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  1. Hellios Stalieno


  2. James was the only child in his family and was brought up to succeed. In his first few years of schooling, he struggled with the education and was deemed a trouble maker by the school. This lead to James's father Eric taking him out of school to be homeschooled as the school had refused to let James proceed any further. During the time James was homeschooled he was taught basic education (English, math, science, etc) and learnt how to hunt. Eric was able to teach James how to hunt on the farmland he owned and was able to teach James basic education through his own education. At the age of 13, he was sent to board at NBHS (Napier boy high school). As James was homeschooled most of his schooling life he didn't know how to socialize with the already developing groups at the school. James education at NBHS went well achieving NCEA level 1,2 and 3 meaning he had gained university entrance. At university, James studied communication and language. After the 5 year course, he had achieved 2 degrees and started his search for a job to cement this achievement. This was how James found Potius Cras where they found his knowledge for language and degrees for communication useful. After working for Potius Cras for about a year they saw fit to deploy James as an agent in Chernarus to gather information from local residents that would aid fellow operatives on the field.
  3. Born to the lavish family know as the Blacksmith family, Richard's childhood was rather plush. Richard was never the type of kid that would do any good at sports and would go out of his was to not compete in any if possible. Instead, Richard was fond of book studying an assortment of different topics. This is what inspire him to learn different languages to open his spectrum of books even further. Upon completion of his schooling Richard had already learnt 3 different language still desired more. Richard went on to travel over sea to [Reducted] to work for [Reducted] in which head work as office branch member. During Richard time with [Reducted] he had put a recommendation in for his brother Nolan Blacksmith who was currently unemployed and was at the moment "on a adventure" traveling the over seas. As of present day Richard is working as a logistical expert located in [Reducted]. Character is abled to be killed on sight. Character is permanently dead if killed by another player
  4. Nolan was brought up around farming with his schooling mainly being home school. This kind of up bringing has taught Nolan valuable skills of farm, hunting, survival techniques and standard education. Upon the age of 16 Nolan had started his adventure into the world but would shortly be interrupted but the outbreak in Cheuro Russia. During Nolans adventure he had been traveling thought Chearus when he had been beaten and robbed left with only basic supplies. Nolan now awakens to the world with no recollection of the last 7 years and left with only minimal supplies.
  5. Hellios Stalieno

    Bad RP | Invalid Kill | East Severograd | 1:20

    @Descendants I've tried to make contact with Brayce (11/15/2018 3.00pm NZST) and was unsuccessful. I had contacted RandyRP on the server's discord to try make contact. I will reattempt to make contact tomorrow.
  6. Hellios Stalieno

    Bad RP | Invalid Kill | East Severograd | 1:20

    By the way @DaCup won't be able to reply for 2 or 3 days sorry. @Descendants
  7. Hellios Stalieno

    Bad RP | Invalid Kill | East Severograd | 1:20

    Used the alias Eden. First of all, I really enjoyed my encounter with all of you and feel bad it had to end that way. George North's POV: First encounter: I was searching Severograd for some sewing kits as my Messiah @DaCup was in need of some to repair his clothing. While searching Serverograd when I encounter Lord Edwin Ashford (Sorry for being unable to pronounce your name). The encounter started with both side probing each other for information and motives.This is the point I asked “Is there anything I can do for you?” and “Do you have a sewing kit I may borrow?” (Not the best word to use, “borrow”, as I needed to get the sewing kit to my Messiah). Lord Edwin Ashford kindly agreed and turned on his radio to ask his people if they had one. While we were waiting for his people that I decided it was a good idea to tell my Messiah of my location and status; I turned on my own radio to inform him (keep in mind while I was in Severograd hunting down sewing kits and I had my radio off to avoid attracting the blighted one (Zombies)). [Conversation on the radio] I was informing my Messiah of my location (like a idiot I am I gave wrong directions leading them too far east; to near the school (not at the school) this where the problem occurred)) I then gave my status to the Messiah saying “I am alright don’t worry about me I am with some kind people in east Severograd. The leader of these people wishes to speak to you Messiah.” My allies on the radio came to the conclusion that I had been taken hostage and was forced to luring them in, however this was not the case. I quick yelled in the radio “No, no, no, no, no I am perfectly fine I haven’t been taken hostage!”, this is possibly when an ally may have said “I see them I’mma kill those bustards” (Again I can’t be sure as there was to many people speaking along with me saying “No, no no”. I immediately inform the kind group of people “You gonna get out of here may allies think you have taken me hostage!” as to avoid a violent confrontation. I then asked the Messiah himself where he was to show him I was safe and the kind people are no threat. The Messiah ordered me south to where to a railroad was and then east until I find a blighted priest (I did). After this, my Messiah gave me another order to act liaison for converting the people I had previously talked to (who were now located near the church). Second encounter: As per my order I was to talk to the non-believing people of the group I found earlier. I was informed over the radio there was 4 people, 3 with red tops and one with a green shirt. *This is my first ever engagement with a group where I was to convert them, my hands were shaky and my breathing was heavy (I so glad that didn’t hear that on the mic) *. Once the conversion started, I started talking about our beliefs, (knowing that Lord Edwin Ashford was the leader of their group and convincing him meant convincing the lot; I target the “head” of the group (person in charge)), with my Messiah’s demands (demands were to take off their shoes to show they follow our gods commandments) and knowledge of our Deity. After Lord Edwin Ashford had disconnect I was immediately worried that my Messiah’s demands would now fall short and none of the others there would listen to what I had to say (Thank you @(insert name here) for continuing the RP my heart stopped beating till you stood forwards to continue). This is when I felt even more nervous knowing that I had only been speaking to 3 people (I’d remembered been told there were 4 people which bought to light the question of where he was). In this moment of hesitation, the Messiah gave me confidence my telling me the words he wanted me to tell the non-believers directly through my radio (I have my radio out with my Messiah instructing me through it). After telling them the speech my Messiah had wanted them to know, which was about our beliefs again, I asked them to remove their shoes. This is when Lord Edwin Ashford had told one of his allies to put her shoes back on. This made me extremely worried knowing their fate if my Messiah’s demands were not meet (you can hear me nervously laugh on my mic as my anxiety was through the roof. My mic was also toggled on unintentionally thus allowing them to hear it). So, I tried to see reason with the kind lady but knew that I needed to convince Lord Edwin Ashford if we wanted to avoid their deaths. At this moment I became more force full telling them it was my Messiahs last demand to take off their shoes is no further negotiations. I was meet with them denying my Messiah’s demand. I thought it wise to inform the Messiah of their decision, this was replied with “this is their last chance”. I informed them again of the Messiahs word in hopes they’d change their minds. I said aloud “As a messenger, I’ve been told to tell you that this is your last chance to take off your shoes. This is unnegotiable.” This was my final line to Lord Edwin Ashford and his group because instead of abiding to my Messiah’s demands he asks to speak to my Messiah about why he what’s to remove their shoes even after already being informed earlier (which was part of telling them about what our beliefs are; ‘that their shoes break their connection to the earth thus clouding their eyes from the light’. One of the reasons you hear me ask the girl in Lord Edwin Ashford’s video if she could see the light and telling him that because he had shoes on, he couldn’t see the light). This led to Lord Edwin Ashford receiving a bullet from my Messiah (ending his life), the next few shots were targeted at the man in the green shirt who was also non-compliant with my Messiah’s demands (the man in the green shirt ran pretty much side by side with the kind lady which probably tricked her into thinking we were shooting at her). I believe personally that the intent was clear telling them that my Messiah’s demand is unnegotiable, meaning we are not willing to reach a compromise or discuss further (caused by the fact I had already told them our beliefs, my Messiah’s demand, and the deity we praise) and that it is their last chance showed we are not going to ask again (as you can see in the video, I did ask twice due to me not wanting my Messiah to engage them). Watching Lord Edwin’s video, it appeared that the kind lady was aware this was a threat whenever I said “this is their last chance with no negotiations.” After saying this, she said on her personal OOC comms “Take off your fuck’n shoes.” and “Oh god, take off you fuck’n shoes. I do not want to get shot and robbed outside of fuck’n Severograd.”
  8. Eden Petite was born Bordeaux. Eden's parents are Edgar and Rose Petite. The first 5 years of Eden were spent home where he received homeschooling from his parents. The relationship he had with his parent was far from the norm as Edgar and Rose and treated Eden's upbringing as an experiment. An example of this is during most interactions between Eden and his parent they would write down note in dairies they bother kept on hand. In the year 2000 Edgar, Rose, and Eden left for Novigrad in Chernarus. The only explaination Eden got was that it was work related.
  9. This Character is alive. This character is a KOS character and is able to be killed on sight. George was born in England and was raise but strict parents who could be considered elitists. During George's childhood, he was forced into army cadets by his father Charles Northee who was in the British army as a sergeant. George's mother, on the other hand, was a teacher and was knowledgeable in multiple languages. George's mother's name was Elisabeth Inzberg and she was of French/German descent. When George was 18 he already had a good education in both medical and linguistics. As George got on with life in medical research he was offered a position in Potius Cras as a research operative. During his work with Potius Cras George as been around various diseases and finds them curious. George has been believed to have sacrificed friendly units to learn more about some various diseases. One of the last operations handed to George was research to be conducted in Chernorussia.
  10. This Character is dead. This character is a KOS character and is able to be killed on sight. Operator Dylan Lyion or otherwise known as “Staghorn”. Dlyan was born in New Zealand and was raised out in the countryside. Dlyan’s mother was America and father was Chernorussian. Due to his life in the countryside he became adapt to hunting, camping in the wilderness and spotting. Dlyan’s parents would frequently took him to their birth countries for holidays. When Dylan reached the age of 19 he applied multiple time and was rejected. Dlyan instead looked for a mercenary like job which was similar to joining the New Zealand Defense Forces. This is when Dylan found “RPNC” in which he was instructed to defend a V.I.P who was attending a weapons trade convention. During this Dylan was scouted by Potius Cras while attending WTC as the VIP was attacked by a hostile force. During this Dylan managed to defend off the attack and save the V.I.P. While being in Potius Cras he meet Denton Fitz and became very close friends.
  11. Hellios Stalieno was a man brought up in a foreign land to Chernarus. Hellios speaks English, Russian, and Chernorussian. Hellios had an easy upbringing with a good education. During Hellios's childhood, he became familiar with using weapons from his uncle for he was a gun infusest. Hellios was studying accountancy and during his vacation off from studying would travel to Chernarus. After hellios had graduated drop university with a bachelor of accountancy he found a job in Russia. Hellios still had a passion for weapons of war and would often go to shooting ranges to keep in touch with the skills he had picked up from his childhood and to keep his uncle in mind as he was like a father figure to him. When Hellios heard there was a cruise heading to Chernarus he thought it would make a great holiday so he booked tickets and hopped on. Unfortunately for him, the cruise would later sink off the coast of Chernarus. Hellios bearly survived and was stranded with nothing by this damp clothes. When Hellios finally made it to civilisation he knew something was off and at first thinking, it was another war breaking out in Chernarus. This was wrong as Hellios had his first encounter with one of the "infected". Hellios managed to survive and eventually found another group of people that were about to head to Georgia as they heard there was an extraction point for survivors. During this trip with the survivors, Hellios learned about the events that lead to the outbreak. This group of survivors and Hellios wouldn't make it to Georgia however as they were ambushed but an organised group of bandits that were ex CDF. : During the ambushed most of the survivors were killed and on Hellios and 2 others survived. One of the bandits were about to "gonna have some fun" as he placed his hands around hellios's neck to strangle him to death. This was interrupted by a hoard of infected flooding the road being attracted by the gunshots. Hellios managed to hide in the brush of a nearby flora. The other survivors were unlucky and were killed by the passing hoard. Hellios had also fallen unconscious only to wake up to the bodies of the fallen survivors disappearing as they had turned and had moved on from his location.
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