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  1. Zolotov was born in 1942 in a town of Rep'yevka in The U.S.S.R when the war was still at war with each other. Zolotov grew up without his father for a bit because he was in the war fighting the exciding Germans. Zolotov grew up on a farm with many animals to keep him occupied and out of his mother’s hair so she could do jobs around the crops and the animals. Zolotov’s mother was tall and thin with pail skin, she had long beautiful black hair that was always put up in a neat bun when she had to do jobs around the farm, at the end of the day she would sit in Zolotov’s fathers chair and nit and let her beautiful long hair down, when she stood up straight her hair could touch her lower back. She was the sweetest person to everyone she met always waving and greeting people with a smiles, all the kids thought she was the prettiest woman in the whole town. All the grandmothers in the town say to Zolotov that he looks just like his mother, he didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. November 23 1945, Zolotov’s father comes home ready to see his family again after a long time at war, Zolotov father tells Zolotov that he had befriended a man the lives in the next town over and would love to meet them all. At the time Zolotov did not realize his father’s mental scars that he had but he had hid them very well because he could lie like a snake in the grass. When the family left their home to go visit Zolotov’s fathers friend he didn’t know what to expect but when they got there they were met by a bear of a man that toward over all three of them, Zolotov would just stand there not knowing what to do. The silence was broken by laughter and hugging Zolotov’s father induces the man, Rah, Zolotov’s father quickly introduces everyone, his mother goes in for a hand shake but is picked up from the man and hugged held in a bear hug, she just laughs. The man also picks up Zolotov and swings around with a big hug and tell him that his father has told a lot about him. They all walk inside and is introduced to the Rah’s family. Rah’s wife stands next to the stove storing a pot and smells amazing and a little girl running around the kitchen helping Rah’s wife, she is the same age of Zolotov maybe a year older. The young girl had short red hair that just touches her shoulders and freckles scattered around her face and arms. Her eyes are bright blue and smile that could kill any man. Rah’s family lived in the middle of their town which was wired for Zolotov because he lived on the outside of town and the only time that he would go into town was for school but other than that he stayed on the outside of town on his farm. When Zolotov grew up he kept Rah’s daughter as a friend close by, Tanya. Zolotov would always invite Tanya over to play on his farm, when she first went she was very confused and didn’t want to get very dirty by the end of the day she was covered head to toe in dirt. They were very close and never left each other’s side. In Zolotov’s teen years he started to gather feelings for Tanya, when Zolotov was 17 he asked her if she wanted to go to the pictures with him, she said yes without letting Zolotov finishing. By the time they were both 18 they were both deeply in love and Zolotov took a leap of faith and asked Tanya to marry him, she said yes without letting him finish. They got married two years later. More to come
  2. David was born in a small town in Oklahoma in the year 1996, his parents didn't really care for him so he was left to his own devises a lot. David struggled in school a lot and failed all of his classes leading up to his senior years at school, he then came to a cross road where his chooses where to drop of school and join the US Rangers or to continue and fail schooling all together, he chose the US Rangers. When he confronted his Mother and Father about dropping out of school they told him to leave and never come back home because he is no longer welcome in there house. Ranger School was no walk in the park for David, it stranded him in every way possible, he was pushed to the absolute max. Waking up at 5 in the morning then going for a 2 hour run then PT for 5 hours getting yelled at for 2 hours then lunch witch contained shit on shingles then for a run instill 12 at night then bed, then do it all again. In his time in Ranger school he befriend a man called Dan, they became really good friends by shit talking some of the Sargent's on there runs. David like Dan because he was the only real friend hes ever had, the best way to explain them is Forrest and Bubba they never left each others side. David and Dan where in the same section when they where sent over to Afghanistan. Even over there they never left each others side, they went over there to do there job and that's what they did. Most of there orders where to check villages and to see if there where any houses holding Taliban or weapons for the Taliban. But someones luck had to run out some time, when Dan and David where searching one of the houses a Taliban jumped out and shot Dan in the chest. David shot the Taliban man before he got another shot on him, David did everything in his power to save Dan. David told Dan that he was going to make it but Dan knew that the shot was to fatal and was losing blood to fast to do anything, Dan garbed Davids hand and said 'thank you'. Dan slowly slipped away and his hand slipped through Davids hand, David knew he was gore. A few weeks later David fell out of a chopper and broke his leg, he was discharged from the army. David goes back home to Oklahoma and his parents where not happy to see him. His parents yell at him to get out of there house and to never ever come back, David had to sleep in the next door neighbors house for a night. When David woke up there was a ticket to Chernarus and a note from his mother, it read 'son I know we have not been kind to you all your life but i just want you to know that i love you vary much and this is the best thing i can do for you, i bought you a ticket to Chernarus so you can help your Grand Father on his farm hes going to need it. I've always loved you and i know I've not been the best mother but this is how i'm repaying you, giving you a better home. I love you vary much, from your loving mother.' David moved into a two store house with his Grandfather Pepa and his Grandmother Neena, when David arrived at the farm house he was greeted by to beautifully aged faces, they both where in there 90's and they both still work because they love there farm. David stayed in a tiny room but it worked. The Farm was near a town called Myshkino, where David got the shopping needed for the house. First week there he was taught how to work the tractor and how to hook up the wheat harvester, when to move the cows to the other field and how to do that, how to feed the cows and how to harvest there milk, he also gets taught when vegetables are ready to pick and when to leave them and where to pick up the hay and where to put it for the cows. Davids days where busy again like when he was at Ranger school but he didn't mind working all day, it help him get his mind off everything. His day went like this he started his day off with washing cloths then putting them out to dry, then wash dishes, then move the hay, feed the cows, take the tractor out to the wheat field, collect the wheat, check if any vegetables are ready to be picked, move cows to other filed, take truck to store to get shopping got the house, come home put away shopping and then help Neena with make dinner. David started to feel at home and started to enjoy his new family, he started to enjoy life again. Neena passed away in her sleep, Pepa plunges into a deep depression, but who can blame him he lost his wife that he was married to for 70 years. Neena was buried in the back yard. Davids work load got doubled because Pepa didn't want to do anything anymore he just sat on his couch and blackly watched the TV. A few weeks later Pepa dies in his sleep and David is alone again and is lost what to do now. David tries to keep the farm alive for Pepa and Neena. One day when David was moving hay he spotted someone in the field just standing there with no signs of life it seemed. David yells at him telling him that this is his land, the man sharply turns and looks at him and starts running turds him. In those split seconds his mind set snaps back to Ranger mind set and throws the man over his head and on to the floor. The man gets back up and charges turds him again this time David grabs his arm and snaps it and pushes him to the ground. The man once again gets up and runs turds David, he grabs the man and smashes his head agents a fence post. David kills him so in pure panic he drags the body out the back behind the house and leaves him in the woods so the wolfs will get to him. Days go by and David starts to realize changes around town like people disappearing. David finally learns about the virus. He is alone again in Chernarus