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  1. Make more sense for nato to take a location like Balota where they can fly in set up already and control an area that place is next too Sinistok in the middle of nowhere nato usually quite public with where they’d base. Like people said leave Nato out of this until loremasters want to use them -1
  2. While I agree with this a rework on tools and amount of uses needs to be done. Otherwise their no point what so ever in more doors or any other base building as your always going to be robbed, everyone will carry around a single axe to get in due to it not ruining on destruction of the door like the walls used to from the outside. We may as well go back to 0.62 days of tents with camo netting and hoping for the best then the large groups logging off with 20 assault rifles each night. On another point if we did have BB back then I’d say BB plus and have admins only build for factions or hubs with max three gates/doors/walls
  3. I think this would be a great role-play addition and stop cars from having magical items pop through the ceiling or texture clipping . @MasonMakes a good point I do believe it allows faster access to your weapon. I haven’t had experience of ghost bullets however that usually due to the holding R to reload, bugs your character out more often since one of dayz’s amazing patches.
  4. If you did this the axe handle would split into splinters long time before you made it through the door they are not exactly slim doors Even a fire axe with its thickness wouldn’t make much headway. Also I think all tools used on doors should become ruined to destroy them otherwise you can just break through and repair each time. Honestly from what little experience I’ve had bases/door pointless as there’s no balance currently best to just be a nomad carry everything you own like the 0.62 days
  5. *Gideon presses the PTT takes a deep breath before talking in a British accent with slips of chernorussian at times* I don’t know who’s listening... my name is Gideon Tolva, my father and I own....owned a farm outside of Sinistok..He’s missing and our farm has been ransacked...it’s overrun with the infected..my fathers missing his name is Grisha Tolva a chernorussian nationalist He’s in his late fifties short grey hair and a beard.....I hope you are alive out there and I’m searching for you dad..please anyone if you hear anything let me know...but if you try something to take advantage I am armed and I know how to use my weapon..I will be making my way to Novodmitrovsk and then to Berezino... *Gideon releases his PTT and sighs, he re-attaches his radio to his backpack and unslings his Ak-74 as he walks down the road aiming at a charging infected*
  6. Elijah Johnson


    @Leik Welcome back from the pilgrimage
  7. Hey @CJBB Looking good man I hope this goes really well and look forward to an IC interaction with you guys.
  8. I think different tool for different types of doors is fine means sledgehammer has some use other than one hit knockout it has
  9. Having a bridge makes it harder to defend more people can cross it easily without having to take some damage from swimming also if your a pre-emptive defender you can catch them at the beach or in the water part way through and force them back. Like someone said previously bridge looks ugly only benefit is you can take a car across which isn’t worth the minor frame/performance drops for everyone in the area
  10. Gideon was born in Liverpool to a poor Chernorussian/English family nothing significant. His parents were His father Grisha he was a butcher and His mother Margaret was a maid in a hotel, his mother died during a rape in incident at the hotel when he was 13 years of age. His early life was mostly uneventful and full of chores and work, he was forced to support his parents with minor tasks from the age of 8. He had no siblings or real friends and once he finished school applied for the army so he could travel. Military life suited Gideon I was gritty and rough but gave something he didn’t have “a purpose”. He fought in several wars in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan he left the army after 10 years, his father still alive but old had moved back to Chernarus to the old family farm outside Sinistok which he had inherited of his late brother some five years ago. Life was hard and Gideon would go down to Novaya Petroka at the end of his work days to drink usually getting into an argument with some local for no reason... his anger landed him in the cells for the might but , when the morning came his father was there to bail him out.. One day he woke up to lots of noise... and that’s when his journey as a survivor began...
  11. Livonia was never great it was just a false illusion created to make BI more money and we all fell for it Chernarus until Namalsk comes back.... we were scammed.... for some new buildings and a lazy built map.
  12. While I have had some amazing roleplay experiences, unfortunately I haven’t had any that brought me to tear while playing Dayzrp at least. Most of the time I find the roleplay very dry and lifeless, sometimes it feels more like a meme I’m hoping this improves and look forward to seeing the changes once I return from a break. I believe that hostile roleplay has also lacked and is instead replaced by constant PvP or robbing people with initiations instead of threats, intimidation’s and raising conflicts to a point where they actually carry weight and consequence instead of just a PvP battle. Groups also seem to be unwilling to declare war on each other due to the ramifications that their members may suffer and the extra vigilance they would need to take when entering an area. Anyhow I look forward to seeing what changes have been made in the community and the old/new groups that have appeared and what they have done to progress the story/narrative of the world.
  13. The old weapon damage mechanics before 0.62 were way better and more realistic than they are currently. +1 for this return of the Scorpion
  14. Base building is necessary though the amount of gates can be ridiculous while it makes sense for people to protect their stuff and wanting to have easy access to more stuff if they die or get robbed is also understandable there was a base on Chernarus that got raided into the last two/three weeks which was insane I haven’t ever seen that much gear in one place or that much storage and this is coming from someone who was 503 and Corporation hell we protected our stuff especially seeing 80-90% of people wanted to steal/kill or just generally attack us would be suicide if we didn’t have like 8 gates with that many people wanting to do us harm. Prefabs and a controlled number of gates not walls is important but removing base building and putting something like more doors need a dedicated raiding tool/ limited storage per group possible more for an official one. We have people here saying in one thread let people choose how they want to play and on another boycotting someone else’s play style. While I prefer 1st person PvP as it’s more immersive and serious with more risk the. Holding a corner while magically seeing through a wall in 3rd person and not agreeing with peoples comments the same applies here. I don’t think it needs to change if you don’t like how hard bases are to get in then don’t raid them or if you want to raid it then don’t complain if you waste your time.
  15. I think they have given a lot more roleplay than half the people questioning this with there sarcastic comments
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