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  1. Gary was born in Britain where is anyone’s clue he was raised in Liverpool with a few foster siblings he didn’t really get on well with them. School was alright for Gary he made some friend Doug and Ronald two brothers who’s father was in the armed forces. Gary spent most of his time out of school with the two brothers they were known as DRG or the dragons due to having an unhealthy fascination with fire and arson which ended Doug in jail. Gary finished school but received some minor burns to his leg after being hit by a firework which he and Ronald were shooting at each other for giggles... bloody stupid thing made him spend a week changes dressing as it kept going hammy. At the age of 18 he signed up in the armed services as an officer following his A level grades in school , which everyone was surprised about as he was such an arsehole at school. Serving for three years before attempting the SBS which he failed the Training for he left the Royal Marines and signed up for mercenary work guarding cruise ships. Here on his first tour aboard the cruise ship Sunborn he saw action when pirates attacked the ship off the coast of Sri Lanka they were easy picking with no cover underestimating the sheer number of mercenaries on the cruise ship, after several more cruise ship voyages with no action he was serving his notice when he was contacted by a mysterious employee called Grayshire they were a private security firm that specialised in recruiting ex servicemen the pay seemed good and benefits, didn’t realise that they were owned by none other than Potius Cras. After several years with the company and achieving some success with Operation Black China and Operation Dustbowl he was cleared for B level Operations knowledge as an agent. That’s when he was finally sent on one of the many waves to Chernarus with few other operators.
  2. Elijah Johnson

    The Death Of Uncle Cee (Open Freq.)

    *The man picks up his radio and listens a smile appears across his face and a small chuckle, he picks up the radio and responds with a Cherno Russian accent* Well well... looks like that old prick got what was coming to him shame I didn’t have the pleasure of doing it myself... you Chedaki I thank you for this news it warms my heart just the nephew that needs hunting now... but I have no love for you or your ideals Chedaki hell awaits...Slava Chernarus!! *He releases his PTT and clears his throat before Returning to his rifle and continues stripping and cleaning it*
  3. Elijah Johnson

    Balance Bases and Update Rules

    When the RP mod base items are fixed should be better unfortunately think there were some bugs but once that’s sorted we’ll have loads of cool things like ladders
  4. Elijah Johnson

    Add Check Pulse Mod?

    Unfortunately people massively metagame your name then if used correctly it can be good but it usually gets abused
  5. Nope we started allowing well I met some 12 year sounding kid about a year ago people can just straight up lie on the page unfortunately.
  6. Elijah Johnson

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Issue is to many bandit groups I never remember even in Anarchy’s days there being so many robberies. More like DayzPVP sometimes instead of DayzRP. Getting initiated on 24/7 is kinda boring a 2 hour siege or a 6 hour camping of your base waiting for you to log in to get RDM is boring and crap RP
  7. Elijah Johnson

    False Report?

    Look he commited 2 hostile acts once trying to get a group to imitate on Scar and then he hit him. He also threatened him not to follow so technically 3 hostile actions. Like I said before if your on a final warning why cry over something so petty and report. I have a KOSable character that can be killed at all times without even rp being initiated I’m glad most people don’t just RDM me but it happens. He was salty as he didn’t get his way and then he requested that staff would be biased as they are friends geez it’s not school
  8. Elijah Johnson

    False Report?

    Not friends with either but wasn’t he on amnesty anyway ?? You’ve got to pick your battles sensibly he didn’t NVFL you hit someone with a gun and not expect them to do anything ?? Seriously that’s outright stupid what ScarRP did was anyone’s realistic reaction.
  9. Elijah Johnson

    Make Cars a Little Harder to Obtain

    It be nice to have more logistics
  10. True but Mobs in a frenzy just ban it and be done with it then won’t be no persecution.
  11. I’m calm man honestly . I agree it isn’t actual sexual assault but still why would you RP it doesn’t add any value to the RP.
  12. -User was warned for this post-
  13. You also can take down metal sheet with an axe instead of a sledge hammer but I think 180 seconds is still to short 5-10 minutes would be fine it means being more vigilant and planning ahead before executing a raid. We used to raid bases in exile 3 charges 15 minutes for one wall section at wood, metal 24 minutes 3 charges and concreate 30 minutes for one wall section. This didn’t bother any of us even with the constant respawn grind and constant attack era. I think that 8 minutes for wood and 15 minutes for metal is fair, you have to account a balance for all the resource gathering people do and build time of items. Generally I’m excited for the new base items once the glitch is fixed that crashes the server the models look great and defensible options look awesome. Also think that the specific item for tearing down walls wood (chainsaw requires fuel and blade dull quickly at prolonged time) Metal walls (angle grinder perhaps needs a car battery and metal wire connected to work)
  14. Elijah Johnson

    NLR rule update

    Question what if you don’t return but they end up coming to you ??
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