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  1. Hello, I was indeed involved in this situation, calling myself Mr M. POV: I and Elliott had gone to Cherno to see if anyone was still there as we had heard that there were settlements there. After checking the apartments for said settlements we stumbled across a quiet man in the shed down the hill. At first, we both thought he was in deep thought. This theory was soon shattered as the quiet man, who is the suspect in this report, pushed open the door to the shed and broke out in a sprint behind some sandbags and later down the road west. Throughout the encounter, we did not act hostile, we had weapons out but never pointed it at the suspect, nor did we give chase. It was kind of disappointing that the suspect didn't want to RP and choose to run, I wish that he learns from this. It is up to @Rover and the staff team how this report proceeds, but I wish this lesson could be learnt without a punishment. Edit: I'd also like to point out that the suspect had not talked at all thought out the encounter, not voip nor text.
  2. "I "Player(@Hellios Stalieno)" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character." //Signed by @Hellios Stalieno
  3. @Descendants I've tried to make contact with Brayce (11/15/2018 3.00pm NZST) and was unsuccessful. I had contacted RandyRP on the server's discord to try make contact. I will reattempt to make contact tomorrow.
  4. By the way @DaCup won't be able to reply for 2 or 3 days sorry. @Descendants
  5. Used the alias Eden. First of all, I really enjoyed my encounter with all of you and feel bad it had to end that way. George North's POV: First encounter: I was searching Severograd for some sewing kits as my Messiah @DaCup was in need of some to repair his clothing. While searching Serverograd when I encounter Lord Edwin Ashford (Sorry for being unable to pronounce your name). The encounter started with both side probing each other for information and motives.This is the point I asked “Is there anything I can do for you?” and “Do you have a sewing kit I may borrow?” (Not the best word to use, “borrow”, as I needed to get the sewing kit to my Messiah). Lord Edwin Ashford kindly agreed and turned on his radio to ask his people if they had one. While we were waiting for his people that I decided it was a good idea to tell my Messiah of my location and status; I turned on my own radio to inform him (keep in mind while I was in Severograd hunting down sewing kits and I had my radio off to avoid attracting the blighted one (Zombies)). [Conversation on the radio] I was informing my Messiah of my location (like a idiot I am I gave wrong directions leading them too far east; to near the school (not at the school) this where the problem occurred)) I then gave my status to the Messiah saying “I am alright don’t worry about me I am with some kind people in east Severograd. The leader of these people wishes to speak to you Messiah.” My allies on the radio came to the conclusion that I had been taken hostage and was forced to luring them in, however this was not the case. I quick yelled in the radio “No, no, no, no, no I am perfectly fine I haven’t been taken hostage!”, this is possibly when an ally may have said “I see them I’mma kill those bustards” (Again I can’t be sure as there was to many people speaking along with me saying “No, no no”. I immediately inform the kind group of people “You gonna get out of here may allies think you have taken me hostage!” as to avoid a violent confrontation. I then asked the Messiah himself where he was to show him I was safe and the kind people are no threat. The Messiah ordered me south to where to a railroad was and then east until I find a blighted priest (I did). After this, my Messiah gave me another order to act liaison for converting the people I had previously talked to (who were now located near the church). Second encounter: As per my order I was to talk to the non-believing people of the group I found earlier. I was informed over the radio there was 4 people, 3 with red tops and one with a green shirt. *This is my first ever engagement with a group where I was to convert them, my hands were shaky and my breathing was heavy (I so glad that didn’t hear that on the mic) *. Once the conversion started, I started talking about our beliefs, (knowing that Lord Edwin Ashford was the leader of their group and convincing him meant convincing the lot; I target the “head” of the group (person in charge)), with my Messiah’s demands (demands were to take off their shoes to show they follow our gods commandments) and knowledge of our Deity. After Lord Edwin Ashford had disconnect I was immediately worried that my Messiah’s demands would now fall short and none of the others there would listen to what I had to say (Thank you @(insert name here) for continuing the RP my heart stopped beating till you stood forwards to continue). This is when I felt even more nervous knowing that I had only been speaking to 3 people (I’d remembered been told there were 4 people which bought to light the question of where he was). In this moment of hesitation, the Messiah gave me confidence my telling me the words he wanted me to tell the non-believers directly through my radio (I have my radio out with my Messiah instructing me through it). After telling them the speech my Messiah had wanted them to know, which was about our beliefs again, I asked them to remove their shoes. This is when Lord Edwin Ashford had told one of his allies to put her shoes back on. This made me extremely worried knowing their fate if my Messiah’s demands were not meet (you can hear me nervously laugh on my mic as my anxiety was through the roof. My mic was also toggled on unintentionally thus allowing them to hear it). So, I tried to see reason with the kind lady but knew that I needed to convince Lord Edwin Ashford if we wanted to avoid their deaths. At this moment I became more force full telling them it was my Messiahs last demand to take off their shoes is no further negotiations. I was meet with them denying my Messiah’s demand. I thought it wise to inform the Messiah of their decision, this was replied with “this is their last chance”. I informed them again of the Messiahs word in hopes they’d change their minds. I said aloud “As a messenger, I’ve been told to tell you that this is your last chance to take off your shoes. This is unnegotiable.” This was my final line to Lord Edwin Ashford and his group because instead of abiding to my Messiah’s demands he asks to speak to my Messiah about why he what’s to remove their shoes even after already being informed earlier (which was part of telling them about what our beliefs are; ‘that their shoes break their connection to the earth thus clouding their eyes from the light’. One of the reasons you hear me ask the girl in Lord Edwin Ashford’s video if she could see the light and telling him that because he had shoes on, he couldn’t see the light). This led to Lord Edwin Ashford receiving a bullet from my Messiah (ending his life), the next few shots were targeted at the man in the green shirt who was also non-compliant with my Messiah’s demands (the man in the green shirt ran pretty much side by side with the kind lady which probably tricked her into thinking we were shooting at her). I believe personally that the intent was clear telling them that my Messiah’s demand is unnegotiable, meaning we are not willing to reach a compromise or discuss further (caused by the fact I had already told them our beliefs, my Messiah’s demand, and the deity we praise) and that it is their last chance showed we are not going to ask again (as you can see in the video, I did ask twice due to me not wanting my Messiah to engage them). Watching Lord Edwin’s video, it appeared that the kind lady was aware this was a threat whenever I said “this is their last chance with no negotiations.” After saying this, she said on her personal OOC comms “Take off your fuck’n shoes.” and “Oh god, take off you fuck’n shoes. I do not want to get shot and robbed outside of fuck’n Severograd.”
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