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  1. Would be cool to see spray cans put back in the game with the option to add these textures on to your rifle. Awesome stuff.
  2. Bro are those PS1 trees that's dope
  3. Swords fall under hunting loot, you'll find them in the little stalls, hunting stores, and castles. Happy slicing.
  4. Slava Chernarus! I'm pretty sure Honza had the top one on a poster.
  5. A strong British accent cuts through the air "Hello there! My name is Clive, Clive Hastings. Formerly of the Special Air Service. I've been travelling for quite some time, but truthfully told I've become bored. I'm seeking the next adventure, an opportunity to become the daring young man I once was once again. Seek me out at the soup kitchen, or contact me on my private frequency. I miss the violence, as bad as it sounds. Who dares wins, chaps. See you soon.
  6. Awesome stuff, always good to have another reason to come back to Chernarus. See you soon.
  7. Doesn't fit with the deep and long-established lore of the server. Issa no from me bud.
  8. Yeah. Fistfights can kill you.
  9. But how else will my elderly character fulfil his dream of becoming a soundcloud rapper? We don't have face tattoos in-game yet damnit. The Glock 19 is vanilla, the Glock 18 from a mod. But since the G18 is just a retexture of the G19 that fires in full auto, surely making the mod's mag compatible with both isn't impossible for our esteemed dev team.
  10. Pretty simple really, as both are the same calibre and IRL the mags are compatible. I have a mighty need for a stendo.
  11. I support this entirely as long as you also post a KOS waiver
  12. IMO the current system is fine. You already receive a lot of guidance through the whole process, but the backstory section is an opportunity for you to let your creativity flow and show the kind of characters you're capable of creating and want to play. Giving a rigid guideline on that process hinders the imagination and doesn't give you the opportunity to showcase your abilities.
  13. A British accent crackles across the airwaves through a battered radio handset: "God forbid two sides of the story get told. If these chaps are as nasty as you claim, ma'am, then time and action will make that clear. Good luck to you young man, and stay safe on the roads. It's nice to have a little return to norma-" The voice fades out and cuts off, the radio handset seemingly deciding to give up.
  14. Little write-up of the encounter. Hopefully next time is a bit less backbreaking.
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