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  1. he grew up in the big city of new york. His father was a news journalist for one of the bigger news companies at the time. Since Joseph's father was a news journalist, growing up he always wanted to be just like his father. Luckily for him on his 19th birthday his father hooked him up with a job as a news journalist at the same company his father worked at. After a few years they put Joseph on the international affairs team. He heard of rising tensions between Chernarus & Russia and thought it would make an interesting story, so on may 20th, 2017 he flew out to Chernarus to get a report on the situation. When he arrived he noticed that many people had just gotten up and left because of the rumor of civil war. He was there for about a month and a half getting information from local news industries and local civilians. Then, the day came, July 7th, 2017. Joseph was in the city of Berezino, when he heard of an insane virus coming from the north of the country. But by the time he heard of the infection, all the Airports, docks, and main highways either closed or were too backed up. There was no escape for Joseph, he knew he had to make friends to survive, because he couldn't do it on his own. So that's exactly what he did, Joseph overheard that a group of refugees were traveling south to Elektrozavodsk and traveled together with them. By the time they got there all of the boats at the dock had already sailed off. It was just him and a few other survivors in Elektro. He met a girl there, she was originally from Russia but went to chernarus on some sort of business trip, she never really specified what for. They traveled north together and waited it out in a small log cabin a few miles north of Elektrozavodsk. That was until winter hit and the girl he had been with for the past several months died from the cold conditions. It broke his heart, he was alone in a silent, infested death country. There had to be more than just him that survived though, right? So on that day, he left his log cabin and went into the snow looking for a group to take him in and a new family to be a part of.
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