’t follow or respond to text rp to my experience I don’t want my head being blown off by someone emoting *Breaks out of cuffs and grabs gun* Pew Pew great RP it will happen. cuffs, rope and duct tape no issues if you crash it sucks and you’ve got to regear but that’s part of the dayz experience . dayz crashing since December 2013
  6. Elijah Johnson

    Remove NBC clothing from item shop (When the radiation mod is released)

    What he said... Gas masks and NBC black sexy. More importantly like Roland says easier to make an item for it
  7. Elijah Johnson

    Stamina to fix all your needs

    I think how stamina is now is perfect sure it’s annoying for travelling and if your dying to zombies your not being stealthy or just being plain stupid. You can sneak up to them and kill them easily but.... Stamina you run for 100m at sprint realistic especially if you’ve got all that gear on people like to wear double stamina just don’t make sense and unlimited this ain’t fortnite
  8. Elijah Johnson

    Looking for Ammuniton

    * A man sighs heavily before picking up the radio and pressing the PTT , his accent a thick American from possibly the south* This is Johnathan ...Egor I hope your well and you received the goods as promised?? Thank you for what you traded in return. I wonder if you’d be interested in another exchange... payment will be different this time around if your interested....contact me back and we’ll set another meeting up... *The man releases the PTT and walks into the next room*
  9. Elijah Johnson

    Looking for Ammuniton

    “You need to come to the middle apartment complex above the city ... If you don’t I will leave “
  10. Elijah Johnson

    Looking for Ammuniton

    *Radio comes to life with the American accent talking* Central apartments....Above the city... Flash your light when your there I’ll find you... *Radio goes to static then dies*
  11. Elijah Johnson

    Looking for Ammuniton

    “The Radio comes to life as the man presses the PTT an American accent descends from the radio” If your still around I can meet you in say two and half hours in Chernogorsk best I can do... I’ll tell you the location when I’m on my way ain’t going set me some ambush from cannibals or shit... Let me know if this works for you I’ll remain in the area once I arrive for two hours *The man releases his PTT and the waves once again go dead*
  12. Elijah Johnson

    Looking for Ammuniton

    *Radio Crackles then comes to life with an America accent being heard* I could trade you perhaps twenty odd rounds if that’s useful the 308. Ain’t it? Contact me in Twelve hours and I’ll meet you will discuss trade in person, if you want the rounds shout out loud and I’ll respond. Names Harley by the way.... *The Radio goes silent as the man lets go of the PTT*
  13. Elijah Johnson

    Potius Cras

    Your always welcome the more the merrier !!
  14. Elijah Johnson

    Potius Cras

    No we haven’t started identifying ourselves as Potius Cras as that would break the suspense of what we are doing and who we truly are. Thanks for bringing it to our attention though
  15. Padraig was born in Cork Ireland to a poor family, his parents ended up in jail at an early age and he was sent to live with his uncle in Newry. His uncle was a member of the IRA and from the age of eight Padraig was exposed to the violence and terrorism against the North Irish even taught how to craft explosives at the age of twelve When he was fourteen his uncle was murdered by the IRA as it turns out he had been informing on them for several years, though Padraig didn’t know about this and was fed the lies by other member that is uncle been killed by British peace keeping forces. Padraig started to skip school after this and became more involved with the IRA movement, even being injured when one of his makeshift bombs pre-detonated causing some severe burns and scarring luckily he was mostly unscathed so the IRA boys called him Leprachaun. Several years past with continued runs of terrorism before finally being caught and jailed. It was here he met a man named Richard Jameson “Talent scout” he offered him a job and his freedom on certain conditions. Though Padraig initially was reluctant, he accepted the offer and joined the shadowy individual. He then received various training as an operative Krav Maga , evasion and small firearms training.
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