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  1. simply not what I said. don't be inflammatory.
  2. looks like fun, I join two days ago and now don't get to play for two months! I mean what's the point if the group can't initiate, it's supposed to be an aggressive influence on the server. That's its very purpose. EDIT: by that I meant that without the ability to initiate, the group is hampered, not that the group needs to be KOS'ing, because I guess that wasn't obvious
  3. Son of fisherman Michal Vezduko, was conscripted and placed in a logistics company who saw little to no conflict. The Vezduko family, peasant stock, held deep sympathies for the National Party and their pro-Chernarussian agenda. Sita was influenced by his father's experience as a volunteer early on in the Civil War, but after his father had to have both legs amputated, Sita became disenchanted with the CDF and began leading towards NAPA forces. Thus, began the spiral to nationalism. The Vezduko family suffered immensely. The outbreak meant that their existence in an urban environment was threatened every day, and the income which the Vezdukos relied on, primarily from fishing, was damaged by increased tension between the CDF and Russia. The family lived in south Balota, where CDF forces were stationed to defend from actively prodding Russian naval forces. Very little Western support could make it to the city, and the people starved en masse. Sita Vezduko did not starve. He kept up with NAPA and after his brief tenure as a noncombatant in the CDF, Sita became a rifleman with one of the NAPA guards while on "sick leave." Since, he has served proudly, hoping that his mother and country can be safe from foreign invaders, traitors within, and the intolerable undead.
  4. No matter what I try, I can't link my Steam account to my profile here. I've tried on everything.
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