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  1. Richard David Cooper A.K.A Ricky was born in Glasgow in January 2000 to a Scottish father and a Northern Irish mother, he stayed in a town just outside of Glasgow for 17 years until his fathers company had gone under and he was made to relocate to Chernarus. He brought his family along with them and they moved to a town called Zelenegorsk where young Ricky got a job as a mechanics apprentice. Ricky hoped to learn a lot under his mentor and had already started to learn quite a bit. But before he could get comfortable in his new environment a unknown virus broke out in the country and the whole place turned to chaos. Ricky lost his family to the infection but was taken in by a family that lived close to him and who also hailed from Scotland, the Green family. He was armed only with the tools he had for his job. The Green family helped Ricky deal with the loss of his family and treated him as one of their own. Ricky has promised the family and himself that he will do his best to ensure the survival of the family even if he has to put his own life on the line for them.
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