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  1. *Lee pushes in the PTT* Looks like i may have come across their camp, Nobody was round at the time, must have all been out looking for more lovely samples of theirs. You boys are going to need some more, because your current samples you had at camp, I'm taking them and returning them to those that they belong to. As for you all hunting them down, This information i'll be giving away, but not over the radio i'll do it in persosn, gives them a bit of a chance to run away like the cowards they'll be once the Wraith of South Zagoria is upon them. To those of you hunting them, Good hunting. *Lee releases the PTT Laughing to himself*
  2. *Lee pushes in his PTT* Is it not you guys that own the Blue truck claiming to be sorting the hordes in Zeleno out? And i never called you such. *Lee releases the PTT*
  3. *Lee pushes in the PTT* If you guys wanna cure it go ahead, but as far as im concerned if one of us is a carrier, we'll do what needs to be done. Just bare in mind me nor my people will be willing to provide a flesh sample, if you run into us and need a blood sample however, we'll consider complying. Ever thought of doing tests on captured dead ones, or even trying to see if they maintain any memories, it'd be nice to know if they really are dead, or just "ill" Regardless im not a big fan of you people, but if you plan to keep people safe, prove it too, try avoid getting civilians killed. Stay safe everyone. *Lee releases the PTT*
  4. *Lee pushes in the PTT sounding alot more calm* Well whoever is part of their group is involved, then i'd say maybe myself, and the other people local to Zeleno *Lee mutters to himself "assuming they're even alive"* I spoke to a guy in town who said he was like an ex-combat medic he seemed to know them said they're called like Potius Cras, he seemed to know alot of things about alot of people. But even i don't remember the guys name, it's a shame he seemed like a decent guy too. Anyway try not to kill yourself, coughing to death like that. *Lee releases the PTT*
  5. *Lee pushes in the PTT* The corp guys, fuck man, they talk about making this cure bullshit, by taking samples from people, involved. Fucking expose your own people to this shit, and take theirs. I've heard way too much shit about all of you guys, and im tired of watching people die, for no reason, especially when that reason is an band of idiots in a truck. You all failed to contain this when it started, you'll keep failing just make sure it's your people that die, and none of the good people from this country. *Lee releases the PTT, and tries to calm himself down*
  6. *Lee lets out a deep sigh before pushing in the PTT* I will no longer be active on this frequency, Trading with people has been great and all, giving people stuff while they're in need is too. But travelling has resulted in the loss of some of my people, and alot of our own supplies, if we couldn't maintain our own groups, then i can't expect us to support others. If you see me on the road and need something i have on me, i'll still trade it, but I'll no longer be making long journeys to visit people if you wish to get supplies from me you'll find me around Stary, or Novy. Stay safe now. *Lee releases the PTT*
  7. *Lee pushes in the PTT and sighs* You claim to help, but all you did was drive through town with a lovely horde chasing you, apparently "dealing with it" in Zelenogorsk. But all you guys ended up doing was putting the lives of my people in danger. Fuck I don't even know if they're alive, we all got split up because of you arseholes. Maybe if you want to help, don't go riding through towns in your large trucks especially when you've seen people on the roads. Ah but who am i kidding, seems like another make believe group is trying to "save people" but we were doing just fine till you all starting rolling into the country again. Go back to where you came, we'll keep living the way we were, it's safer for us all this way. *Lee releases the PTT*
  8. *lee pushes in the PTT* Sorry i wasn't responding was dealing with something, i can head over now shouldn't take me much longer then 30-40 minutes? *Lee releases the PTT*
  9. Wait he claimed to have replaced the tents? or says that i placed them (of which i did replace them for the owner)
  10. Server and location: S1 -Zelenogorsk, at the Bar Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): about 5-5:30 Your in game name: Lee Croft Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: @Cpt Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No video, or Screenshot Detailed description of the events: So i'm a local to Zelenogorsk, and i know the local camp, and wanted to make sure that it was okay and still up, just incase looters had come through, as they provide good RP while im in the area. Now checking this out i checked to see if their doors were locked of course they were not, and proceed into their garden where the tents are set up. Coming across this i see a man i've never seen before (Suspect), and i walk in he pulls his gun from his hip and is very cautious of me, as of course it was pretty clear he was caught in the act of looting. That however would've been okay but i noticed 5 of the tents were just packed up and dumped on the floor, as well as all the loot from two of those tents again knowing this as i know the group well. After this we go our own way, but i PM'd him just to ask if he had dropped the gear on the floor as the despawn times for the majority of Loot dropped is 30 minutes. I offered him a chance to answer my PM he read it but i receieved no response.
  11. *Lee pushes in his PTT* You know i love this, you guys first claim its yourselves, then all of the sudden you point your fingers at anarchy, I'd know if they had come by and took our shit, purely because i spend so much time around Novy hunting, i'd recognise the Sedans a mile off too. Now you "Chernarussian officials" based on the fallen goverment you aren't really all that official anymore. I don't want to fight you at all. But maybe use your brains a little more before claiming that you've stolen shit, that doesn't make anybody happy. *Lee sighs before continuing* Now as much of a shitshow our camp is now, being the majority of our stock, and shit was taken. Sure there's more in the world out there, but before you come and steal literally every shred of shit somebody owns, Think. Think what you'd do if it happened to you. Would you be Angry like my friend here, who openly expressed his anger. Would you keep quiet. Would you think that you may have killed some people and feel guilty? Now to those that really did it, we aren't very happy with you people, im not going to go shouting what i'd like to do over the radio, but i myself am a man would rather have peace then cause a fight, i only hurt people when i really have to. If you ever feel like coming out and saying oh yep we did it, we'll talk then. Oh and You Chernarussian officals, i'll have you know they were american rifles brought in by the UN. *Lee releases the PTT and laughs a little bit to himself*
  12. Add subforum under DayZ Groups

    I think if you plan to make a group too, you could discuss it with friends of your character (if you have any) or try to meet like minded characters, to discuss such a thing with not all recruitment would have to be done Via the forums unless you really wanted it to. And the majority of players i've met we've known each other for about a day or two, traveled together then spoken about maybe sticking it out together, some will reject it and like a few i've met they'll be happy with the idea. I guess it can also depend on the type of group you plan to run or, the methods of recruitment too. It's a pretty cool idea all in all, i'd have to say +1 because i myself have a WIP group, and feel maybe my friends opinions could be a little biased towards it, whereas from everyone else who reads it could give my valued feedback allowing me to develop the group more.
  13. *Lee pushes in his PTT he sounds like he's in high spirits* I'm glad to hear you made the choice to make this public Volk. Lets hope you get a few workers, and we can start making memories and new friends in your bar. Free medical care, and food will be provided to the workers of Volk. As one of his suppliers I'd like to see his business flourish. *Lee Releases the PTT*
  14. Greifing of tents

    Yeah understandable, i can deal with it but i do get a bit salty for about 10-20 minutes after, more then happy to move and set up again now though!