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  1. RpgPanda


    Thanks for giving me the warm welcome, into Renaissance, and then accepting me as one of yours! After reading all of this too, i thought it was great and i had made a good life choice for mark, really can't wait for more interesting RP!
  2. Yes!, the teddybear stuff was great, and kept becoming a topic through out the night, Loved the RP with everyone tonight but to give a few names that stood out and made it a blast, @Kain @AbeRedA the black roses guys too, as well as Jack, hoping for more RP like that in the future!
  3. RpgPanda

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    People would "realistically" start robbing day one, because shit hit the fan, hearing such things of people eating each other and killing each other in the north of your country is enough to drive alot of people mad, and full of fear people would act based of their survival instinct, Kill themselves or attack others for their stuff because they're scared they wont have enough that'd just be day one. We're talking almost a year now, shit would still be just as bad, fear should be around every corner you don't go around expecting to have conversation with every person you should be scared they'll want what you have or worse they have horrible things in mind for you, you'd never know you have and should be paranoid of every individual you meet even if they seem chill. Hate to drag a TV show into but the group terminus from the TWD, they're eat other people and trick them into a false sense of security, that was a less then two years into the outbreak, in a country like America food was that scarce for them (sure it's a TV show) but it's quite a real standard people would've taken shit from others to survive even others lives to feed themselves. I shouldn't have to due to the way hostilities are but i still don't trust anyone even my close friends because i know there's every possibility if shit really goes bad, why wouldn't even your friends turn their back on you for their own lives. As for Cars they should be good for a few more years but Dayz standard likes De-syncing them into trees, posts, or anything it can get its hands on. Just my opinion though guys but there's certainly more arguments for removal then against.
  4. Sometimes it fixes it, if you recently got out of a car me and my friends found it happens then to but just geting i double tapping alt in the car then getting out should fix the issue
  5. RpgPanda

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    To be fair when i first joined, i was new to RP in games, but despite this rule i figured some people would continue to rob people kinda regardless like one of you said yeah there's bad eggs that abuse it and provide lets be real, very shit RP those said robbers wouldn't have even spoken to me unless i tried communicating first, and i hate that, im meant to be in fear in that situation and scared for my life. with the Rule itself i do think it'd be great to remove it from a time i've been here as it'd be far more realistic people coming along and robbing individuals who are there for food, water, Weapons, ammo etc. (maybe even personally items just to hurt the person if they disliked said character). The only thing i've really seen from that rule is the fact i can basically say no to some robbers to them doing stuff and basically not being able to take hostile action or do much because my character decided i'd rather keep my stuff all because they failed to make me feel intimidated or scared. I'd much rather feel those emotions in my character when getting robbed so i wouldn't argue remove it entirely but maybe tweak it a bit and make it more easy going as robbery would be a very daily thing, hell even murder would be in these times and i think people genuinely in fear would lead to better story arcs for characters and how they see the world in general.
  6. *Mark pushes in his PTT listening to what the man had said before talking* Hey thanks for the warning, i've not been up in the area so i think i'll avoid it entirely now, i imagine the infected in the general area are like fucking bombs of radiation. *Mark releases the PTT*
  7. Welcome! Hope to see you around IC! Also if you ever see me in TS you can hop in the channel and have a chat
  8. *Mark pushes in his PTT Listening to the man before responding* I've never met these Corporation lads, or your folk, but if you say you're farmers, hunters, and such trying to get by, and helping folk that help you, keep on doing it, that might help people get along a bit better. If you say they aren't bad, then imma take your word on it, one Hunter to a group of you fellas. Keep safe, and keep your people safe I hope you meet some like minded people. *Mark releases the PTT*
  9. Mark Hunter spent his early years learning how to hunt with his father, his dad taught him how to use hunting rifles, and hunting shotguns alike, Mark found this quite enjoyable, he enjoyed the thrill of following prey in the woods, and the moments that built up to the kill were the moments that mark felt the most alive. after he turned 13, his parents died in a car crash with his sister, and both him and his brother were put into a care home, the next few years of marks life were really miserable. He never really spoke to him brother much after the incident and because of that his 7 year old brother never really understood what happened to his family, feeling responsible for this Mark upon turning 17 decided that he was going to make a change. He looked up online places that teach the hunting profession to young people. doing this Mark finally started getting involved in his brothers life getting them both back on track in life and feeling finally feeling a bit of hope for their future. Because of that hobby that mark got taught when he was younger by his father, it allowed him to bond with his brother and give them both something to do aside from their school work and boring day to day life in the care home. When mark turned 25 his friends had this idea to plan a trip to a place called Chernaus a place that had plenty of wildlife, and places to hunt, him and his hunting buddies scheduled a trip from July 1st till July 20th, 19 days of living in the woods, making campfires, and living off the land. The first days of the trip went fantastic Mark and his buddies got some excellent game while hunt, Come the 11th of July the Infection began to spread across the North, but the guys being in the woods to the south of the country were totally oblivious to the turmoil going on in the country. when the time came for them to leave the country they travelled back to Chernogorsk, upon arriving they saw the city had gone to shit, people were eating each other, people screaming, and shooting one another, and the group of friends decided that it was time they find their own way back to England Hoping their own country hadn't ended up the same way. Mark and his friends went back to that camp they had, sorted out a fire for the night, and tried to come up with a plan. Each of them worked out how much ammo they all had, and if they'd be able to even make it back. Then they heard the wolves howl. Mark didn't see his friends after he was attack. and he was left alone to try get out of this country.
  10. RpgPanda

    For The Record

    *Lee pushes in the PTT* Looks like i may have come across their camp, Nobody was round at the time, must have all been out looking for more lovely samples of theirs. You boys are going to need some more, because your current samples you had at camp, I'm taking them and returning them to those that they belong to. As for you all hunting them down, This information i'll be giving away, but not over the radio i'll do it in persosn, gives them a bit of a chance to run away like the cowards they'll be once the Wraith of South Zagoria is upon them. To those of you hunting them, Good hunting. *Lee releases the PTT Laughing to himself*
  11. *Lee pushes in his PTT* Is it not you guys that own the Blue truck claiming to be sorting the hordes in Zeleno out? And i never called you such. *Lee releases the PTT*
  12. *Lee pushes in the PTT* If you guys wanna cure it go ahead, but as far as im concerned if one of us is a carrier, we'll do what needs to be done. Just bare in mind me nor my people will be willing to provide a flesh sample, if you run into us and need a blood sample however, we'll consider complying. Ever thought of doing tests on captured dead ones, or even trying to see if they maintain any memories, it'd be nice to know if they really are dead, or just "ill" Regardless im not a big fan of you people, but if you plan to keep people safe, prove it too, try avoid getting civilians killed. Stay safe everyone. *Lee releases the PTT*
  13. *Lee pushes in the PTT sounding alot more calm* Well whoever is part of their group is involved, then i'd say maybe myself, and the other people local to Zeleno *Lee mutters to himself "assuming they're even alive"* I spoke to a guy in town who said he was like an ex-combat medic he seemed to know them said they're called like Potius Cras, he seemed to know alot of things about alot of people. But even i don't remember the guys name, it's a shame he seemed like a decent guy too. Anyway try not to kill yourself, coughing to death like that. *Lee releases the PTT*
  14. *Lee pushes in the PTT* The corp guys, fuck man, they talk about making this cure bullshit, by taking samples from people, involved. Fucking expose your own people to this shit, and take theirs. I've heard way too much shit about all of you guys, and im tired of watching people die, for no reason, especially when that reason is an band of idiots in a truck. You all failed to contain this when it started, you'll keep failing just make sure it's your people that die, and none of the good people from this country. *Lee releases the PTT, and tries to calm himself down*