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  1. Elijah Johnson

    Testing a new map on S2

    Like others have said would be immersion breaking in my opinion with the Russian architecture of buildings/equipment and weapons doesn’t really look American/Western at all and people could use their current characters
  2. Elijah Johnson

    Testing a new map on S2

    I like this idea and would completely negate ghosting from both servers also be nice to explore a new map go for it
  3. Elijah Johnson

    Regarding the server split

    Being a member of Potius I prefer to role play if I can get out of a situation and further the role play but usually as soon as I emote my name is read I’m checked on forums and I’m dead.... this doesn’t happen half as much on server 2 from my experience and just to add our group doesn’t report for KOS so it’s very hard
  4. Elijah Johnson

    Regarding the server split

    Back to being raided and PVP every day
  5. Elijah Johnson

    To the Wolfpack

    *A man activates his radio pressing the PTT and talks into it with a thick British accent* Wolves in sheep’s clothing.....she said it watch your back ....tell you this I won’t step into that slaughter house they call a home best keep away.... *Releases the PTT and continues walking*
  6. I’ve barely been in any reports and the one time I did I fucked up though my reasoning was sound it was still a break I got my ban which was incredibly boring and I have now adapted and learned from that experience give people more than an additional 3 seconds even if your instructions are clear .. My group we don’t report KOS it’s part of our group this has hindered our RP at times and enhanced it as you never know how people will react as soon as you identify yourself otherwise there would have been points when there would have been KOS floods. Now going back to the subject reports are a massive waste of staff time I feel but they also keep the server in balance and when a wrong is committed it’s dealt with to the admin team dealing with that particular. Right now this admin team are shit hot on reports and they are dealt with quickly and reasonably (this may differ from your perspective but hey that’s you). I haven’t seen a problem with too many reports they get dealt with quickly we’ve had several days go past with no reports which was nice for admins so they could actually RP or do other stuff they want. End of rant..... I vote a -1 for this
  7. Elijah Johnson

    The Railroad

    One of the first groups I ran into about 18 months ago when I joined the server remember Kenneth having this huge trade post in start sobor that was the first coming of the railroad if I remember correctly nice to see you guys back and in business all the best hope to run in for some top notch RP again
  8. Elijah Johnson

    Stamina system - distance modification

    It is something dayz dev were talking about implementing a year or two ago.....like with helicopters and all sorts so we’ll see it in approximately .....2022 with luck
  9. People say their are never any guns I’ve found loads of assault rifles all over the map it’s just a matter of luck and if anyone been through before If people horde they get raided and with the amount of pvp currently on the server loot goes back into the toot tables. I was at Tisy the other day something I never usually do as it’s so far away and I cba with loot 4 ak101’s, m4, akm and 3 USG’s I donated most of the items to a group that had been raided recently and the m4 to a friend.
  10. Elijah Johnson

    Let's Talk About Dexamphetamine

    The tablets have a consequence if you use them continuously you run the possibility of sickness as I’ve experienced a few time and so have others not to mention the effect the use has on food and water I feel like they are fine possibly change the amount from 50 to 20
  11. Elijah Johnson

    Gas mask buffs

    I put some pictures of the three gas masks with filters in the dayzrp discord suggestions
  12. Elijah Johnson

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    I felt the server has been having issues on and off for most of this year I’ve found it mostly stable but occasionally there’s lots of crashing. I don’t think it’s the massive bases or content as I’ve seen servers with higher pops and bases that are ridiculous reaching into the sky with no performance problems and also lots of map editions at military bases, towns and traders. Could it be your server providers ?? Or is someone duping as I remember this being a problem in 0.59 or 0.60 builds of UO but that was the old UI so beyond that I don’t know
  13. Elijah Johnson

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Love this group enjoy the roleplay I get from then when we interact regardless of how it goes keep it up guys
  14. Elijah Johnson

    Crusaders [Open Recruitment]

    Congrats love you guys hope it goes well
  15. Elijah Johnson

    Gas mask buffs

    Gas mask is part of the group I’m in it’s like our MO but if it’s removed from the store I’d want a refund at its original price to buy another item and as Roland said he’d rather get rid of tear gas beside I only ever brought it for the dayzrp model which is the nicest gas mask Can’t we add a slot that requires filters for the masks possibly just like batteries in other items
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